Imatges de pÓgina

tion of, 521.

Bible, importance of a translation Carlisle, Mr. account of a mon,
of, into Chinse, 95.

strous Lamb, 85.
Bile, observations


and on Cary, Mr. state of the case in his
its diseases, and on the æco. suit against Longman, &c. for
nomy of the liver, 442.

copying his Itinerary, &c. 46.
Biot, M. on the integrale of equa. Cbaptal, Ñ. on the use of oxides

tions of finite Differences, 508. in dying cotton, 518.
Birds, new table of the classifica. Charlemagne the great, his cha-

racter, 194.
Blagdon, controversy revived by Chemistry, physical principles of,

Mr. Bere, 203. The dispute 401.
followed up by other writers, Chenevix, M. his experiments on
on cach side, ibid. See also James's powders ; with direc-
p. 322.

tions for preparing a similar
Blair, Dr. Hugh, biographical humid substance, 296. His

particulars concerning, 159. letter to M. Vauquelin on
His last sermon, 164.

Mr. Hatchett's discovery of a
Bonaparte compared with Cæsar, new metal, 529.

190. The character of the Children, physical education of,
former prefered, ibid. Histo- its importance, 43:
rical account of Bonaparte, Christ, his remarkable reply to
216. Life of, 26+. .

Anec- the Jews who accused himn of a
dotes relative to him, person- breach of the Sabbath, 14. Cu-
ally, 26; --268. His charac- rious account of a MS. falsely
ter highly revered in the Bata. ascribed to our Saviour, 506.
vian Republic, 308.

Clergy, the expediency of their
Boudet, M. on phosphoric æther, residence impartially discussed,

Boullay, M. See Phosphorus. Clovis, his conquest of France,
Bridges, the principles of their the origin of its monarchy, 390.

construction discussed, 323. Cluvier, M. his memoir on the
Brutus, his establishment of a life and writings of Daubenton,
Trojan colony in Britain, the

subject of an English epic Columbium, a new metal discover.
poem. See Ogilvie.

ed by Mr. Hatchett, 529.
Buffon, M. traits of his private Combe, Mr. his account of a re-
character, 510, 511.

markable Greek sepulchral mo-
Bull-baiting, a cruel and horrid nument, in the possession of

amusement, practised only by Dr. Garthshore, 34.
buman brutes, 445.

his account of an
Burial, alive. See Interment. elephant's tusk, in which the

iron liead of a spear was found

embedded, 85
Cadet, M. on vegetable gluten, Congo, account of that country,

See Africa.
Cæsar, St. Bishop of Arles, curi. Correspondence with the Reviewers,
ous account of, and of his

111. 221. 335. 447.
foundation of a female monas. Cossigny, M. his project for ex-
tery, 396.

tracting real indigo from woad,
Casarean operation, memoirs rela-

Coulombe, M. on the theory of the


tive to, 407.

moon, 514. His experiments Dying of cotton. Sce Chaptal.
on the coherence of Fluids,

Cowley, the poet, his carnest love Eden, Sir Frederick Morton, his
of solitude, 329, New poem

sentiments in favour of the
on that subject, ibid.

peace, &c. 213.
Cow.pock (not pox), publications Egypt, deplorable state of its in-

relative to the practice of In- habitants and the Ottoman des-
oculation for, 440.

potism, 59. Curious account
Cuvier, M his account of the of a mad and fruitless attempt

life and works of M. Lemon. to destroy the pyramids of
nier, 512.

Egypt, 345

Electricity. See Wollaston. See

Darracq, M. on the oxalic acid, Elephant's tusk. Sec Combe.
On zaffre, 527

On Events, military, in the French
the acetic and acetous acids, war, 495

5 o.
Daubenton, M. his lecture on

natural history, 460. Excel- Fluids, coherence of. See Cou-
lent character of this writer, lombe.

and of his works, 510. Fætus, changes in the organs of.
Davy, Mr. account of some Gal. See Sabatier.
vanic combinations, &c. 297.

France, state of, in her present
Deaf and dumb persons, particu- circumstances, as a republic,

lars relating to the education 189. Historical events relative

of, 133. See also Sicard. to the kingdom of, See Clovis,
Deafness, a particular kind of, Pepin, Charlemagne.
how remedied, 304.

Normal schools lately es-
Delambre, M. on the passage of tablished in that country, 459.
Mercury over the sun, 518.

