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3 Ague


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13 Colds


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3 The DISIASIS and CASUALTIES from Des Hæmorrhois

cember jl, 1798, to December 11, 1799. Procidentia Ani I ABORTIVE and Stilborn

580 Abortus


27 Menorrhagia


1343 Amenorrhæa

3 Fluor Albus 3 Apoplexy-and Sudderly

249 Gravel

Athma and Phthifick

663 Jeterus

Bedridden Drupiy 3 Bleeding

16 Analarca


Brain Fever Hemiplegia

Buriten aud Rupture Epilepsia


43 Hysteria


131 Chonic Rhematisin

14 Scrophula

4 Colic, Gripes, and Twiting of the Guts 8 Prurigo


4343 Convulsions PUERPIRAL DISEASES. 1

3794 Cough and Hooping-Cough

451 Miik Fever

2 Cramp Ephemera 3 Croup

16 Dolores poft partum




4 Eaten by Lice Hooping-Cough


5 Opbchalmia

2 Falling Sickness Dentition

Fevers of all kinds

1784 Convullio


3 Vermes 2. Flux

5 French Pox

23 A confiderable proportion of the diseases Gout contained in the foregoing lift had their seat Gravel, Stone, and Strangury in the chest ; and, as it might well be ex.


4 pected, their number was increased, and the Headmouldhot, Horse-shoe-head, and tymptoms of them were aggravated, by the

Water in the Head late severity of the utather. The degree of

Jaundice cold, though not to intense, nor of 1o long Jaw, Locked duration, as in the last winter, yet gave rile

Impofthume to a large number of these complaints. Cough, Inflammation

433 dyspnea, catarrlı, and peripneumony, have Itch been attended with very severe symptomis, and

Leprosy have proved, in niany instances, unuluplly te. Livergrown dious and obstinate. Peripneumonia notha Lunatic has very frequently occuired in ļruons far


223 advanced in life, and in a number of cules has


3 proved fatal.

Mortification The symptoms of phthisis pulmonali: have Palpitation of the Heart also been much aggravated, and have advanced Pally

105 speedily to a fatal termination.


14 The measles have lately been very preva- Quinsy Jent, and have proved fatal in a number of in- Rath stances. It appears by the weekly bills of


3 mortality, that a large number hive died of


3 this disease during the nionths of November

Small Pox and December; a number amounting to more

Sore Throat than one half of deaths by this difcaie dur

Sores and Ulcers ing the whole year.

Spalm The small-pox has proved a Icís fatal dir.

Stoppage in the Stomach eafe during the last year, than in the preced- St. Vitus's Dance ing one, in which 2237 are stated in the ge- Swelling neral bill of mortality as the number of deaths, Swine Pox whereas in the lait year they amounted only Teeth

335 to 1111. By recurring to a monthly Register. Thrush

35 we find that in January, February, Novem- Tumor in the Womb ber, and December, two-thirds of the whole Vomiting and Looreness number fell a sacrifice to this dili aie.


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9046 9088

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Bit by a Mad Dog

CHRISTINED. Broken Limbs 4 Maies

10087 Bruiled

. 2 Females

8883 Burnt

13 Drowned


In all 18970 Excelsive Drinking


SVRIED. Executed *

12 Males Found Dead

10 Females Fractured

2 Frightened

In all 18134
Killed by Falls and several other Accidents 64

Killed themselves
28 Under Two Years of Age

5217 Murdered 3 Between Two and Five

1790 Poisoned 6 Five and Ten

644 Salded Ten and Twenty

573 Shot i Twenty and Thirty

1299 Smothered I Thirty and Forty

1724 Starved 4 Forty and Fif:y

1924 Suffocated 7 Fifty and Sixty

1758 Sixty and Seventy

Total 269 Seventy and Eighty

Eighty and Ninety
Ninety ani a Hundred

A Hundred

A Hundred and One * There have been executed in Middlesex

A Hundred ani Five ind Surry 25; of which Number 12 only have

A Hundred and Eight been reported to be buried as such within the

A Hundred and Seventeen Bills of Mortality.

