Imatges de pÓgina

dent for thofe that travel in ways frequented by robbers, to go well armed and to unite companies, that they may be the better able to defend themfelves? Thus the man of bufinefs, who has any ferious thoughts of another world, ought more especially to embrace all opportunities of receiving it, it being beft able to fecure him against thofe dangers he daily converfes with, and to fortify him against those watchful enemies that lie in wait to deftroy his foul. Therefore as they, who have leifure, ought frequently to receive the holy communion, as the beft improvement of their time; fo they that are engaged in many worldly affairs, ought to learn how to fanctify their employments by coming often to this holy facrament.

9. The obligation that lies upon any Chriftian to receive the holy communion is the plain and pofitive command of our bleffed Saviour to do this in remembrance of him; which makes it a neceffary and perpetual duty, incumbent upon all Chriftians; and to live in the neglect of a plain law, of the author of our religion, is no way confiftent with the character we profefs of being his difciples. The circumstances of this inftitution ftill bind us to have a great regard to it; for it was the laft command of our beft friend and great bencfactor, Part 11.



when he was about to lay down his life for our fakes.

Nevertheless great care must be taken, that when a man is habitually prepared, he do not then impofe upon himself fo much actual preparation, as fhall make him lofe an opportunity of receiving the holy facrament, when he has not had time to go through with that method of devotion he has prefcribed to himself on that occafion.


The Hymn on Tuesday Morning. Of fure truft in God's grace through Jefus Chrift. Judge me, Lord, and prove my ways; And try my reins, and try my heart; My faith upon thy promife fays, Nor from thy law my feet depart. I hate to walk," I hate to fit,

With men of vanity and lies. The fcoffer and the hypocrite

Are the abhorrence of mine eyes.
Among thy faints will I appear,

With hands well wash'd in innocence;"
But when I ftand before thy bar,
The blood of Chrift is my defence.

I love thy habitation, Lord,

The temple where thy honour dwells: There fhall I hear thy holy word,

Aud there thy works of wonder tell.


Let not my foul be join'd at last
With men of treachery and blood,
Since I my days on earth have paft
Among the faints in fear of God.


WHEN rifing from the bed of death,.
O'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,

Ifee my Maker face to face,.

O! how shall I appear!

If yet while pardon may be found,
And mercy may be fought,

My heart with inward horror fhrinks,
And trembles at the thought.

When thou, O Lord, fhalt ftand disclos'd

In majefty fevere,

And fit in judgment on my foul,

O! hore fhall I appear!

But thou hast told the troubled mind,

Who does her fins lament,

The timely tribute of her tears

Shall endless woes prevent,

Then fee the forrows of my heart,
Fre yet it be too late;

And hear my Saviour's dying groans,
To give thofe forrows weight.
For never fhall my foul despair
Her pardon to procure,

Who knows thy only Son has dy'd
To make her pardon fure.
F 2


The Prayer on Tuesday Morning. For the obtaining God's grace and protection. Lmighty God, the creator and preferver of all mankind; I thy creature whom thou haft made, and to this moment haft preferved, do now, as I promifed in the holy facrament, prefent myself before thee, to offer up the morn ing facrifice of my unfeigned praises and thankfgivings, for, as thy mercies are renewed to me every morning, and thy goodnefs follows me all the day long; as thou vifiteft me in the night feason, and every moment of my life is a new inftance of thy mercy; fo it is my abfolute duty to lay hold of every opportunity to magnify thy glorious name, evermore prailing thee and faying: It is by thy goodnefs, O Lord, that I have this night lept fecure, and am now raifed up in health and fafety: praised, therefore, be thy name, O God; for of thee only cometh my falvation: thou art the God of my health, my Saviour and mighty deliverer; as long as I live I will magnify thee, O Lord; for a joyful and pleasant thing it is to be thankful.

Oh! give me a heart always tuned to thy praifes, which is my happiness as well as my duty. Imprint on my mind fuch a deep fenfe of thy mercies, that I may

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never provoke thee to withdraw thy favours from me. Let not the bleflings thou beftoweth on me make me in love with this world; let neither covetousness nor ambition, neither pride nor vanity, neither a contempt of others, nor a fond conceit of myfelf, be the refult of thy loving-kindness toward me: but,

Endue me with fuch a humble and contented mind, fuch a meek and refigned fpirit, fuch a quiet and peaceable temper and behaviour, as becomes a creature and a finner. O infpire my foul with pure and pious difpofitions, and instead of thofe filthy rags of my righteoufnefs, clothe me with the righteoufness of the faints. Let the confideration of my unworthinefs fupprefs in me all proud and afpiring thoughts, and all covetous and ambitious defires; that being meek and lowly in mine own eyes, my heart may be a clean receptacle for my Saviour, and that I may find reft unto my foul, and be filled with that grace, which thou haft promised to a humble and contrite heart: fo I fhall, as I ought, be fitted and prepared for every condition, and especially y for my great and laft change.

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Strengthen my faith in the time of fickness and trial, and forsake me not when my ftrength faileth me. F 3

Let thy


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