Imatges de pÓgina

"It is FINISHED."-JOHN xix. 30.
"There remaineth NO MORE Sacri-
fice for Sin."-Heb. x. 27.
"ONE MEDIATOR between God and
men, the man Christ Jesus."--1.
TIM. ii. 5.

"When I had heard and seen, I fell
down to worship before the feet of
the ANGEL.... Then saith he unto
me, see thou do it not: for I am thy
Fellow servant..WORSHIP GOD."
-REV. xxii. 8, 9.

"He ever liveth to make Intercession."-HEB. vii. 25.


"I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the Power of God unto salvation to EVERY ONE that BELIEVETH"-ROM. i. 16.

"Being justified FREELY by his GRACE."-ROM. iii. 24.



By Grace are ye saved THROUGH FAITH; and that not of yourselves: it is the GIFT OF GOD."-EPH. ii. 8.




"Sanctified by the Holy Ghost."ROM. XV. 16.

"This spake He of the Spirit, which

they that BELIEVE on him should
receive.' "JOHN vii. 39.
"God is a Spirit: and they that wor-
ship Him must worship him IN
iv. 24.

"The POWERS that be are ordained
of God."-ROM. xiii. 1.
KING."-1. PET. ii. 17.

"NONE BUT CHRIST."-Bradford expiring in the flames of Martyrdom.

"We shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England, as shall I trust NEVER BE PUT OUT." Bishop Latimer's dying address to Bishop Ridley at the stake.


"A BISHOP SHOULD DIE PREACHING." "CHRIST is my RIGHTEOUS"That man is JUSTIFIED NESS." Bishop Jewel at the approach of death.-by FAITH without the deeds of the Law, was the UNIFORM DOCTRINE of the FIRST REFORMERS, of the WHOLE COLLEGE OF APOSTLES, of the PROPHETS, of the PATRIARCHS. It is the very CORNER STONE, of the whole system of Redemption."--Bishop Horsley.





A general view of some of the peculiar characteristics of the system of Popery-a summary of the almost irremediably injurious effects, apparent at the present momentous era, produced by the combination of their vile machinations. allied to those of Perjured Liberals and Blaspheming Sectaries—the declarations and Jesuitism of Popish Priests, designed as cheats to allure and deceive-with a glance of the writer's object, &c. &c. &c.


I WAS induced some months ago-when, being professionally employed in the charge of an Irish Parish -I had the advantage, in a close approximation to the scene of your Pastoral avocations, of scutinizing your Proteus-like stratagems-to address you a Letter, containing a few cursory strictures on some public declarations which, it would seem, you found absolutely necessary to make; complacently, no doubt, flattering yourself with the fondest hopes that your editorial labours might prove a mild correctivea soothing palliative to meet the gathering outcry, that for a time was making such rapid progress against the vile enormities, the ridiculous absurdities, and the malignant influences, with which, your Apostate Church has ever been, and is now also, so abundantly pregnant and so glaringly conspicuous; for never can we see, or indeed expect-when your unchanged and unchanging infallibility is kept in viewany improvement or reformation in your foul sink of corruption; no observing or dispassionate observer is ignorant, that your unreformed system is as much now, as ever a forcing-house of vegetating errors, increasing imperceptibly with a fearful rapidity, and equally anxious to turn the spiritual Bethesda of pure Chris



tianity, into so many poisonous fountains, as may effectually stop the flowing of the healing waters, through the uncorrupted channels of Spiritual religion, Gospel truth, and God-like sincerity.

I hesitate not to conjecture that you, and many of your willing and self-devoted dupes, have often since bitterly lamented, that such a luckless occasion offered itself, to draw you so unguardedly out of the longenjoyed halcyon quiet, and uninterrupted sunshine, of your Episcopal retreat. It has however, I am assured, materially served the all-important purposes of True Religion, that one more case is added to the infinite number, already so vividly emblazoned on the page of authentic records; in which it can be irrefragably proved, by evidence that dare not be disputed, much less answered, to the irresistible conviction not merely of Protestants, but also of the idolatrous and blasphemous worshippers of the Papal "Beast ;*" that another of their Ecclesiastical Governors, for the advocacy and maintenance of Idolatry and Blasphemy; has been unanswerably guilty of the base and despicable subterfuges of Falsehood, Deception, and the wily chicanery of the eluding grasp of accommodating Jesuitism. Yes, Sir, well did our immortal and illustrious bard inspire, with wrathful ire, the bosom of his historotragic hero, when, as this profound master of the hidden workings of human nature-with the Lyncean eye of his wonted sagacity, so marvellously skilled in penetrating the remotely moving springs of the apish tricks of deceitful man-inwardly surveyed the hideous machinery of the papal farce; and thus was irresistibly impelled to make the impatient King indignantly and aptly exclaim,

"I abhor

The dilatory sloth and tricks of Rome."†

And are those gainsaying tricks, Sir, let me ask, no longer obtruded upon the world? Aye, they assuredly

*Rev. xiii. 2, and xx. 4.

