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Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties. [*.* Authentic Communications for this Department are always very thankfully received.]

relict of the late J. James, esq. of West AckNOI THUMBERLAND AND DURHAM.

land. The Rev. Francis Haggitt, prebendary of At Bunker's Hill, near Newbottle, Mrs. Durbam, has discovered, that four kneaded Smith, wife of Mr. S. Smith. with bran-water will produce considerably At the Ballast Hills, Mrs. Lambton, aged more bread, than the same quantity of flour 96. when kneaded with plain water.

At Berwick-upon-Tweed, Mr. W. FerguA servant belonging to Meffrs. Bell and son. Mrs. Stephenson. Mr. Yelloly, mafBrown, of Wall's End, Northumberland, ter-gunner of that garrison. late completed his hundredth year, pofler- Mr. Edward Willoby, thirty-five years fing vigorous health.-His teeth are so found town-clerk of that corporation. that he can eat the hardest thip-hiscuit; and At Daltonfield Houses, near Seaham, in he can read the smallest print without spec- childbed with her fixteenth child, Mrs. Sto. tacles.

rey, wife of Mr. Storey, of that place. For the better supply of the poor at and At East Raynton, near Durham, Mr. John near Stockton, with the necessary article of Coleman. milk, the Bishop of Durham has let a small At Thurnton, Mr. Joseph Witham. farm there, at the old rent, with an allow- At Blythe, Edmund Hannay, esq. aged 73. ance besides, to a proper tenant, on condition At Chester-le-street, Mrs. Weit, wife of of his keeping a large dairy of cows, and Mr. West, jun. selling their milk at a half-penny per quart. Ac Whickliam, aged 86, Mr. Bannister

The conductors of the Monthly Preceptor Bayles. have this month awarded their first prize, va- At Newcastle, Mrs. Harvey, tobacconist. lue 3 guineas, to Malter John Nixon, aged Mrs. Janc Coulter. Mr. Stephen Parkinson, 14, of Mr. Furnass's academy at Heddon on one of the sergeants at mace. Miss Richardthe Wall, for his solution of their Mathe- son, daughter of Mr. Richardson, schoolmaster. matical question.

CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Married.) At Durham, Mr. Nich. Proud, A cow fed by Mr. Robert Fisher, of Denlinen-draper, to Miss Emmy Pearson.

ton Holm, was lately fold at Carlisle for At Mitford, Miles Bowker, esq. to Miss fifty guineas. Mitford.

Married.) At Cumrew, John Gill, efq. At Belford, Mr. John Scott, architect, to to Miss Thompson, of Carlattan. Miss Tate, daughter of J. Tate, of Guizon At Kendali, Mr. G. Coates, of Norton, to Mill.

Mrs Han. Whitwell, of Kendall. Mr. AnAt Sunderland, Mr. Prudder, master of a thony Gough, to Miss Mary Harrison. Mr. vertel of that port, to Miss Sarah Hogarth, Robert Shaw, to Miss Bowness. late of Carline. Mr. Richard Dawell, joiner, At Carlisle, Mr Blaylock, grocer, to Miss to Miss Smith, of Bishopswearmouth. Henderson. Mr. John Baty, grocer, to Miss

At Tynemouth, James Justice, esq. of M. Fisher of Denton-holm. Justice Hall, to Mifs E. Campbell of Whitby. At Bowness, Mr. Daniel Clarke, of KirkMr. Henry Patterson, to Miss Hepple. bride, to Miss Nancy Browne, of Whitrigg.

At West Boldon, Mr. John Read, to Miss Died.] At Carlisle, Mrs. Coleman, wife M. Taylor.

of Mr. Coleman, Brazier. Mr. Thomas Gate, At Merrington, Mr. C. Andrews, to Miss watch-maker. Mr. Adam Batey, publican. Willis, of Stockton-upon-Tees.

