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you pray, and cause his word to go very swistly. Brethren, pray for us, that we may all become Christianspray for us that we may be civilized-pray for us that we may become wise unto salvation--pray for us that we may all walk in the good way—that we may all walk after you, in your footsteps, in that way which leads to our Father's house above! “Brethren, pray

for Pray that the Lord may raise up faithful laborers, and send them abroad into the woods of Canada. Pray, brethren, that the good work which has been commenced among us in the woods, may go on and prosper; so that all my native brethren, by hundreds and thousands, may all know the same God that you worship, acknowledge the same Saviour, and feel the same good Spirit, in their breasts.

I might tell you, my Christian friends, many things respecting the very miserable and wretched state in which my poor Indian brethren are, in order to excite you to pity us, and that your pity might lead you to pray for us. I will only say, that the Indians in the woods of Canada, who have not heard of the name of Jesus Christ, are in a most wretched and degraded state. They walk in darkness, and have not the light of life among them. They know not where their souls will go when they come to die; they are all blind, and thus, year after

year, are they tumbling into the grave, not knowing at all whither their souls are going. Suffer me also to tell you, that those Indians who are not blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, wander about in the woods of Canada: they are very poor as respects the goods of this world ; they live in wigwams, they eat nothing but what they kill by hunting and fishing; and this is a very poor living. Sometimes they get very hungry and cold; and sometimes they are even tired out to death; and in a great number of cases they suffer and are very poor, because they know not the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which would enlighten their minds, and which would lead them in the way in which they should go.

The Great Spirit, my Christian brethren, commands you to pray for us, so that the good work—the good religion-may be extended all over the world, and that all may be brought to know the Lord, from the least even unto the greatest. And as an encouragement that you should pray for us, suffer me, my Christian brothers and sisters, to state simply: in a very few words, what the great God has already done in answer to prayer, and through the efforts of his people among us. ago we were all blind-myself and my countrymen; but through the preaching of the word of God, and by the prayers of Christiansby your prayers, by the prayers of the Christians in America, myself and many of my brethren have been brought to know the Great Spirit

, and to feel his love shed abroad in our hearts. Within nine years, more than twelve hundred have been blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. All these twelve hundred love Jesus ; they try to pray wherever they go; and wherever the wigwam is placed, there the voice of prayer is

Nine years

heard-prayer in their native language ; and the Great Spirit hears their prayer. The Indians, my Christian brothers and sisters, pray for good hearts—they pray for the Holy Spirit to come into their hearts ; they pray that they may be kept and preserved from all evil—from the devil-from wicked men from their own wicked hearts-from whatever would lead them astray ; and while they pray for these things, they also pray that the Good Spirit may give them the blessings of this life. I will just relate to you one negro prayer, and how the Lord answered it. One negro came to us from the Grand, River for the purpose of hearing of Jesus and the good way; and when he returned home, he found that all the provision he had left for his family was gone, and they had had nothing to eat or to drink for two days. As soon as he came home, early next morning, he took his gun and went into the woods to hunt. He first prayed in the morning that the Great Spirit might give him something to eat. That day he travelled all through the woods in searching for the deer, and he travelled till noon, but could come across no deer. He then prayed again that the Great Spirit might give him deer, and he went on, but he found no deer; and about the middle of the afternoon, he prayed again more fervently to the Great Spirit, that he might give him deer, and send him something to kill. He told me, that after he had thus prayed he rose up from his knees, and he looked, and he saw three deer standing close by him; so he took his gun, and he shot one of them on the spot, and he fell down on his knees and gave thanks to the Great Spirit for giving him the deer; and when he arose, he saw the other two deer standing not far off, so he loaded his gun and shot another of them; and then he ran and fell down on his knees again, and returned thanks to the Great Spirit ; and when he rose up again, he saw the other deer, and he knew it, and he killed it also, and he rendered thanks to the Great Spirit for answering his prayer, and sending him the three deer. He told us this when we saw him, and he felt in his heart that the Great Spirit was the true God, who could answer the prayer and supply the wants of his people.

