Imatges de pÓgina

giveness, and the truth of thy falva


I adore thee, my God, and make an entire refignation of myfelf, and of all that I am and have, into thy hands; defiring now, and to all eternity, to depend on thee, my God, and my inheritance.

To thee I owe all thofe comforts of life, health, peace, and plenty I enjoy, and a freedom from all thofe pains, and miferies, and evils, I am fubject to, and have deferved at thy bands. I defire, above all things, to give moft humble and hearty thanks to thee, O God the Father, for the redemption of the world by thy Son Jefus Christ our Lord, and for the means of grace which thou haft ordained by the word and facraments, and the hopes of glory.

I beseech thee, in and through our Lord Jefus Chrift, who was pleafed to fuffer death upon the crofs for our redemption, to pardon all the fins I have at any time committed; and grant I may find the power of his death, in my dying to fin and rifing unto righteousnefs; that henceforth being freed from fin, all things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in me, now and for evermore.

I beseech thee continue to my foul that grace I received in the holy facrament, that I may order all my words and actions, and all my converfation with fuch



care and prudence, as to give no offence or occafion of falling to any; but that I may be a good example to others, and adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.

O let thy Holy Spirit always direct and rule my heart, and of thy great goodnefs bring me to life eternal, and give me grace to do my duty in that ftate of life whereunto thou haft been pleafed to call me; and make me therewith content. Continue to me, I beseech thee, the blefsings I enjoy, fupply me with those I want, and turn from me all thofe evils which I moft righteoufly have deferved, or which either the malice of the devil, or the wickednefs or misfortunes of the world may bring upon me.

Let all things that befall me in this world work together for my good in the other; and grant me always thofe things, whether profperous or adverfe, that may beft conduce to, and be most profitable for my eternal falvation: wherefore, I refign, O Lord, and give myself up to thy providence: I fubmit myself to all the events which it fhall please thee to bring upon me: do with me what thou feeft goed: and let thy holy will be done in me, and by me, for the fake Part II.



of Jefus Chrift our Lord, who has taught us when we pray, to fay, Our Father, &c.

The Meditation for Friday Morning.


On a thankful remembrance of the death of Christ. Thanks be unto God for his spiritual gift. 2 Cor. ix. 15. my foul to faith we must join a thankful remembrance of the death of Christ, and of those benefits which we receive thereby. Herein is love, not that he loved God, but that he loved us, and fent his Son to be the propitiation for our fins. This is a mercy far above all other mercies; nay, it is even this which fweetens all other mercies to us.

2. Had there been no redemption, our creation had only made us capable of endless torments, and it had been better for us never to have been born, than to have been born to inevitable ruin; which must have been our lot and portion, had not the Son of God, by his one oblation of himself, once offered upon the cross, made a full, perfect, and fufficient facrifice and fatisfaction to God for the fins of the whole world.

3. We must declare and publifh to all the world what God had done to fave mankind from that damnation which



they had deserved, and to restore us again to that happiness and glory, which we could never expect or hope to enjoy, had not Chrift died for us. With what joy and thankfulness then muft we commnemorate this exceeding love of God, in the falvation of finners by Jefus Chrift.

4. This was the proper end and defign of this inftitution, to perpetuate this won derful love of Chrift in laying down his life for us. And as our Saviour, a little before his crucifixion, faid, Do this in res membrance of me which being a folemn command of our Mafter and only Saviour thus dying for us, we cannot refufe obedience thereunto, without being guilty of the most horrible ingratitude and contempt of his divine authority, who of his great love to us, laid down his life for all men, and for our falvation.

5. How then, my foul! can they who profefs themselves Chriftians, and hope for falvation by Jefus Chrift, and do not pay obedience to this his command, clear themfelves of a downright affront to his facred majefty? may he not justly upbraid fuch Chriftians, as he did once the Jews, why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I Jay? Oh! how unworthy are we of that falvation, which he has wrought for us, if we deny him fo K.2 fmall

fmall a favour, fuch a reasonable request, as to commemorate his death and bitter paffion once a month, or at least thrice a year, who did humble himfelf even to the death of the cross for us miferable finners, who lay in darkness, and in the fhadow of death, that he might make us the children of God, and exalt us to everlafting life.

6. In this facrament of the Lord's fupper we have the pardon and remiffion of all our fins, the grace and affiftance of God's holy Spirit, and the hopes of eternal life and happinefs freely offered unto us: and therefore had we no love, no regard or reverence to the dying words of our crucified Saviour, yet furely the confideration of our own prefent and future advantage might prevail with us to be more frequent at the Lord's table than we ufually are.

A Hymn of Thanksgiving on Friday Morning.
In remembrance of the death of Christ.

NOW let my heart with godly fear
And mournful pleasure fing,
The death of Chrift our great High Priest,
Our Prophet, and our King!

'Tis he, my foul! whom God decreed, For crimes which thou haft done,

A facrifice and ranfom great,
Th' Almighty's only Son.

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