Decreased in the Burials this Year, 21.




ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCies and DIVIDENDS annou red between ike 2015 of December and the 20th of January, extracted from the London Gazette:.

berts. Ely Plact)

(The Slicitors' Names are between Parentheses
ALCYCK, Hallifax, money-fcrivener. Mr. Sykes, New.
Applevard, Tob. Leeds. (J. Lambert Hatton Garden)
Amety, and F. Henderson, Lothbury, inerchants,

Crowser and Lavie, Frederick's place)
Bart, Lias, poole. (scott and Landon, St. Mildred-freet,
Bermin, Worceder, money-scrivener. (H. Barker, Esq.

Britrea, Theo. Colchester, ian-keeper. (Mr. Cutting,
Brustt's Buildings)
Cook, W King-ip. Southwark, coachmaker. (Crossfield

211.3. Silabury-Areet, Strand)
Calle Wm. Reading, carpenter. (G. Edmonds, Line
hukurs, Jones, City.road, Atable-keeper. (Mr. Rubinson,

an. Tetaple)
Bexiga juba Haycroft, Huddersfield. (Mr. Bartye, Chan.
Hua Charles, Fenchurch-dr. bruth-maker. (Mr. Ro-
bertan, Tho. Huddersfield. (Cardale and co. Gray's-inn)
Iduzida and Pu:1, Red Lion-Ar. Southwark, cornfactors.

JA, Duter, apoi hecary. (Mr. Knocker, Dover)
PS. * Xxinha, Miler and baker. (s. King,
L2, Varfolk
Text, 1. Pair Coats, dimity-manufa&urer. (Ellis,
Srba, Y. P. Brond-Ar, Jerchant. (Geo. Atkinson,
CoreT 234 Williams, Bangur, dealers. (Charles Barrett,

Backman-fr. riman. (Stratton, Shoreditch). Pti, Picadilly, upholsterer. (Mr. Robinson, Cbar. Pesona et Cakellain, 014 Bethlem, merchants. (Donce Pata T. Thavics-inn, warehouseinan. (Wortliam, lets, The Newgate-tr. muffin-manufacturer. (Mr. 114. Honpl. Worceter, glover. (Price aad Williams, **in, Ge, Babingfoke, 6796€T, M. Griene, Basiagoke)

Shivers, Tho. Nicholas-lane, merchant. (Mr. Davenport,

Smith, Jonath, Fore-tr. gold beater. (Waderon and co.

Austin Friars)
Sizer, J. Mauingtree, grocer. (). Ambrose. Miftley,

Stubbs, J. Highley, inn-kecper. (Rubins, Gray's-jur

Wrixhit, John, St. James's-fr. sword-cutler (Mr. Barker,

Thanet Place)
Woodley, Janics, Romford, faddler, &c. (Mr. Cutting,

Bartlett's Buildings)
Walford, Fuy, Manchester, musin-manufacturer. (W.
and S. Edge, Manchester)

Alderton, John. Salthurt, Suflex, Feh. 75.
Anfon, Wm. L. Poate rad, brandy-Wecbant, Jan. 8.
Aldus, Jon, Cow-croft, vittualler, Feb. 15
Buvell, vichach, W. Smilfeld, ironmonger, Jan. l.
Beethan, Nati, Sloane-fr. imith, Feb. 7.
Barker, Tho., Stati-putter, Jan. 18.
Bagley, R. Mortlake, cardener, Jan. 21.
Bailey, Geo. Pack-lane, mealmai), Jan. 30.
Buld, Win. Uxoride, inn-boider, Feb. 4.
Luni, Tho. Piccidilly, butcher, Jan. jo.
Bruoke, John, Ai, Feb. 12.
B:own, T. Chciterfield, merchant, Jan. 20.
Curry, James, Strand, h fier, Fcb.7
Chapls, win. Watliveto), Uxturdtire, laceran, Feb. 4.
Calc, T. and C. Lorrpoch merchants, Jan. 28.
Crane, C. T, Bowlane, irerchant, Feb. 14.
Cuttrell, Jos. Walrall, draper, April 27.
Dickson, Win. Sardiord, fiucia-drapes, Feb 4.
Etches, W. Northampton, EroCET, Jal. 21
Eaves, Rich. Sarchole, Yaruiey, Worc iterthire, mcalman,