Mrs. Mary Barnes. At Prudhoe Caitle, Mr. J. Bell, to Mifs E. At Whitehaven, aged 70, Samuel Martin, Byerley, of Overton.

efq. Mrs. Hellop, widow of the late Rev. At Whalton, Mr. Blythe, surgeon, in Mr. Heliop. Mrs. Balfield, widow. Mrs. Ponteland, to Miss Aynlicy, of Newham. Younger, wife of John Younger, esq.

At Mo:peth, Mr. John Hardy, to Miss At Workington, Mr. Jer. Thompson, atRosetta Galbraith.

torney. Mr. John Wilkes, ship-owner, aged At Newcastle, Mr. John Clennel, hatter, 51. Mr. H. Laurence, aged 64. to Miss Robson. Mr. John Summers, of the At Milbeck-under-Skiddaw, aged 73, Mr. Cumberland militia, to Miss Smith.

Joseph Adamson. Died.) At Plausworth, near Durham, At Egremont, aged 56, Mrs. Curwen, wife aged 78, Mr. John Darling, farmer.

of Mr. Richard Curwen. At Hawkhill, Dear Alnwick, Miss Briggs, At Botcherly, near Carlisle, aged 93, Mrs. daughter of Mr. Briggs.

Mary Holme, one of the people called quaAt Bainard's Castle, aged 76, Mrs. James, kers; the had never known an hour's illness,

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and was engaged in spinning on the day of her At Dinsdale, near Catterick, Mr. Hickson, death.

of Hornby Lodge, to Miss Barker. At Carleton, near Carlisle, aged 83, Mrs. At Scuicoates, Mr. Henry Byron, raff-merAnn Harrington, wife of Mr. Harrington. chant, at Scarborough, to Miss Thornton, of

At Cockermouth, aged 87; Mrs. Leys. Hull. Mrs. Ann Peele, mother of Mr. Peele, sur-. At Knaresborough, Wm. Strickland, erg. Seon.

of Farnham, to Miss Busey, of Knaresbos At Redmayne, aged 86, Mrs. Mary Poole. rough. At Goat, Mr. Borriskill, malon, aged 85. At Braithwell, Mr. Wm. Tofield, of

At Keswick, in an advanced age, Mrs. Wath-upon-Dearne, merchant, to Miss Wale Leyburn.

terney, of Braithwell. At Stainburn, Mrs. M. Stockdale, aged 67. At Skipton, Mr. Wm. Smith, plumber

At Old Gretna, Mr. R. Burrel, a respecta- and glazier, to Miss Ellen Hargrave. ble farmer, aged 85.

At Otley, Mr. W. Hardwick, corndealer, At Caldegate, near Carlile, Mrs. Ann to Miss S. Thompson. Dockray.

At Snaith, Mr. T. Waud, to Miss H. ApAt Newfield head, Stanwix, aged 64, Mr. pleyard. Mr. Thomas Righley, of Cannock, David Davidson.

Staffordshire, to Miss Mary Carter. At Kirkandrews, on Eden, aged 81, Mrs. At Mirfield, Mr. John Haigh, to Miss Lee." Stordy.

At Dalton, Mr. Wm. Horsfall, to Miss At Longburgh, Mr. Richard Weighman, Stancliffe. aged 88.

At Malton, Mr. Whitby, merchant, to At Hatcliff, near Hesket-newmarket, of a Miss Hutchinson, of Hunmanby. malignant fore throat, the infant son of Tho At Wakefield, Mr. John Sinior, bailiff, to mas Alcorn, aged four years and five months. Miss E. Best, of Farnley. whofe weight, at his death, could not be less At Sheffield, Mr. Armitage, of Mousehole than nise ftone! He measured, in length, Forge, near Barnsley, to Miis Davis, of Sheffour feet and five inches ; and, though very cor

field. pulent, he poilefied wonderful bodily action, Died.] At York, Mr. Mittchell and Mrs. with uncommon strength, and his mental Jarman, of the theatre ; the latter had playCapacity furpassed that of his years. For the ed the character of Elvira, in Pizarro, on the lalt two years, his food confifted principally evening preceding her death. of bread, milk, and water; the latter of The Rev. Hewiey Baines, of Bell Hall, aged which he drank daily at a favourite spring, 79. Mr. John Hardcastle, of the White Swan. and in great quantity.