Military events of the
Descrizelles, M. his account of late war, 495. Anecdotes re-

the danger of keeping phos- lative to many of the principal
phorus in a bottle, should it victims belonging to the court,
burst, 530.

sacrificed at the beginning
Desessartz, M. on the use of mer. of the late revolution, 535.

cury in the small-pox, 519. Memoirs of the late
Diseases, in London, in 1796, between France and Spain,

brief statement of, 402. Mr. 541.
Webster's account of those Frederick William It. King of
which are epidemic and pesti- Prussia, very unfavorably cha-
lential, 404.

racterized, 234, 237
Dolomieu, M. on making gun. Frere, Mr. his account of Aints
flints, 517

in Suffolk, 30. Supposed to
Domingo, St. account of antiqui- have been weapons of war, ibid.

ties found there, 30. Of the
dreadful political state of that
island, 333

See also Tous. Garat, M. his lecture on the

analysis of the understanding,
Dreams. See Nocturnal.

Duhamel, M. on refining lead, 518. Garthshore, Dr. See Combe.




Gillies, Dr. attacked on account Hulme, Dr. his experiments on

of his translation of Aristotle's light, &c. 298.
Metaphysics. 229.

Hyacinthus, &c. See Leroux.
Godwin, Mr. his doctrine of uni.
versal philanthropy controvert.

ed, 29 Disingenuousness of James's Powder, experiments on.
Dr. Parr in his attack on Mr. G. See Chenevix.

ibid. Mr. G's, defence, 255. Indigo, project for extracting it
Greeks, the modern, described,

from woad, 500
56. Their dreadful state of Interment, premature, of human
subjection to the Ottoman bodies apparently dead, laud-
yoke, 58.

able institution for the preven.
Griggiry, account of an African

tion of, in Germany, 42.
MS. so called, 31. Dr. Rus. Joseph II. Emperor of Germany,
sel's account of the same curi- briefly characterized, 240.
osity, 32.

Ireland, the Roman Catholic fa.
Gum. See Leroux.

milies of, said to have not yet
Gun flints, French Memoir on the lost sight of the forfeited
manufacture of, 517,

estates, 277

Strictures on
Guyton, M. on the two fixed alka- Sir R. Musgrave's account of
lis, &c. 519
On a new stove

the rebellions in Ireland, 275
fire-place, 527

---286. See also Littlebales. See

also Musgrave.

Gordon's History of the
Ha:dy, Thomas, his trial for laie rebellion in, 374. That

high treason, as recorded by work commended, 375.
Mr. Belsham, 77.

Irrigation, national advantages of,
Harris, James, Esq. his life and

works, 2-9.

Italy, travels in, 492. Extract
Halchett, Mr. his discovery of a from Meyrs's publication con-

new metal called Columbium, cerning, 493
Hauy, Mr. his Lecture on phy-

sics in the French Norinal sit. Kingston, on Hull, approved ma.
tings, 460.

nagement in the maintenance
Hay-stack, Maid of. See Louisa. of the


of that place, 430,
Herschel, Dr. his observations Knight, Thomas Andrew, Esqr.
on the nature of the sun, 291. his curious experiment on the

additional observations, ascent of sap in trees, 295.
295. See also Sun.
Home, Mr. Everard, observations

on the grinding teeth of the Lacepede, M. on a new Table of
wild boar, 303.

the classes of birds, 520.
Howard, Mr. his paper in the Ar- La Grange, M. his mathematical

chæologia, concerning his fruit. lecture in the Normal school,
less inquiry after the burial- 464. See also Series, and Te.
place of K. Alfred, whose re- legraph.
mains are said to have been La Harpe, M. de, his lecture on
built over, in the spot on which republican eloquence, 466. His
stands the county gavl, near observations on tragedy and on
Winchester, 34

tragic writers, 483. On writers
of comedy, 488. On compo- Masks of the Furies, as used in
sitions for the opera, 49!..

the antient Greek Tragedies,
Lamballe, Princess of, her unhappy &ç. observations on, 471.
destiny, 534.

Mercurials. See Small-pox.
Lampadius, M. on a new method Mesmer, Dr. Medical Knight

of forming ammonia, 529. Errant', 38. 41.
La Place, M. on the duodecimal Michaelis, Professor, extracts
of notation, 460.

Seç from Mr. Marsh's translation
also pp. 464. 508. 514, 515.

of his Introduction to the New
Lassus, M. on Umbilical rup- Testament, 16. Dissertation on
tures, 520.

the origin and composition of
Lead, account of a mode of re- the first three canonical Go,
fining it on a large scale. Sce

spels, 173.

Mines, military, mem. concerning,
Lecture, Croonlau, by Everard 517.

Home, Esq. 83. Bakerian, Miracles, that difficult subject
by Dr. Young, ibid.

freely discussed in the French
Leicester, the town library of de- Normal School, 465.

scribed, 506. account of an Monge, Professor, his lecture on
old MS. there, ascribed to descriptive geometry, 460.
Jesus Christ as the author, ib.

