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At Old Swinford, Capt. Edwards of the 23d, Mr. Yates, the master and proprietor of a or Welch Fuzileers, to Miss Savage of Stour. canal barge, at Coalbrook Dale, lately went bridge. all the way, which is upwards of four hun- Died.] At Worcefter, Mr. John Rutty, a dred miles, by water, from that navigation, to quaker. Hambro' Wharf, near London Bridge, in Hugh Paine, esq. at the Tything, near fourteen days. He touched at Worcester, Worcester ; who having alighted from the Gloucester, and other towns, with part of his stage-coach, to walk'up the hill between High cargo. This is the first barge that ever made Wycombe and Oxford, expired immediately the entire passage.

as he had resumed his seat upon the box. Married.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Phypps, This gentleman served the office of mayor of to Miss M. Jones. The Rev. J. Gibbons, Worcester, in the year 1797. rector of Ashton Butterel, to Miss Dana, At Northleach, Mrs. Hammond, wife of daughter of the Rev. E. Dand, and niece of the Rev. A. Egerton Hammond, Lord Kinnaird, and Sir W. Pulteney, bart. At Stourbridge, Mr. Shipley.

At Bridgenorth, Plowden PreNand, esq. of HEREFORDSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. Brunswick-square, London, to Miss Stanier, Married.] At Stoke Bliss, Mr. Edward, of St. James's, near Bridgenorth.

Holder, of the Wylde, in Puddlestone, to At Ludlow, Mr. T. Hand, Ironmonger, to Miss Winton, of the Perry. Miss Brown.

Died.] At Hereford, Mr. Joseph Morris, At Ruyton, Mr. E. Birch, of Fennymore, cork-cutter. Mrs. Rowley. Mr. Whitehall, to Miss Bassnet, of Wikey.

maltīter, aged 89. At Lar

Mr. W. Davies, of Manaughty, At Rols, Mrs. Sarah Bird, reli&t of Thomas to Miss E. Parr, of Pitchford.

Bird, gent. late of Townhope. At Wrenbury, Mr. Platt, to Miss Cliff. At Whitchurch, the Rev. E. Jones, to Married.] At Welbury-upon-Trim, Mia Miss Parker, of Malpas.

H. Grace, of Barrow Court, Somerset, to Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. John Hum- Miss Mill of Bourton, phries, poulterer ; he went to bed at night Died.) At Gloucester, Mrs. Gorges, requite well, and was found dead next morning. liet of R. Gorges, esą. of the Eye.

Mr.John Evans, bookfeller., Edward Phil. At Cheltenham, the Hon. Stephen Digby, lips, esq. late a captain in the first Shropshire brother to the late, and uncle to the present, regiment of militia. Mrs. Rodbery, wife of Earl of Digby, and ranger of Richmond Park. Mr. Rodbery. Mr. W. Thomas, of the At Cheltenham, G. Ramsay, esq. Francis Bridge Tavern. Aged 33, Mrs. Bryan, wife Renaldi, esq. a native of Piedmont. of Mr. Bryan, brazier. Miss Baxter, of the Near the Marsh Common, Old Pallage, Broadway

Mr. Sheppard, farmer. At Mrs. Bather's, at Great Ness, aged 78, At Evesham, at an advanced age, c. Welche Mrs. Menlove.

esq. At Redbrook, near Whitchurch, aged 79, At Doddington, Mr. John Goulding, stewa Mr. Lee.

ard to Christopher Codington, esq. At Wem, aged 70, the Rev. John Houghton, formerly a diffenting minifter there.

Married.) At Oxford, Mr. Augustine W. WORCESTERSHIR I.

Batt, surgeon, of Witney, to Miss Hyde. The mayor and corporation of Worcester At Ilip, Mrs. Mary Bridgewater, widow of have offered a premium of 1s. 6d. per bushel the late Mr. Bridgewater, of the Red Lione for the first one hundred bushels of new po

inn. tatoes brought to that market before the first Died.] At Oxford, Mr. R. E. Tawney. of July. They have also given notice, by Lieut. Birch, of the royal navy. advertisement, that they will punish all fore- At Windsor, aged 65, Dr. Pearson. ftallers, regraders, and ingroffers of Provisions At Banbury, aged 80, John King, efą, of any kind with the utmost severity.