Whil attending divine service at the caAt York allizes, ten prisoners were capia thedral, Mr. George Remshaw. tally convicted ; viz. Mary Thorpe and Mi At Leeds, Mrs. Knowles, wife of Mr. A. chael Simpson for murder; Sarah Balley and Knowles, china-man. Mils E. Hodgson, John M'Williams for forgery; W. Dalrym- daughter of Mr. W. Hodgson. Mrs. Rogerple for a robbery, to the amount of two son, wife of Mr. Rogerson. Mr. Benjamin thousand guincas; and five others.

Stocks, skinner, &c. Mr. Lambert, late A new bank was opened at Pontefract, on cloth-drejser. Mr. John Lee, Saddler. Mr. the ift instant, under the firm of Leatham, John Kirby, malster. Jackson, Tew, and Trueman.

At Hull, Miss Margaret Mayfield, aged Twenty-three ships have been fitted out 36. Mr. Benjamin Metcalf, thip-owner, at Hall, for the Greenland fishery this year, aged 55; he was an elder brother and warfixteen of which have proceeded on their den of the Trinity House, and captain of the Toyage.

company of Volunteer Artillery raised by that The Rev. Charles WELLBELOVED, at house. the request of the congregation of Protestant Mr. John Newton, ship-owner, aged 65. Diflenters at York, has published a sernion, Miss Helley, daughter of Mr. W. Herwritten with reference to the charges brought fey. The wife of Johnson Littledale, esq. agaidit chose who maintain the doctrine of the Mr. Thomas Hall, woollen-draper. Mrs. divine unity in the stri&cit sente, .by Dr. Maxwell, wife of Mr. R. Maxwell, thipHoilley, in which tlic principles of the Ro. owner. Aged 84, Mrs. Coulson, relict of the man Catholics and Unitarians are contrasted. late Alderman Edward Coulton. Mrs. Care

Married.). At York, Cha. Con. Stanley, lill, aged 37, wife of Mr. John Cartill, meresq. of Ačk!am, to Miss Mackdonald of chant. Mrs. Robinson, widow of the late York.

John Robinson, woulien-draper. Aged 37, At Leeds, Mr. Deakin, scissors-maker, to Mr. Thomas Bramwell, hatter. Aged 87, Miss Smithi, daughter of Mr. Smith, book- Mr. John Johnson. teller, of Sheffield. Mr. Constantine, cheele At Scarborough, in one week, Mrs. Tate, monger, to Mrs. Wetherill, of Bedale. Mr. aged 95 ; Mr. Crumpton, aged 94 ; and Mr. John Fish, chief constable, to Miss Franks. Dealtry, aged 94 ;-total 284. Aged 63, Mr. Teale, liren-draper, to Miss Inkersley, Mr. G. Beilby, late of Cowlam. Master


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White, ron of Captain C. White of the Ver- At Maston, in Craven, aged 87, Mrs. tal frigtte.

Roundell, reli&t of the late D. Rounde!l. At Heally, near Sheifield, Mrs. Allott. At Richmond, Mrs. Bowes, wife of Mr.C.