† Shakespeare, Henry VIII. Act. 2. sc. 4.

are; and will unceasingly continue to present their unblushing front, with an accumulating force, and accelerating rapidity; until the measure of the abominations of the Mystery of Iniquity"* is quite made up :for how else than by a proud boast of nefarious impostures, legendary lies, and impious frauds, can your Apostacy, so strikingly portrayed, in the warning voice of Revelation, be defended or upheld; "whose coming (as it is written) is after the working of Satan with all power and signs, and Lying Wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness:†-and the weapons, methinks of a Protogè of Satan are not spiritual but Carnal, veiling in imitation of the Patron Arch-fiend -under the profession and parade, perhaps, of Pharisaical holiness, and the dazzling pomp of ceremonial observances, with such other gorgeous displays of dress and action, so truly palatable to the carnal appetite of the worldly and profane-lust, avarice, deception, cunning, and transformations into such fantastic and Liberal shapes, either of Religion or Politics, as may be most likely to serve his purposes in palming his imposing front on the ignorant and unwary, insomuch, that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."‡


Nor, Sir, until the final arrival and perfect consummation of that heavenly-marked crisis, so accurately and awfully delineated in "the Lively Oracles" of Divine Inspiration-when your triple-crowned Apostate Tyrant, of whom the triple-headed Cerberus of Paganism, the fictitious guard of the gloomy passage to their fabled infernal regions, is far from being an inadequately unseemly prototype;-when your Lucifer, another and similar rival of the most High God; -when your Pompous Pretender, like another Corah, exalting himself against the authority of the Creator, in his own rightful ministers, as exhibited in the kings and priests, whose charter is the offspring of the Great Eternal; when, I say, this grotesque compound of Usurpation and Intrigue shall have quite gone through

* 2 Thess. ii. 7.

† 2 Thess. ii. 9-10.

Matt. xxiv. 24.

his blood-marked round of blasphemy, bigotry, and superstition :-not until then will your impious and multifarious System of pretended Apostolicity-of assumed Infallibility-of usurped Supremacy-of boasted possession of the delegated Keys of Heaven, and the overflowing Treasure of the superabundant merits of Saints, bones and relics-of professed but oft-debauched and scandalously impure Holiness-of avowed Catholicity-of erroneous Tenets-of innumerable prevailing Schisms and Heresies—of veiled Deism and Atheism*-of gross Idolatry-of absurdly ridiculous

* No doubt the following honest and astonishing confession of your Great Champion, the famous J. K. L., alias Dr. Doyle, will astound you and my readers. The Doctor, observe, does not speak of the Existence of mere differences in Faith or Morals; but unwillingly reveals the well-known fact of the Hot-Beds of Neology, Deism, and Atheism, contained within the polluted walls of all the Romish Colleges of Europe, erected for the education of your Candidate Divines and Pastors. Scarcely, says Dr. Doyle, had he entered foreign University, for the completion of his studies, when he informs us, that he "found himself surrounded by the disciples or admirers of Delambert, Rousseau, and Voltaire; that he frequently traversed in company with them the halls of the Inquisition, and discussed in the area of the Holy Office, those arguments and sophisms, for the suppression of which, this awful tribunal was ostensibly employed; and that at that time the ardour of youth, the genius of the place, the spirit of the times, as well as the examples, of his companions, prompted him to inquire into to all things, and to deliberate, whether he should take his station among the Infidels, or remain attached to Christianity." (Letters on the State of Ireland, by J. K. L. 1825, p. 55.) I cannot, Sir, but express my uncommon delight, in thus finding an unintentional and certainly undesigned verification of the following remarks made on the same subject by Jos. B. White, once a Romish Priest in the enjoyment of distinguished Preferment in the Spanish Church and Court, but now a Clergyman of the Church of England, and a most talented writer. "If my case were singular (speaking of his infidel and sceptical doubts) if my knowledge of the most enlightened classes of Spain did not furnish me with a multitude of sudden transitions from sincere faith and piety to the most outrageous infidelity, I would submit to the humbling conviction, that either weakness of judgment or fickleness of character, had been the only source of my errors. But though I am not at liberty to mention individual cases, I do attest, from the most certain knowledge, that the history of my owa mind is, with little variation, that of a great portion of the Spanish clergy." (See Evidence against Catholicism by the Rev. J. B. White, 2d Edit. p. 8.) And in p. 62, Mr. White says, "I knew but very few Spanish priests whose talents or acquirements were above contempt, who had not secretly renounced their religion."

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