At Borough Marsh, Sunning, Mr. Piercey, Married.] At Worcester, J. Farrell, of whose death was occafioned by the kick of a Lower Wick, to Miss Hammond. Mr. Spill- young colt. bury, dyer, to Miss Corbett, daughter of Mr. At Headington, near Oxford, Mrs. Mary Corbett, of Sidbury. Mr. John Room, ja- Curtis, wife of Ms. William Curtis, of Abinge panner, of Birmingham, to Miss Pemberton, don. At Eckington, Mr, T. Mullins, of Man

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, chester, to Miss Turner, of Ridgeway.

Married.] At Abington, near Northamp, At Evesham, in an advanced age, les ton, the Rev. G. A. Thurlby, rector of that Welch, esq.

place, to Miss Pelham, daughter of Crentes At Hayley, Mr. H. Wood, of Wykin, Pelham, esq. of Cound, in Salop. Leicestershire, to Miss Jane Oliver.

Died.] Ac Peterborough, Mrs. Spolding, At Kidderminster, Mr. John Reece, of wife of Mr. Spolding, surgeon. The Revg Birmingham, to Miss Parions, of Wrib- W. Drewry Skeeles, redor of Polebrook, and benhall.

minor canon of Peterborough cathedral, MONTHLY MAG, NO. 60.






oxen, and from thence they proceeded to the The grand jun&ion canal has lately been water-meadow, near Bitchmore-house, ja opened from the Thames at Brentford to Fen. Crawley-lane, where there were some very ny Stratford, in this county, from which place fine Devonshire cows. onward, through Bedfordshire, to Tring in

Second day Hertforddhire, it was before navigable.

On Tuesday the Duke of Bedford, attend.

ed by his company, proceeded from the Abbey Woburn Sbeep-fhearing:-First-day..' on horse-back to the New farm-yard in the On Monday, June 16, the Anniversary of park, where they were met by great numbers the Duke of Bedford's eep-lhearing and shew who had arrived from different parts. of cattle commenced, and this truly laudable The sweepitakes of five guineas each, made inftitution attracted several hundreds of agri- by the Duke of Bedford, Lord Winchelsea, culturists and breeders from all parts of the Lord Somerville, and Mr.Bouverie, to produce, country, among whomwere several gentlemen, at this sheep-fhearing, the best two years old members of a well known fociety of breeders heifers, of the Devonshire breed, (the Duke of from Leicestershire, a Baron from Germany, Bedford's being dead, and Mr. Bouverie net vvho is at the head of an agricultural estab- producing one,) refted with Lord Winchelsea lishment in that country, and four gentlemen and Lord Somerville, and a committee was from Ireland.

appointed, conlfting of Mr. Smith,of Titmarib, His Grace gave a public breakfast at the in Northamptonshire, Mr. Stone, of Lough. | Abbey, at nine o'clock.

borough in Leicestershire, and a Mr. Warren; At about eleven his Royal Highness Prince who, after a confiderable examination, de William of Gloucester arrived, attended by clared in favour of Lord Winchelsea's

. Sir George Osborne ; soon after which the Mr. Garrard, the modeller of cattle, from company proceeded in a grand cavalcade to the London, exhibited the models of the famous new farm-yard, in the park, for the purpose exhibition of cattle that took place at Smithof infpe&ting the theep-thearing, at which field last Christmas, which were highly five of the best hands that could be procured approved of; he likewise exhibited a number were employed ; they then proceeded to the of other well know cattle. Several improved building lately ereated for examining the Ewés implements in husbandry were shewn, paithat are to be let for next season, which were ticularly a chaff-cutter, ploughs, harrow, to be hewn again on Tuesday with the prices &c. At three o'clock the Duke again enterfixed on them.

tained about two hundred of the company in The certificates were then opened by his the great hall of the Abbey with an elegant Grace and a committee, of the different can- dinner, confifting of 160 covers. didates for the prize of fifty guineas to be The bufiness of letting the Tups took up given by his Grace (for encouraging the in- the whole afternoon, till ncar dark, during troduâion of the Leicester and South Down which time several bets were made about breed of sheep into Bedfordshire,) to the per. cattle. Yon in Bedfordshire who should, between June

Third-day. 1799 and Chrikmas, expend the largest sum Wednesday there was a greater number of of money (not less than 60 guineas) in the persons affembled than on the former days, purchase of breeding Ewes, or Theaves of and the weather proving fine, the fight of lo the new Leicester or South Down breed. Thefe many opulent men, assembled upon so laude were taken into consideration, but the fuc- able and rational an occafion, was highly cessful candidate was not announced.