At Beverley, Mrs. Legard, only surviving Bowes, surgeon. child of the late Sir Thomas Legard, of Gan- At Wath-upon-Dearne, Mrs. Brooke, wife

bart. Mr. T. Winspear, aged 32. Mrs. of Mr. Brooke attorney. Bowman, widow of the late Rev. T. Bowman. At Doncaster, aged 89, Mrs. Whitaker, a

At Paul, the after of Mrs. C. Stovin. maiden lady. Mifs Eyre, daughter of the late

At Darlington, Gideon Phillips, efq. a Mr. Eyre, of Newton Farm. quaker, an abstemious, moral man, and a At Haughend, near Hallifax, aged 82, John well-bred, accomplished gentieman; he evinc- Lea, esq. ed the bias of his political sentiments, by At Howden, Miss Hannah Whitaker, bequeathing to H. Conbe, efq. the present daughter of J. Whitaker, esq. aged 24. Lord Mayor of London, 500l. and to R. B. At Bradford, Mr. Tommes Atkinson, mer. Sheridan, elg. 100 guincas.--Mr. John Harri- chant, and captain of the Bradford volonfon, a quaker.

teers. Mr. John Duckworth, comb-maker. At Skipton, Mrs. Scofield.

At Bank Salford, Mrs. Ackers, wife of H. Ackers, era

The docks of Liverpool are filled with A: Whiston, near Rotherham, Mr. White- African lave ships; on the ferns of which head, fariner,

are painted, in large characters, " allowed to | At Kirklington, Mrs. Pickersgill, wife of carry 300 llaves ;” on others 220, 218, Mr. Pickersgill.

&c, &c. At Wallhead, near Hallifax, Mrs. Cooper: 'Tbe men who robbed the Wigan mails, in

At Pontefract, Mrs. Lambe, widow of the O&ober, December, and February laft, are all late Alderman Lambe.

taken. At Sheffield, Mrs. Sutcliffe, wife of Mr. At Tidsley Banks, in the parish of Leigh, Sutcliffe, druggiít. Mrs. Gray.

within fix weeks, lately have died, five per. At Barnsley, Richard Pickering, efq. sur- sons, whose ages together make 471 yedts, or geon, &c.

an average of 94. each. Ac Hallifax, Samuel Waterhouse, esq. Married.] At Preston, Wm. Hartley, merchant, and one of the King's Justices of esq. of the Pottery, near Leeds, to Miss the Peace for the West Riding.

Hayes. At Fieldhouse, near Hallifax, aged 81, At Lower Darwin, Mr. James Croft, to Mr. James Lord, of Todmorton.

Miss Marsden. At Thorpe, near Leeds, Mr. Wrigglesworth, At Lough, Mr. James Greenough, liquor, farmer.

merchant, to Miss Therwood. At Hunmanby, near Bridlington, Mrs. At Dalton, in Furness, Mr. Mawson of Wrangham, wife of the Rev. Francis Wrang- Ulverston, to Mrs. Jackson. ham, vicar of that parish, and daughter of At Manchester, Mr. Robert Townson, Col. Creyke, of Marton.

manufacturer, to Miss Lawrence. Mr. Wm, At Patrington, Mr. Benjamin Peacock. Learon, linen-draper, to Miís Bane of the

At Whitby, Capt. Joseph Watson, of Groves, near Tatten-hall, Cheshire. Workington.

At Liverpool, Mr. Cha. Aug. Hudson, At Knaresborough, Mr. Richard Collins, merchant, to Miss Reece of Clotton, Chethire. formerly an eminent woollen-draper, in that Mr. C. Angus, merchant, to Miss M'Quirtown.

tin, daughter of Mr. M'Quiftin. At Dudley Hill, near Bradford, Mrs. Field, At Wharton, near Lancaster, Mr. John wife of Mr. George Field.

Watson, of Berwick-hall, to Miss Dawion, At Sheepsear, near Leeds, aged 68, Mrs. of Priest Hutton. Parkinson, wife of Mr. Parkinson.

At Ulverston, Mr. James Butcher, spirit. At Morton, near Bingley, aged 63, Mr. R. merchant, to Miss Daws. Cuzberleach, an eminent farmer.

Died.] At Preston, Mrs. Bolton, wife of At Idle, near Bradford, aged 81, Mrs. George Bolton, esq. banker, and major in the Core.

royal volunteers of that place. Mr. SwainAt Tadcaster, Mrs. Cindler, relict of Wm. fon, linen-draper. Candler, cíq. of Aomb, near York.

