Imatges de pÓgina

particularly, O Lord, give me an interest in the blood of that immaculate Lamb Jefus Chrift; and grant that I may never render thofe fufferings, which he underwent for finners, ineffectual to the falvation of my foul. And give me grace feriously to confider that it is my indif penfable duty to forfake every evil way.

Poffefs my foul with juft and lively apprehenfions of the infinite difproportion there is between this world and the next; and that I may make a right ufe and improvement of all thofe gracious opportunities which thou art pleased to give me of working out my falvation, and fecuring an inheritance in that kingdom, which is to laft for ever. Let no temptations or allurement divert me from fecuring the interefts of my precious foul.

Grant that i may fo país through things temporal, that I finally lofe not the things eternal; and that in all the concernments of this life, I may govern myself by the rules of temperance and fobriety, justice and honefty, prudence and moderation, .and with an entire truft and dependence on thy fatherly care and good providence; that having always before my eyes that great account which I must one day give, I may never dare to do any thing that may difhonour thy name: nor be fo wretch

wretchedly foolish, as to purchase any happiness in this world at the expenfe of thy favour.

Enable me to make thy laws the rule of all my actions, that I may approve myself to thee as becometh thy fervant; by being zealous and devout in thy fervice, kind and charitable toward my neighbour; by being meek and patient, quiet and peaceable, humble and inoffenfive toward all men; and, as far as in me lies, ufeful and beneficial to the world; that fo glorifying thee here upon earth, I may, at my departure hence, enter into the joy of my Lord, and be for ever glorified in thy heavenly kingdom. To this end,


I pray thee give me grace to make a right ufe and improvement of all thy mercies, and vouchfafe, O Lord, to continue to me thy grace, favour, and protection. Be thou pleafed in thy great goodness, to take me, and all that belongs to me, this night, under the care of thy good providence; defend us from all perils and dangers; and, after the comfortable refreshments of reft and fleep, raife us up in health and safety, with hearts full of love to thee, and zeal to thy fervice, that we may in the last day be raised to life immortal, through Jefus Chrift our Lord! in whofe words I pray unto thee, faying, Our Father, 5°C.

DIRECTIONS to Collects,

In the Book of Common Prayer, Suitable to the Occasions of a worthy Communicant.



For deliverance from, and fupport
under Afflictions,

OR God's Affiftance in the fift Sunday after Epiphany,
Performance of our Duty, 9th after Trinity.
8th after Trinity,
3d after Epiphany,
5th in Lent.
5th after Epiphany,
St. John the Evangelift,
2d for Good Friday,

For the univerfal Church,

For the Peace and Unity of the 5th after Trinity,

St. Simon and Jude,


See Minifters.
A Wednesday.

St. Matthew.

For Contrition,

Against Covetousness,

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For eternal Happiness,'

For Humility and Patience,
For Imitation of Chrift,

For our Imitation of the Saints,

16th and 22d after Tilming.

For Grace and Affiftance in our fpi- 4th in Advent,

Eafter Day,

ritual Course,

Ift, 2d, and 13th after Trinity, 1ft in Advent.

For deliverance from Judginent,

ift in Advent,
ist after Easter,
St. Andrew,
St. James.
St. Matthew.


Trinity Sunday,

St. Thomas and St. Mark.
14th after Trinity.
2d in Lent,

6th after Epiphany,
Sunday after Afcenfion-Day.
Sunday before Eafter.

2d after Eafter.
St. Stephen,
St. Philip.
St. James,
St. John Baptist,
All Saints.
S Septuagefima!
24th in Lent.


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For Love and Charity,

For the Ministers of God's word)

and facraments,

4th after Easter,

For the Love of God and his laqus, ist, 6th, 7th, and 14th after

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St. Matthias,

St. Peter,

3d in Advent.

For Mortifications

Circumcifion and Eafter Day.

For the protection of God's Pro- f 2d, 3d, 4th, and 2011 after



For purity of heart,

12th, 21, and 24th after

For pardon of fin,

10th after Trinity.
Christmas Day.
7th after Trinity.
St. John Baptift.
3d alter Eafter..
28 in Advent.