gratifying. About three o'clock the company adjourned His Grace gave a public breakfast at the Abe to dinner, and his Grace entertained near two bey at nine o'clock. hundred noblemen, gentlemen, and yeonien About eleven the company began to move in the large hall, in the ancient part of the in a grand cavalcade from the Abbey, and Abbey, where tables werc laid, which branched were met in the park by a number of others out in three directions, and so contrived as to of the first respectability, who had come from have but one head, at which his Grace pre- different parts; when they proceeded to the fided. Prince William of Gloucester, fat at New-farm-yard. his right hand, and Lord Joho Rullell fat as Nine south-down two-lears, and one tbreeCroupier.

thear, were exhibited in the exhibition-room, About six o'clock they left the Abbey, and and were examined by the hirers of tups. proceeded to the farm-yard again, when a Two remarkable fine and fat cows, which very fine hog, the property of Mr. Pickford, . had been 'fatted by poor feed, under certain waggon-master, in Market-ftreet, was shewn, management, the property of Mr. Maxey, which was supposed to weigh about a hundred of Knotting, in this courty were exhifone: during the whole of this time, the bited, nen continued shearing the theep in a place A machine for dressing corn in an expeditious conveniently adapied for the whole of the way, was exhibited in the yard, for which meeting to see them. His Grace then con Mr. Cooch, of Malfton, in Northamptonuudied the company to a paddock near the thire, has lately obtained a patent, evergreens, to see some telect Devonshire As soon as the inspection of the rams and



exhibition were over, the company, headed The following South Down Tups were by the Duke, proceeded to a fallow field, near then exhibited, and put up to be lett: Birchmore-house, where experiments were No. 1. at 10 guincas. No. 6. at 80 guineas: made by five different ploughs, namely, a No. 2. at 40 ditto. No. 7. at 50 ditro. Northumberland, a Surry, or Duckets, a No. 3. ac 30 ditto. No. 8. at 40 ditto. Bedfordshire, a Norfolk, and a Scotch one; No.4. at 25 ditto. No. 9. at 120 ditto. there useful experiments were tried in rowing No. 5. at 30 ditto. No. 10. at 25 ditto. turnips, by making the furrows wide apart. All of wlich were lett, except No. 7. and The manure was then regularly diftributed in No. 9, them; after which a roller was drawn by an At three o'clock they adjourned to the ox, and to the roller was attached a drilling Abbey to dinner. machine, so contrived as for the roller to cover When the cloth was removed, the cups to the manure with the ridges of earth, and the be given by his Grace as premiums, were put seeds to fall on the earth which had fallen on the table, and his Grace informed the on the manure ; and the machine was fo con- company, in an address, of the determinafructed as to cover the seed with earth, so that tions of the committee which had been apthe seed lay as on a hot-bed. After the in- pointed to investigate the different claims. fpection of the ploughs, the company pro. He began with the premiums offered for the ceeded to Ridgmont-fields, where experiments discovery of implements of husbandry; and were made with Mr. Leicester's scuffling har. Atated that the committee had examined the rows, for the improvement of which he has. corn-dressing machine belonging to Mr. lately obtained a patent. Experiments were Cooch, and the scuffling harrows belonging also made on Mr. Pott's improved harrows. to Mr. Leftor, both of which they highly

These experiments were made in consequence approved. of his Grace having offered a premium of 20 The next premiums were for encouraging guineas to the person who should produce, at the introduction of the new Leicester and this sheep-lhearing, the best and most useful South Down breed of sheep into Bedfordshire. newly-invented implement in agriculture. It His Grace stated that the candidates were was left to a committee to decide which imple. Mr. Parkins, of Dunstable; Mr. Bayley, of ment produced ought to have preference, and Marston; and Mr. Runciman, of Woburn; whether any of them merited the reputation and the committee, on investigating their tħat the acquisition of a premium would confer: claims, found that Mr. Parkins had expended This was to be made known by the com. 1681. Mr. Bailey 1261. and Mr. Runciman mittee on Thursday. About three o'clock his 1021. He was sorry to say that they had not Grace entertained about 200 gentlemen with strictly complied with the conditions : howan elegant dinner at the Abbey, at which he ever, under all the circumstances, the comagain presided.