Ai Lancaster, Mr. Willis, grocer.

Mrs. At St. Ann's, near Hallifax, Miss Thomp- Bravíhay, wife of Thomas Brayihay, esq. fon, daughter of J. Thompson, era.

At Ribcheiter, the Rev. liaac Reiph, of At Shaw Hill, near Chorley, Mrs. Crofie. Sberliam.

At Renishaw, near Sheffield, Miss Sitwell, Ai Winstanley, near Wigan, Wm. Banks, daughter of S. Sitwell, c19. M.P.

ela. At Wakefield, aged 57, Mr. John Moon. At Glation, near Lancaster, Mrs. Keen, Mr. W. Backhouic, aged 23. Mr. Joseph wife of Mr. Keen, who left her well in bed Chippendale, brazier. Richard Linnecar, when he arose, and at breakfast-time the ela. one of the coroners for the Weit Riding, was found dead. aged 78.

At 81 years.


At Aihton-under-line, Mr. Wm. Barlow, At Sutton-upon-Trent, the harvest for the cotton-manufacturer.

year 1799, was, after much difficulty and exAt Spotland Bridge, near Rochdale, Mr. ertion, terminated on the first of March inR. Leach, an eminent merchant.

ftant, by getting home a field of beans in exAt Clithro, Mrs. Wilson, wife of Mr. Wilccellent condition. fon of the Swan-inn.

Married.] At Mansfield, Mr. Johnson, At Aycliffe, near Darlington, aged 71, tanner, to Miss Mason, Mrs. Boyd, relict of R. Boyd, esq. formerly Died.] At Nottingham, Mifs W pod, a of Shincliffe.

maiden lady. At Holden Clough, near Leeds, Mr. Jer. At Southwell, Mr Matthew Burridge; seCarter.

veral years perpetual overseer of that parish, At Skurton, near Lancaster, Mr. Robert and an admirable bass finger in the collegiate Houseman, malfter.

church. At Eccleston, near Prescott, Thomas Fer- At Bankwood Farm, near Southwell, Mrs. gufon, aged 97 ; as a failor, soldier, and pen- Green. koner, he had been in the

pay of government At Bingham, Mr. Timm, malfter.

At Kelham, Mrs. Cotton, a widow lady, At Bury, Mrs. Anlezar, aged 78.

aged 85. At Manchester, Mifs Dewhurst.

At Newark, Mr. R. Heppinstall, butchera At Liverpool, aged 85, Mrs. Sinipron. Mr. Aged 75, Mrs. Clarke, wife of Mr. Clarke, John M'Knight, merchant. Mrs. Bold, baikct-maker. aged 80. Mr Richmond, apothecary. At Thurgaston, near Southwell, Mr. Dodd,

At Winwick, the Rev. J. Lowe, A.M. at schoolmaster. an advanced age. At Cartmel, Mrs. Robinson, mother of


A poor woman, at Cafterton, in 'Rutland,

has been safely delivered of three children, Merried.] At Market Drayton, Mr. W. who, with the mother, are likely to do well. Ridgeway, chemift, &c. to Miss Walker, of Married.) At Leicester, Mr. Joseph Cheiter,

Dalby, hosier, to Miss Dale, of Ashbourne, At Chester, Mr. W. Hale, butcher, to Mrs. Derbyshire. Mr. John Cumberland, hofier, Crane.

to Miss Smith, of Birmingham, niece to the At Frodíham, John Golborne, esq. to Miss late R. Bakewell, efq. of Dishley. Mr. D. A. F. Boydell, of Trevallyn Hull.

Webb, hofier, to Miss Davis, daughter of the Died.] At Chester, Cnarles Panton, esq. Rev. H. Davis of Great Wigstone. one of the members of that corporation.

At Hinckley, Mr. Edward Orrall, carrier, Mrs. Edwards, wife of Mr. Edwards, to Miss Pollard.