Jan, 73
Forbes and Tomkins, Lad-labe, warehousemen, Jan. 22.
Forffer, Geu. Jurtreet, Maryone, initi, Feb. II.
Farner, wm. Shrewsbury, merier, &c. Feb. .
Francis, T Bewdley, linn-draper, ) 21. 28. (final)
Gilmore, Walt. Marlbro' procerJan. 27.
Grelict und Nicholls, Crown-itr. Shurodisch, leather-mx.

ker, b. 4.
Gouch John, Walthamstow, insurance-broker, Feb. i.
Gilbert, Rob. Readine, drap T, Jar. :9.
Gibton and Jonato, Lawrece-3n, bakeri, Feb. 4.
Ginser, Kich, Quecaniche, in! :, , 3.


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or feet arch buildings,

Ceter. Horn.

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Gaunt, James, Manchester, woollen-draper, Feb. 24.
Hudson, Tho. Little Jantes-treet, Holborn, Hackneyman,

Jan. 28.
Haworth, E. J. and J. Hampstead, &c. calico-printers

Feb. 11.
Hiros, John, Hay, Breconshire, malter, Feb. 4.
Heere, M. Kington-on-Huil, grocer, Jall. 20.
Jones, Wm. Wuolverhainpton, brewer, Feb. 15.
ibberton, C. and C. Holborn, ftable-keepers, Feb. A.
Jolly, T. W. Threadnecdle-kreel, insurance-broker, Jan.

30. (final)
Jee, E. Birmingham, engraver, Jan. 17.
Knight, Gun Dock, Wappiuk, fail-cloin-inaker, Feb. 4.
Ieyrat, Rich. renton Mewley, Woolfapier, Jan. 11.
Leich, J. E. Bolron, cotton-manutetturer, Jan. 1}.
Luton, John Bridge-tra, Weftr.initer, holier, Feb. 7.
Lope, Tho.jun Born: ersfield, brewer. Feb. 3.
Nunday, Anit, Turk's Heal, tuld, 121. 22.
Michell, Matt John-tre, Adelphi, broker, Feb. 4.
Mufkrave, Eli, Leeds. Iruti-inerchant. Jan. 24.
Vilward, Jamies, Cowbroukh. maliter, Jan. 14..
M'Mullen, J. &, Ntwk. Si. George's, inouey-crivener

Jan. 30.
Megre, Waiter, Manchester, tayior, Jari. 39.
Motes, Solomon, Rofimary.iane, laleia, Feb. 8.
Mastran, Jane Lockiershiry, Feb 15
Lecleil, Copbardieu, perchont, Jan. 30.
Necuban, Cha. Manchester, coluna bandwidcturer, J29), 21.

Orcherd, Jos, Copenhagen House, viQuader, Feb. 1.
Prindile and Osboru, Stow Mill, cheesemongers, Jan. :*
Polchampion, Tho. Eaton, Buckc, trocer, Feh, 35
Phillips, Rich Tottenham-fr. hackneymin, jun. 22.
Partridge and Hifie, Friday free!, Carriers deb. 4.
Palin, w, Hocklite, inin-noicere jato 20. (final)
Ripley, Rob. Leeds, Muen.aker Jan. y.
Reynolds, E. Black Tyars Road, disen-draper, Jan. 29.
Rawlins, Tho. Liverpool, merchant, Jan 27.
Rore, Wm. Holborn, habe:danner, Feb. 7.
Rots, A. G. Rufieu-str. Bloomsbury, Briny clothier, Dec.