mittee determined that Mr. Parkins was enA challenge was made by some Hereford- titled to the premium of fifty guineas, and faire gentlemen, to produce better cattle than Mr. Bailey to the premium of twenty guiany county in England, which was taken up by Sir Thomas Carr, High Sheriff for the coun- His Grace then concluded by congratu. ty of Saflex, who undertook to produce as lating the company upon the progress in agrifine from Suflex.

cultural improvement which had been made, Fourth-day.

and by exhorting them to persevere in their Thursday morning his Grace gave another laudable exertions. public breakfast at nine o'clock, and about Died.]. At Toddington, Mr. J. Potts, foreleven his Grace and the company arrived at merly an upholsterer, in King ftreet, Covent the New Farm Yard, when the following Garden. Leicestershire breed of Tups were exhibited in

XUNTINGDONSHIRE. the exhibition-room.

Married.] At Stilton, Mr. Dickenson, Searbogs

butcher, to Miss Rawlinson, of Leighton, No. 1. by a son of Dishley L lett for 10 gs. near Oundle. No. 2. by ditto, lett for 10 guineas.

Mr. Franks, of the Green Farm, St. Ives, No. 3. by ditto, lett for 10 guineas. to Miss Searson, of Stamford. Nó. 4. by ditto, lett for 10 guineas. Died.] At St. Ives, aged 40, Mt. Samuel No. 5. by ditto, lett for 15 guineas.

Osborne, grocer.

Mrs. Page, wife of Mr. No. 6. by ditto, lett for 15 guineas. Page, merchant. Two Shears,

At Huntingdon, Mrs. Ann Farrer, aged 68. No. 7. by a son of Dishley L lett for 12 gs. At Abbot Rippon, Miss Cranwell, daugh* No. 8. by ditto, lett for 12 guineas. ter of the Rev. Mr. Cranwell. No. 9. by ditto, lett for 15 guineas.

In the Ife of Jersey, where he had resided * No. 10. by ditto, lett for 20 guineas. many years, J. R. T. Huske, esq. of Granf. Three Shears.

don in this county. No. 11. by Breedon's L lett for 15 guineas.

CAMBRIDGESMIR E. No. 12. by K 4 Mhear, lett for 15 guineas. The privy council has lately recommended No. 13. 'by L 3 fhear, lett for 20 guineas. to bis majesty, to grant a charter for the in.



4 I 2


Mr. Jos.

corporation of Downing College, conformable Miss Louisa Squirc, daughter of Mr. Edward to the scheme of the trustees and the court of Squire, merchant. 'Aged 68, Mrs. Clarke. chancery.

At Thetford, aged 78, Stephen Helder, Married.] At Wisbech, Geo. Brown, esq. sen. who had been employed 52 years as rider of Trewerdale, near Bodmin, to Miss Meers. and letter carrier to the post office, in that

Mr. Tho, Clay,,of Coveney, farmer, to, town. Miss Ware, of Witcham, Ine of Ely.

At Thorpe, aged 70, Mrs. Smith, widow of Mr. Weit, miniature painter, of Wisbech, the late Mr. J. Smith, tander of Heigham. to Miss Pearcy, of London.

SUFFOLK. Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. Brashier, cook The Board of Agriculture has lately preof Pembroke College. Aged 69, Mrs. Ture rented to Mr. Josiah Rodwell, of Livermere, ner, widow of the late Mr. Turner,,cabinet their gold medal, value twenty guineas, as maker.

an honorary reward for having improved 1400 Miss Ann Tooke, a maiden lady; she was acres of land, in his own occupation. a character of some notoriety respecting dress Married.] At Ipswich, Captain Chamber. and manners. Mr. John Cornell, ladies hair lain, of the 24th foot, to Miss Russell. dresser and perfumer. Mr. John Hobson, aged At Wrentham, M. Daw, esq. of Wood. 75, stage coach master. Mrs. Short, wife of bridge, to Miss Primrose. The Rev. RoMr. Short, taylor. Mrs. Helen Stukes, bert Rose, A.M. rector of Palgrave, to Miss daughter of Mr. T. Stukes, aged 36. Jacob, of Eye.