At Little Abbey Court, at an advanced At Markfield, Mr. Toon, draper, to Miss age, the well-known Mr. Bowcock, painter. Admitt. At Nantwich, Mr. Keay, tobacconist. At Great Wigstone, the Rev. W. WorDERBYSHIRE

thington, B. A. of Pratling Parva, to Miss At Derby asizes, five persons received sen- Clarke. tence of death, for capital offences.

At Cottesmore, Mr. William Laxton, farMarried.] E. M. Mundy, esq. eldest son mer, to Miss Abbey. of E. M. Mundy, esq. of Shipley, M. P. for Died.] At Leicester, Mrs. Dowley, wife tre county of Derby, to Mifs Barton, daugh- of Mr. James Dowley, hatter ; he was enter of James Barton, esq. of Penwortham, gaged in her domestic concerns, in perfect Lancashire.

health and spirits, when she dropped down, At Wirk worsh, Mrr Drewry, printer of and instantly expired. Derby, to Miss Sweatenam, daughter of J. B. Everard, hoernaker.

Mr. Poynton, Sweatenam, elq. of Wigwell Hall.

iron-merchant, aged 46. Mrs. Greatorex. Died.) At Derby, Mrs. Ward, widow of Mr. Thomas Smart, late an eminent manuthe late Mr. Ward, filk-throwiter. Aged facturer here. Só, Mr. R. Wright, furgeon.

At Loughborough, aged 74, the Rev. Wm. Ac Mickleover, aged 73, Mrs. White- Middleton, thirty-five years rector of Hahouse.

thern, of which place he had previously been At Stanton, near Derby, Mr. T. Taylor. curate fifteen years.

At Stavely Netherthorpe, Miss Prime, A: Melton-Mowbray, Mr, Brewster. daughter of J. M. Prime, eiq.

At Snareston Lodge, the lady of S. Mada Ac Athborne, Mrs. Walhouse, reli&t of the den, efq. late M. Walhoule, esq. of Hatherton, near At Blaby, aged 71, Mrs. Grace Halford. Sheffield.

At Enderby, aged 92, Mrs. Cramant, forNOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

merly of Leicester. At Nottingham aliizes, Abraham Whita- Al Packington, the Rev. John Jacques, ker and John Atkinson, for uttering (wo vicar of that parish. ferged one pound Bank of England notes, At Redmile, aged 69, the wife of the Rev. were fcntenced to deach.

Hen. Hough, actor of sivat piace.


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At Edmondthorpe, Mr. John Bosworth, Died.) At Barton, Mrs. Matris, reli&t of farmer.

the late T. Marris, esq. At Tickencote, Mr. Henry Turner, aged At Reevesby, Mr. John Mackinder, gra63.

zier, aged 54. At Clipsham, aged 78, Mr. Speed, farmer. At Lincoln, aged 46, Mr. John Betley, At Uppingham, aged 32, Mrs. Grant. cork-cutter.

At Oakham, Mrs. Bentley, wife of Mr. At Hundleby, Mr. Maulkinson, grazier. Bentley, saddler.

At Wainfileet-All Saints, Mr. Wm. Maul. kinson, wheelwright,

On her way to Bath, the Hon. Mrs. Moore, On Tuesday, Feb. 25, one Hudson brought of Stamford. bis wife into Stafford market-place, and dis At Rippingale, Mr. Joseph Nunnale. posed of her by public auction, after many At Langtort, Mr. John Whitehead, lhoebiddings, at five hillings and five pence!

maker. Married.] At Ecclehall, the Rev. J. H. At Billing horough, Mr. R. Bowcock. Powell, of Plextol, Kent, to Mrs. Foun Near Spalding, Mr. Joseph Godwin, of Laine, of Chappel-Allertos.

Crowland; who fell off one of his own boats Died.] At Uttoxeter, aged 46, Mrs. Hig- and was drowned. gott, widow of the late Mr. Higgott, attorney.

At Grantham, Mrs. Allen, wife of Mr. Aged 78, Mrs. S. Bentley.