28, 1799.
Sykes, John, Manchester, fuftiis-manufacturer, Feb. 4*
Sadler, Francis, Koufogion, victualler, Jan.
Stock, wm. Bishopfgare fret, linen-draper, Jan. 28.
Scott, Geo. Hatton Garden, builder. Jan. U.
Smith, Jos. Leyland, Lancathire, krucer, Jan. 22.
Swing 110. Manchetter, liquos-merchant, Jan. ;!.
Standerwick, Mark, Great Warner. tr. doiler, Feb. 1.
Saurhrey, Loud. sorand, 'urrier, Jan. 25.
Taylor.' R. High-tr. Southwork, linen-draper, Jan. 31.
Tanner, I'm. Paddington, fmith, J211. 30.
Terry, Jólin, Mimbicoon, üricklayer, Jan, 22.
Terri. R. Hudleish, mercer. Jan. 29. nnal!
Wollison and Upjohn, Holbor Bridge, 'di: Allers, J?!. 75.
Weiter, Jureph, Thorne, Yorkshire, dealer, Jan s.
Wey, John, L.Iverpool, mertha's, Feb.7.
Wabber03. 0Ford, cual-inerchants Feb. 25.


In January, 1800.

lummary of public events for the seemed to be ushered in under fortunate year 1800, it may not be amiss to present auspices to France, and the most unhappy our readers with a fort retrospect of the prelages on the part of ber enemies. Sa eventful proceedings that occurred on the formidable had the republican arms be. theatre of war, during the preceding one; come in Italy, that the King of Sardinia this, by connecting the part with the pre- was reduced to the cruel necessity of forfent, will enable us in some mealure to mally renouncing the fovereiguty of Pieda guess relative to the future.

mont in the month of January, and re. The treaties of Leoben and Campo For. tiring with his family and adherents to mio, if they did not wholly annihilate, at the illand whence he derived his title. least abated for a time, the intensenets of The King of Naples too, who had once the contest produced by the French Re. more tried his fortune in the field, and volution. The ephemeral peace between been prevailed upon to confide the comthe Emperor of Germany and the Direcio- mand of his troops to General Mack, after rial government, in the mean time, af, experiencing some sort gleams of success, forded an opporiụnity for Bonaparte to and even obtaining possession of Rome, was transport his veieran legions to Egypt, obliged to yield to the superior discipline whence he deemed, on the first prospect of of the enemy, and take refuge in the island succèls, tó meditate a formidable attack of Sicily. on the British dominions in Afia. But

France was thus enabled to give the law the memorable defeat at Aboukir, and the to Italy; but the face of public affairs, declaration of war on the part of the Ot-' was doomed to assume a sudden and untoman Porte, foon changed the scene, and expected change on the Continent. The instead of being able to aid the views and Emperor. Paul, being assured of a subsidy support the pretensions of Tippoo Sul. from the King of Great Britain, had netaun, we beheld the conqueror of Alex. gociated a treaty of alliance with the Or. andria and Cairo, the victor in so many toman Porte, and given orders for

hody skirmishes and battles, against Turks, A. of troops to march into the heart of Gerrabs, and Mamelukes, at one time foiled many. No sooner did the French Direço, before ' Acre, and at another eagerly tory perceive a new enemy about to take seizing an opportunity of flying from an the field, chan they issued orders to invade apparently devoted army, whole ranks had the Empire anew. Accordingly, on the teen thinned and dilpirited, by fatigue, first of March, their grand army crosied tlie difiale, and the sword.

Rline, in the neighbourhood of Ke5l, unNotwithitanding the gross impolicy of Jer command of General Jourian, with of permitting such a large body of trocps, the avowed intention of forcing the Diet and so experienced and fortunate a'cum- of Ratibon co declare agairit the march


of the Ruslian troops. Nearly about the twenty-seventh : and lo decisive indeed Jame time, General Bernadette at the was the victory, that General Serruier and txa i of an army of observation passed the three thousand men were taken prisoners, Riline at Waldeck, invested Philipsburg, and Milan opened its gates to the conqueand commcred chat fortress to surrender; ror. Piedmont next became the theatre of while General Ney fent a similar fummons hostilicies; and the French, notwithstandto Manheim, which immediately opened ing the efforts of Moreau, Macdonald, and its gate, to him.

