Imatges de pÓgina

guide me, fanctify and preferve me: keep ine both outwardly in my body, and inwardly in my foul: defend me from the power and malice of the devil, from the corruptions of my own finful nature, and from thofe fins efpecially that feem moft habitual to me. Pardon, I befeech thee, all the fins I have at any time committed. Grant that I may die unto fin, and rife again unto righteoufnefs: that henceforth being freed from fin, all things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in me.

[Direct me, O On Sunday morn Lord, in all my af- ing inftead of the oppofite fairs, blefs my la-pararaph, fay, [And now I am going bours and ftudies, to the place of thy public and give me grace to worship, I beseech thee do my duty in that let thy Holy Spirit acftate of life, where-company me, and make me devout, ferious, and unto thou haft been attentive. Raife my mind pleafed to call me, from the thoughts of this and make me there-world to the confiderawith content; conti-tion of the next; that I nue to me the blef-may join fervently in the prayers and praifes of fings I enjoy; fup-thy church, and liften ply me with thofe to my duty with an howant; and turn from neft heart, in order to And give me all thofe evils practife it. me grace to dedicate this which I have moit day, as thou haft appoint righteoufly deferv-ed me to thy fervice and

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ed; or which either the care of the foul: Dithe malice of the de-rect me in all my ways,. vil, or the wicked- and guide my feet in thy paths, that I may, at the nefs or misfortunes laft, from a life of rightcof the world, may oufnefs be tranflated to bring upon me.] a life of eternal glory.]

I refign, O God, and give myfelf to thy providence; I fubmit myfelf to all the events which it fhall pleafe thee to bring: upon me; and grant me always thofe things, whether profperous or adverfe, that may best conduce, and be mot profitable to my eternal falvation. So, my God, do with me what thou feeft good, and let thy holy will be done in me, and by me, for the fake of Jefus Chrift our Lord. And for this end,

Teach me to direct my converfation as becometh the gospel; and grant that may this day, and for ever, endeavour to mortify my corrupt inclinations, to cleanfe myfelf from all filthinefs of fleth and fpirit, and to bring every inordinate defire: to the obedience of thy will..

Fill my heart with fuch honeft and upright affections for truth and justice, that: no worldly intereft or advantage, how promifing or great foever, may be able to thake my integrity, which I beg may be always fupported by thy providence, and that in the ufe of honeft and lawful N. 3


means I may improve that talent, which thy infinite wifdom and goodnefs has committed to my charge.


"Be gracious, O moft merciful God, "to the whole race of mankind; pity the deplorable flate of thofe that know thee "not, and have never heard of thy name: "reform the wicked and impenitent; and let all that name the name of Christ depart from iniquity.


"Let every one of my friends and relations, O God, be of the number of "thofe whom thou loveft and delighteft in. Defend them from the evils and temptations of this world; and grant "them whatever thou feeft needful both "for their foals and bodies."]

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And now, O my God! relying firmly on thy gracious promifes, I commend into thy hands myfelf, and all that thou haft given or bleffed me with, my foul and body, and all my relations; keep us from all evil, lead us into all good, carry us fafely through the dangers and temptations of this wicked world, to that place of everlasting reft and peace, which thou haft prepared for thofe that die in the Lord, through the merits of thy beloved Son Jefus Chrift, my Lord and Saviour, in whofe words I fum up and recommend the wants of all mankind, toge


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ther with my own, faying, Our Father which art in heaven, &c.

An evening prayer, to be used any day in the week.

Lord, let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incense, and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice. Psalm cxli. 2.


Lord! thou hateft iniquity with at perfect hatred, yet I am affured, that thou delighteft in the ways of mercy; that thou art a tender lover of fouls, and not only permitteft, but inviteft us, miferable creatures, to come unto thee. With humble confidence, then, O Lord, I lift up my foul unto thee, befeeching thee in much mercy, to look upon me, and to eafe me of the burden of my corrupt and finful inclinations.


Forgive, I meekly befeech thee, whatever I have done amifs this day, and all my life paft, either against thee, my neighbour, or myfelf; O cleanfe me from all my fecret and unknown tranfgreffions, and, O merciful Father, grant that I may feriously confider and reflect upon the foulnefs and deformity of fin, and what dreadful threatenings thou haft denounced against it; that I may become a true and fincere mourner for my paft fins; and, as far as is poffible, redeem my mifpent time, by employing the remainder of my days in thy fervice, and to thy glory.


Give me, O Lord, a new heart, new affections, and new defires; that I may love thee with more fincerity, and ferve thee with greater faithfulnefs than I have ever yet done.

Teach me, O Lord, fo to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto true wisdom.

Let me never be feparated from thee; but grant that I may be of the number of thy faithful and obedient fervants, who are united to thee by grace and good works in this life, and will hereafter live with thee in endless blifs and happiness. And,


Grant that in the days of health and profperity I may confider my latter end, and remember and provide for that great account which I must one day give before the judgment-feat of Chrift; that when the hour of my departure fhall come, I may meet death without fear and amaze ment; and with a well-grounded hope of thy mercy and goodnefs, may cheerfully refign up my foul into thy hands and may be willing and even defirous to leave this world, when thou, my God, in thy great wisdom fhall fee it fitting.

Be mindful, O Lord, of all that are in any affliction or diftrefs. Relieve and comfort thofe that fuffer for the teftinony of a good confcience, or that labour


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