At Stratford, St. Mary, Charles Payne An ewe, the property of Mr. J. Dew, of Crawfurd, esq. of St. Hill, Sussex, to Miss Swanton Novers, has, this season, had four Proby, daughter of the Rev. N. C. Proby, lambs, one of which the yeaned on the Tues- rector of Stratford. day, and the other three on the sunday fol At Sudbury, William Barston, esq. captain lowing.

of the 27th foot, to Miss Strutt, of Sudbury, Married.] At Norwich, Mr. H. Gardiner, Mr. John Goldsmith, draper, to Miss Spur. merchant, to Miss Wooldridge.

gin. Holding, of Beccles, to Miss Johnson. Mr. Died.] At Ipswich, Mr. Joseph Fil), block Wm. West, of Foracet, St. Peter, to Miss and mast maker. Gill. Mr. Youngman, scarlet dyer, to Miss At Beccles, William Reed, labourer ; who Sophia Paul, daughter of Mr. Paul, merchant, in a fit of paffion dropped down and expired. Mr. Charles Wetton, to Miss E, A. Smith, At Woodbridge, Mr. John Moor, an emi. Mr. Jof, Scott, to Miss Bafely.

nent land surveyor. At South Town, Norfolk, Mr. Robert Cory, jun. of Yarmouth, to Miss A. Preston. The 85th of regiment of foot, now at

At Eat Harling, Mr. R. Roper, of Wick Colchester, with their wives and children, enhall, in Bardwell, Suffolk, to Miss Cath. have been inoculated with the cow-pox, by Radwell.

Dr. Jenner, at the request of the Duke of At Swanton Morley, Mr. Geo. Furness, to York. So mild was the effect that scarcely a Miss Emms.

man was off duty during the whole process; At Rollesby, Mr. Wm. Rix, of Lingwood, and so effectual, chat though many of the men to Miss Bridget Sowells.

have fince been exposed to the small pox by Died.] At Yarmouth, Mr. Samuel Huro inoculation and otherwise, not the least fymp. sy, merchant. Mrs. Fraser, wife of Mr. tom has been produced. Fraser, saddler. Mrs. Cath. Wilson, aged 26. Married.] At Colchester, Mr. Wefthorpe, Miss E. S. Stone, youngest daughter of Mr. to Miss Ravens. S. Stone. Mr. Brown, many years a tallow At Widford, Mr. John Taylor, to Miss chandler this town.

Ann Marshall, of Galleywood Common. At Bach, Mrs. Coke, wife of T. W. Coke. At Woodbridge. Mr, Bars Studd, grocer, erq. of Holkham, M. P. for Norfolk, and to Miss Barker, of Winston, Suffolk. S ter to Lord Shireborne, of Shireborne, in the At Rochford, John Barrington, esq. to Miss county of Gloucester. In all the sacred rela. Swayre. tions of life, as wife, mother, and friend, her At Halstead, Mr. Heard, to Miss Bloss. conduct was most unblemished and endearing. Mr. Thomas Nokes, to Mrs. Davey, of SibleShe was aftectionate, faithful, and fincere . Hedingham. Mr. D. Kemp, of London,

At Norwidh, aged 84, Wm. Baker, efq.' to Miss Mary May, youngest daughter of Mr. B. C L. registrar of the diocese, official of the May, of Gladfield Hall, archdeaconry of Norwich, and steward of the At Great Waltham, Mr. James Guinney, bishop's manor courts. Aged 70, the Rev. of Chatham Green, to Miss Smee. Juhn Houghton, or this city. Aged 72, At Felsted, Mr. Miles, leather-cutter, whilft at dinner, Mr. J. Beckwith, ten. 64 of Hare-ftreet, London, to Miss Searle. Mr. years a member of the cathedral at Norwich. William Stock, of the King's Head, Siebe

Aged 85, Mrs. Mary Twiss, relict of Fra. bing, to Miss Elizabeth Sewell. Twils, esq. late of this city, and formerly of Died.) At Harwich, Mr. Robert Culo Rotterdam. Aged 78, Mrs. Martha Neale, pack, officer of excise. Aged 57, Mr. Fra. Bretf, taylor and draper. At Seaford, Lieut. James Cook, who served



his country forty years, under admirals the head of which stand the Lords Camden, Howe, St. Vincent, &c.

Darnley, and Sondes. Ac South Minster, Mr. William Paffel, A meeting, at Canterbury, of the planters, furgeon.

&c. in the eastern district, has been held for At Saffron Walden, Mr. Joseph Howes, the same purpose as above, when fimilar reaged 30. He poffeffed the most kining abi. folations were entered into : G. Faussett, ela. lities, joined to an happy equanimity of mind, in the chair. and a moft amiable difpofition.