Joubert, soon beheld themselves Gripped No withstanding these proceedings, the of their Atrong-holds, deprived of all their French ambalutors at the Congress of garrisons, and were obliged successively had declared to the Deputation to abandon the whole of Italy ; Genoa and of the Empire, as well as to th: Imperial a fiall portion of the adjoining territory Minister, the Count de Lehrbach, that only excepted. theid boilie moments were undertaken On the side of Switzerland, the affairs of wihn her view, than to prevent the the republicans at first wore a less disaitrous in untercoss of the Court of Petersburg, aspect, Massena having obtained some slight and accelerate a general peace.

advantages. These, however, were foon The Cabinet of Vienna being now cer counter balanced by new events; that getain of the co-operation of the Russians, neial being obliged to abandon Zurich, the Imperial army under the command of which was immediately occupied by the the Archduke Charles crossed the Lech on Austrian troops under Hotze. the fourth of March; and a renewal of the Unluckily for the allies, it was now de, bloody war that has so long deiolated Eu. termined, that Suwarrow, who had been repe, from that moment became inevita. hitherto uniformly victorious, fhould bie.

change the scene of action, and, leaving the Fortune at first seemed to declare in fa- plains of Italy, penetrate into Switzer. vorir of the French; for a body of troops land, whence he was to drive the French belonging to that nation having palled back on their own territories. through Schaffhausen towards Suabia, The Directory, being fully aware that an Austrian General, after an ineffe tual such an event mult prove fátal to their alte.mpt to oppose them, was defeated and caule, instantly reinforced their troops in taken priloner along with thite thousand that country, and inz-le every preparation of his men. They were also successful for a vigorous detence. Mafiena ating during a short period in Italy, as the whole same time displayed a consummate genius of Tucany was occupied by their troops, for military affairs, and evinced uncom, ani Florence, its capital, with all the ex. mon talents in all his enterprizes. Knowquilte works of art collected by the ing, that, if he permitted Suwarrow to efPrinces of the house of Medicis, fell into fedt a junction with the troops alrearly their hands.

acting against hiin, he would be inevitably A fatal reverse, however, speedily en. overpowered; he determined to attack Tuet. The Directory had not only ne. the lacter, and in a variety of actions gleated the army of Italy, but even disor- during four whole days continued to gan sed it by the arrest of Championnet, give complete overthrows to the Austrian the commander in chief. In contequence and Russian armies, many thousands beof thele grofs oversights, General Krayon ing killed and taken prisoners; while the the fifth of April came up with anci beat brave general wiio commanded them fell in the French in an engagement near Verona. the field of battle. On the fourteenth of the fame month, On the arrival of Suwarrow, that ex. Field Marshal Suwarrow arrived, with the perienced commander found his plans frusa first column of the Russians, and from that trated, his allies dismayed, and his own moment the affairs of France took a new army dispirited, by the rapid and successar.d dilaftrous turn.

ful movements of his more fortunate anta. Mirandola was the first place that fur- gonift. lo consequence of these Jitarrendered to che combined army, and Man. trous events he was under the necessity of tua was soon after invested by General withdrawing into Germany, and during kray, to whom it furrendered after a dif- his memorable retreat over mountains coe hec fit refance,

vered with low, and through roads nearly Os the twenty fourth, the Austro-Ruf impassible for a fingle battalion, he ex. can troops passed the Oglio, and pushed perienced more lols, but less dishonour, «!.. French before them; they then crolled ihan would have ensued after a signal de The Alla, and Suwarrow, at the battle beat,

C Gino, Overcame Moreau the In the mcan time Great Britain did noe MONTHLY Mac. No. 55.