5th after Eafter.
$4th after Epiphany.
2d in Lent.

5th after Eafter,.

If, 9th, 116, 13th, 17th, and
25th after Trinity.


For the Gift and Grace of Repentance,
Before Self-Examination,


Suitable to the Occafion of a worthy Communicant.


Pf. 23, 26, 111.

'Pf. 6, 25, 32, 58.
Pf. 139:

OR God's Affiftance in our Sacramental

For Confeffion of Sins, and for Forgiveness,
An Act of Contrition,

For Ged's Care and Protection

For the Comfort of God's Holy Spirit,
For Humility,

Thanksgivings for God's Mercies

On a Refolution to lead a new Life,
For Faith in God's Mercy, thro'Chrift's Death Pf. 19, 57.
For a thankful Remembrance of Chrift's Death

For the Grace of Charity

For Grace to love God's Law,
For a Holy Life

For Salvation and eternal Happiness,

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Pf. 51, 6, 32, 38.
Pf. 25.

Pf. 1, 23, 24, 25, 126.

Pf. 103, 2, 3, 4.

Pf. 15, 133, 4, 112.
Pf. 19, 119.
Pf. 85.

Pf. 15, 24.
Pf. 37.

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Pf. 34.
P. 136.

P. 103, 136, 138.

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For Perdon of Sins,
For Redemption by Christ,
Against evil and perplexing Thoughts,
On Christmas Day, and even Days after
Eafter. Day, and feven Days after,
Wbitfunday, and feven Days after,
Trinity Sunday,

For the Grace of Perfeverance,
For the Morning,
For the Evening,



Digefted into

Prayers, Meditations, Thanksgivings, &c.

To be added to our other devotions,as occafion may require.


FOR Pf. 19, 119.

For prefervation from fin, PFor falvation and eternal joys,

OR grace to love God's law,


For prefervation from the punifi
ment of fin, and God's judg.
ments, P. 25, 28, 75, 76.
For pardon of our fins, Pf. 6, 26.

32, 38, 40,41, 51, 65, 130, 143-1
For propagation of the gofpel,

P. 47, 68, 72, 145.
For God's providence and pro-
tection, Pf. 4, 16, 17, 23, 86,

Pf. 85, 106, 116.
Pf. 98, 118.
Pf. 6, 102, 34, 42, 43
Pf. 19, 89, 45.
Pf. 2, 57, 11.
P. 34, 42, 43, 51.
Pf. 2, 47, 72, 110.
Pf. 86, 119.
PS. 4, 16, 17, 23, 86.
Pf. 119, 130, 138.

91, 121.

For protection against malicious
and wicked perfons, Pf. 5, 70,

94, 109, 140.
For the church, and all faithful
people, Pf. 5, 10, 45, 48, 53,
68, 70, 74, 79, 80, 93, 94.
114, 132, 137.

nocence, Pf. 1, 15, 23, 24, 25,
50, 84, 85, 89, 101, 119, 126.

Pf. 16, 24, 28, 36, 50, 75,
84, 87, 97, 126.

For defence of our innocence,
PJ. 7

For a blessed and holy death, Pf.
1, 33, 36, 50, 88, 90, 102, 142.
For deliverance from treafon and
private confpiracies, Pf. 41,
55, 109.

For defence against all enemies,
ghoftly and bodily, public and
private, Pf. 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17,
18, 27, 31, 35, 40, 54, 55.
59, 70, 108, 109, 135, 141,
For a holy life, fanctity, and in-l

For the king, P. 21, 61, 89.
For deliverance from death and
damnation, Pf. 28,30,102,125.
For health, P. 90, 102.
For all Chriftian princes and
judges, Pf. 82.
For advancement of religion, P

45, 48, 72, 74.

For deliverance from the power
of the devil, Pf. 57.

For peace, P. 46, 122, 123,

133, 144.


comfort in sadness, Pf. 101,
192, 142.


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