Mr. Philpot's iron foundry, at Chatham, At Willingate, Mr. Tanner, of the Bell. has been destroyed by fire. HERTFORDSHIRE,

Margate, Ramsgate and Broad Stairs begin On Friday the 13th, his Majesty, attended to affume their wonted summer gaiety. They by the Queen, and royal family, reviewed have seldom had more company, fo early in the different volunteer corps of this county, the season, and already offer every pleasant at the residence of the Marquis of Salisbury, accommodation and relaxation which the inac Hatfield, confiting of five troops of yeo. valid or the man of business can defire. manry cavalry, two troops of volunteer ca. Mr. Dodd, the engineer, has begun to valry, ten companies of volunteer infantry, Atake out the line of the Thames and Medand the county militia, exclusive of the vay Canal, which promises to be of great Loyal Hampstead Association, who kept the local and public utility, and though but eight ground; making in the whole, 75 officers, miles and a half in length, will supercede the and 148: privates; all of whom were after- necessity of going forty-seven miles about wards regaled, on the lawn before the house, by sea, between London and Rochester. with a profufion of choice and substantial Married.] At Lyminge, Mr. J. Cooper, viands, tárts, porter, wine, &c. 'while their of Barham, to Mrs. S. Hart, of Standford. Majefties and the royal family, with their At Rochester, Mr. Young, furgeon in the suite, were most elegantly entertained within. navy, to Miss Bremar, of Troy Town. The number of spectators were computed at At Sandwich, Mr. H. Woodruff, to Miss 10,000.

Bimdock, of Rochester.

At Canterbury, Mr. James Wimble, to Mr. James Simmons has benevolently di. Mrs. Martha Palmer. rected a meal shop to be opened at Abbot's At Aldington, Mr. W. Sonders, of DymMill, near Canterbury, and flour and meal church, to Miss M. Keeler. to be retailed there at as low a price as the Died.] At Smerden, Mr. John Hopper. cost of the wheat and the labour of the mill At Wingham, Mr. Robert Beale, of the will permit. He has also caused large dif- Red-lion Inn. He was a man generally retributions of meal to be made to the indus- spected, and has left a wife and fix infant trious poor, at eighteen pence per gallon, ch ldren to lament his loss. and this way has relieved from eight to nine Mrs. Holness, of the Eight Rells. hundred families per week.

At Eastry Court, aged 79, Ifaac Bargrave, Mr. William Bristow, of Canterbury, has esq. lately published a large catalogue of books, At Whitstable, Mr. Daniel Brook, sen. indicative that the patrons of literature are At Margate, Mrs. Thornton. Mrs. Stone. númerous in the county of Kent. The shops At Maidstone, Mr. John Hills. of bookfellers are always a certain barometer At Tinderden, aged 75, Mr. Tho. Mercer. by which to judge of the progress of mental At Staplehurst, Mr. Thomas Bowes, a reimprovement in a provincial district, and spectable farmer. Kent appears to stand as high, in this ref- At Rodmeríham, Mr. W. Denne. pect, as any county in the kingdom.

At Mereworch, the Rev. Robert Style, The Earl of Thanet, after his late severe rector of that place. imprisonment in the Tower, was affection- At Towa Sutton, aged 78, Mrs. Pope. ately greeted on a visit to his seat at Hoch- At Ramsgate, Mr. Atherden, of the Royalfield, by an immens: concourse of most re- Oak Inn. Spectable persons from every part of the coun: ty. His hories were taken from his carriage A dreadful affray lately happened at Farnat Larkfield Heach, and he was drawn ham, betwe:n lome Irish soldiers and the in. through Maidstone, &c.

habitants of the town, which ended in the Ac a general meeting of the Hop Planters, death of three of the soldiers and one of the &c. lately held at the Star Inn, Maistone, town's people. These frequent affrays in all the Rev. R., Warde, in the chair, it was re- parts of the kingdom between the soldier's solved that the bill pending in Parliavelor and town's people, require the serious attenthe importation of haps till the it of tion of government. ary, 1801,, duty free, wouidolie onductive Died.) Mr R. Smith, of Chertsey. of the moft injurious consequences tu ari per At Stoke Park, nvar Guildford, William fons interetes in the piantations fof hops. Alderiey, esq. A commitice was appoinced to oppose the Ai Egham, C. T. Kerby, esq. serjeant at progress of the bill, and a subscription was law. pasered into for defraying the expence ; at At Walton-upon-Thames, Mrs. Horton,


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