See also p. 465.
Lemonnier, M. account of his life Monmouthshire, whimsical mix.
and works, 512.

ture of the different styles of
Leroux, M. on the gum in the bulb antient architecture in that

of the hyacinthusnon scriptus,524. county, 116. Remarkable ob-
Light, spontaneously emitted from jects, &c. in Mr. Coxe's tour

various bodies. See Hulme. in Monmouthshire, 117.
Littlehales, Col. his official letter Moon, M. Coulomb's mem.

to Sir R. Musgrave, on the the theory of, 514.
dedication of his memoirs of Motions, spontaneous, of different

the Irish Rebellion, 278. substances, when approaching
Loquacity of Women investigated, each other. See Prevost.

Muller, General, good character
Lycophron, his Cassandra criti.
cized, 365.

Musgrave, Sir Richard, a zealous

anti-revolutionist, in regard to
Man, nature of, philosophically the late disturbances in Ire.

considered and defined, 416. land, 275. His doctrines and
Observations on Cannibals, ibid. facts controverted, in a letter
Human sacrifices, 407.

to a noble Earl, 329, 339, 331.
Mann, Abbé, on religious esta. See also Littlehales.

blishments made by English
Catholics on the Continent of

Europe, 33.

Napion, M. on a new method of
Marescot, M. on an improvement separating the silver from the

in the art of Mining, in fortifi- copper, in base coin, 528.
cation, &c. 517.

Nile, battle of, Mr. Fitzge.
Marten, Harry, the Regicide, a rald's poctical description of,

picture of him mistakenly 172.
placed among those of the fa- Noble, Rev. Mark, his extracts
mily of Lewis, at St. Pierre from the parish register of St.
in Monmouthshire, 117.



of, 5+3.

Bennet, 33.

Nocturnal, or tournal of Dreams,

tion of, 141.

Situation and

accommdations for strangers,
Normal schools, in France, lec- &c. 144. Public walks, gar-
tures, &c. in, 459.

dens, promenades, &c. 145.
Nottingham, its great antiquity, Phosphorus, observations on the

existence of in sugar, 525.
Numery, curious account of that See also Descroitelles.

founded by St. Cæsar, Bp. of Picturesque, idea of that term, as
Arles, 396.

used by painters, 257.
Pigafetta, Chevalier, his account

of his voyage round the world,
Oeconomy, political, seriously and in the squadron of Magellan,
profoundly investigated, 468.

the first circumnavigator, 475.
Ogilvie, Dr. his choice of a sub- Poor, (or the lower orders of
ject for an epic poem, criti- Society,) means of reforming
cized, 359

their morals, &c. 166. In.
Orteans, late Duke of, anecdotes quiry into the cause of their

of, favorable and unfavorable increasing numbers and dis-
to his character, 535-

tresses, 167. Their miseries
Ovid, new translation of one of in hard times poetically dis-

his heroic epistles, 327. Ex. played, 311-314. Improved
tract from, ibid.

management in the maintenance
Oxides of iron, use of in dying of the poor of Kingston, 428.
cotton, 518.

Strictures on the poor laws,432.

Porcelain, painting on, memoirs

on colours for, sog.
Parmentier, M. on a substitute Prevosi, M. the spontaneous
for rice, 522;

On tinctures motions of substances ap-
made with diluted alcohol, to proaching each other, 522.
be used with medicated wines, Priestley, Dr. his laudable man-

ner of employing his learned
Parr, Dr. his strictures on Mr.

leisure in America, 53.
Godwin's doctrine of universal Priests, Roman Catholic, apology
philanthropy, 249;

His de for their marriage, 109.
fence of the English Univer- Privateers, &c. laws and customs
sities, against Mr. Gray and of nations relative to, 149.
Mr. Gibbon, 253.

Prizes, mathemat. mem, on the
Paul I. Emp. of Russia, his po- distribution of at Vienna, 509.

litigal conduct with respect to Proteus Anguinus, a doubtful ani-
the French war, 498.

mal, described, 302.
Peace, pamphlets relative to, pro Prussia, King of. See Frederic
and con, 213—216.

Pro- William.
bable effects of, on our com- Pyramids. See Egypt.

mercial interests, 429.
Pearson, Dr. his laudable atten.

tion to the Vaccine Inocula- Quack-Doctors, curious accounts
tion. See Vaccina.

of some famous characters on
Pepin, K. of France, his great ta- the Continent, 38-42.

lents and wise government, 391. Quakers, or Society of Friends,"
His amiable character, 393.

appeal to, relative to the
Petersburg, remarks on its climate, primitive simplicity of their
139. Topographical descrip- Christian principles, &c. 426.


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