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fail, as usual, to do every thing that could distant quarter of the globe. Tippco, be expected of herself and allies. The frufting to the promises of the French, English cabinet had dispatched an enter- dazzled by their offers of affiitance, and prising commander * to the Archipelago, founding his immediate hopes, perhaps, in the latter end of 1798; and, in concert on the progress of their arms in Egypt, with the Turks, he contrived a few months was making every preparation for a new after, to foil Bonaparte in Syria. The war, infinitely more forinidable than that King of Naples was maintained in the which he had before waged; as he expecied possession of Sicily by means of a British to be fupported by a large body ot EuroTquadron. Capua, Gaeta, Naples, Ci pean allies. He was anticipated however vita Vecchia, and even Rome, were con-' in his projects by the vigilant activity of quered through the affiftance of our naval , the British government in Afa, which orforces in the Mediterranean: while Lord deied a large army into the field, before Keith made a bold but ineffe&tual attempt he had completed his plans. The first into come up with the French and Spanish timation that arrived in Europe of these fleets, on their return to Breft. The fame events was received by means of an overcabinet meditated a powerful diversion on land dispatch, announcing the defeat of the side of Holland. A numerous feet, the Sultan's troops on the 15th of March, with a considerable body of troops on and their subsequent retreat towards See board, accordingly failed from the Kentish ringapatam. Advices were brought foon coast, on the 13th of August, and an. after, that the capital of the Mysore had chored off the Texel. Sir Ralph Aber- fallen into our hands in consequence of an crombie having affected a landing, after a alikult, in which the Prince himself loft his flight resistance, took possession of the Hel. life; and in the beginning of December, der, while leven Dutch men of war, and we learned that a partition of his domithirteen Indiamen and transports, were nions had taken place, in consequence of seized in the Nieu Diep; twelve more which we had added greatly to our own Dutch ships, under the command of Story, territories, and placed a grandson of the in a short time after allo surrendered io prince deposed by Hyder Ally, on the va. Admiral Mitchell.

cant throne, assigning at the same time a No sooner had the English army been certain portion of the dominions of his an. joined by a body of Russian troops, and cestors for the maintenance of his family headed by the Duke of York, than an at and the support of his court. tack was made on the enemy's lines, and Having thus taken a rapid survey of Alkmaar taken after a fevere and bloody public affairs, so far as military operations conteft.

are concerned, we tall now reluide our In the course of a few days his Royal historical iumniary of the events of a reHighness attempted the enemy's entrench cent date, cominencing with the month of ments at Beverwick: but, notwithftanding December. fome partial'advantages, it was at length found necessary not only to fall back, but We noticed in our last, that a newconalso to abandon all the posts occupied be ftitution was about to be presented, and fore.

this has fince actually taken place. It is As the French army under General prefaced by a declaration that, “ the Brune increased daily, and it began to be French Republic is one and indivisible," foreseen that many difficulties might at that every man born or residing in tend a reimbarkation, it was at length France, of twenty one years of age, who deemed most adviseable to enter into a con is inscribed on the civic register of his comvention with the enemy, in conlequence of 2018, and who has lived during one year which tis enterprize was wholly abandon. within the territory of the republic, is a ed, and a body of 8000 French prisoners Frencli citizen." A continued residence in England was agreed to be delivered up of ten years gives the same right to a fowithout exchange. To the honour of both reigner, and this right is lost to either nations, this agreement seems to have 1. By naturalitation in any other counbeen kept inviolate.

But if the expedition of the British 2. By the acceptance of either a place
troops in Holland proved unfortunate, or a penfion from another government.
the British name had, in the mean time, 3. By affiliation with any foreign cor-
acquired a new lustre, and our territories poration that implies distinction of birth.
a freida acceffion, in another and a more And 4. By condemnation to infamous

or corporal punishments.
Sir Sydney Sinith.
A lulpention ensues':



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