Allen ; she had been talking chearfully with At Crakermarsh, Mrs. Gisborne, relie of some friends but a few minutes before the the late John Gisborne, esq. of Derby.

dropt down and expired. At Leek, Simon Debank, esq. some years

At Little Gonerby, near Grantham, Mrs. ago sheriff of this county.

Tubney, wife of Mr. Tubney, surgeon. [In cur lafi, we gave many instances of longe At Spillby, Mr. Thomas Collis, furgeon. vity and recent mortailty at Burton-upon-Trent,

At Alford, Mr. S. Duckering, grazier. 16 wbich we now add ebe following:]

At Boston, Mrs. Wilby, relict of the late At Burton, aged 46, Charles Leeron, gent. Mr. York, one of the aldermen of Stamford. Aged 91, Mr. Joseph Bladon. Aged 23, Aged 70, Mrs. Peat. Mrs. Hume, wife of A. Hume, efq. Aged

At Falkingham, the widow Chambers, 66, Mr. George Hardy. Aged 78, Wm. aged 79. Of 570 inhabitants, she is the only Worthington, gent. Aged 40, Mrs. Mary person that has died there lince September Dawson. At Branston, near Burton, aged laft. 89, Mrs. Mary Lea. Aged 72, Mrs. Mary At Spalding, aged 79, Mr. John Lamb, Starkey, Miss Mary Starkcy, her daughter, merchant. Aged 17, Mr. George Carter, aged 20.

son of Mrs. Carter. An amiable youth.

The house at Stratford-upon-Avon, in A sea unicorn was lately caught at Frie. which the immortal Shakspeare was born, is fone.

at present inhabited by a burcber, who has put At Lincoln affizes, three persons were capi- up in his shop the following curious, board : tally convided.

“ Shekspeare was born here, Nine ladies have died at Boston, in the

N. B. A horse and cart to let." course of the present winter, whose ages made Married.] At Kennilworth, Walter Wat. upwards of 70 years each.

kins, etq. of Llydyadyway, Herts, to Miss Married.) At Stamford, Mr. Edward Af- Taylor. kew, to Mrs. Barnard, widow of Mr. Bar Died:) At Aylesbury House, Packwood, pard, late of Efendon, Rutland. Mr. Alli- John Merry, esq. Ton, of the 7th Light Dragoons, to Mrs. At Harbury, near Southam, Mr. Wm. Norcliffe, draper. Mr. Pearson, of the R. S. Dodd, farmer; his death was occafioned by Lincoln Milicia, to Mrs. Addleshaw. Mr. taking corrosive sublimate of Mercury, by Joha Handley, of the same regiment; to mistake, instead of salts. Miss J. B. Carrington, of Boston.

SHROPSHIRE. At Lincoln, Mr. Trulloe, of the 28th Married.). At Shrewibury, Mr. Stephens, Light Dragoons, to Miss Bennett.

fhoemaker, to Miss Heath. At Heckington, Mr. Thomas Teesdale, of At Ludlow, Mr. Wm. Whitefoot, to Miss Boston, to Mrs. Wetherall.

E. Maríton of Caoston Hall. At Hundleby, Mr. B. Hudson, to Miss M. At Wollerton, Mr. Smout, to Miss Cor. Pogson.

field. At Great Steeping, Mr. John Taylor, to At Wem, Mr. W. Amford, to Miss KyMiss Mary Moore.

nafton. At Boston, Mr. Granger, to Mrs. Darwin. At Whitchurch, Mr. Edward Barlow,

At Tid, St. Mary, after a courtship of 12 cooper, to Miss Ebery. Mr. Sader, farmer, hours, Mr. W. Hydes, to Miss E. Huron ; of Wirswall, to Mrs. Meate, of Whitchurch. the bridegroom had buried his former wite, At Wellington, Mr. Thomas Hawley, of with whom he had lived twenty years, the Cause Caftle, to Miss de Reimer, of Wcpreceding evening.





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