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified, even as it is among you.” This leads me, my dear Christian brethren, in the last place, to make a few remarks with respect to what I have seen and heard since I have come to your country; I shall try to express the feelings which are in my heart.

It is but little more than one year since I left my brethren, to come over and shake hands with you; I did not come, my Christian friends, at my own desire, but at the desire of my brethren in the woods, and of the church to which I belong there. It is almost one year since I first landed on your shores; and since I have been in your country, I have travelled through a great many of your cities and towns. I will not take up your time in telling you the places which I have visited in this country; I will only tell you, my Christian friends, tha

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when I first visited Liverpool, I was surprised to see the state of your country, especially the great edifices there, and the fine houses, and the beautiful hills, and the smooth roads, which I saw when we came along to this city; and I was also struck with the stone walls and with the hedge fences that I saw, for these things I had never seen before in my native land. I was also struck in seeing so many churches and chapels wherever I turned my eye. Surely, I thought, that this people were the people of God, that the Great Spirit dwelt among this people, and that he had done much for them. I arrived in this city, on the second day of May, and I attended your missionary meeting; I spoke a few words there; and, in a day or two afterwards, I attended the British and Foreign Bible Society meeting, and there I was surprised to see how good men would work themselves into all angry feelings when they talked about this good book, this word of the Great Spirit

. I then attended several other meetings, and heard many good words spoken by your ministers, and by other gentlemen that attended them. Then I went to Bristol, where I was taken sick, and confined to my bed and my room for seven weeks, which nearly brought me to my grave. But the Great Spirit had mercy upon me; he raised me up, and suffered me to go to other places, and to shake hands with a great many good brothers and sisters in different parts of the island. I have seen, my Christian friends, that the Lord has highly favored you with all temporal blessings. I think that no people on earth have been so highly favored as you are with respect to temporal blessings; and I may also add that no other nation I have ever seen is more highly favored than you with respect to gospel privileges. You have a host of ministers who preach to you—you have plenty of chapels where you worship God, and plenty of churches in every direction; you have this good book, the word of the Great Spirit, among you-and you

you have your schools where your children are educated and taught in all the wisdom of this land

where they are instructed how to worship God, and how to be wise and good. In short, my Christian friends, you have every thing to make your souls happy and your bodies happy here, and to take you home to glory at last; and you have all this bestowed on you by the Great Spirit.

I have met with a great many good persons since I have been in this country, and the Lord has been so good to me as to cast my lot, in this place, chiefly among religious people. My heart has been made very glad to see how all the Christian people in this place rejoice when they hear of what the Great Spirit has done for my Indian brethren in America; and my heart has been made glad when I have heard their fervent prayers on our behalf, that the Lord would carry on the good work which has been begun, until all the Indians know the good Spirit and worship him from their hearts; but, my Christian friends, I am sorry to say, that while many of you enjoy the love of God in your hearts while many of you live up to your privileges which the

you feel in

Great Spirit has bestowed on you, I have seen a great many who seem to act and to live as if there were no God to worship—no heaven to gain-no hell to escape. I am sorry to say, that I have heard a great many people swearing, and seen a great many people drunk in the streets, as the poor Indians used to be before they knew there was a. God to serve-before they had heard of the name of Jesus Christ. I am sorry to say, that many of your people care little about and profane the sabbath day; they run about, get drunk, and some sell fruits and fish, or one thing and the other, on the sabbath day. These things, my friends, ought not so to be in a Christian land, but I know that


hearts for them as well as I do. I am aware, my friends, that so long as there is a devil that reigns in the hearts of wicked men, and until the old serpent, the devil, shall be bound for a thousand

years, these things will be seen by the children of men in all nations. But, oh, my Christian friends, while we see those around us who are walking in the crooked road that leads to death, we ought to pray for them, we ought to tell them what God has done; and even from the highways and hedges compel them to come into the house of the Great Spirit, that the house of the Lord may be filled with faithful hearers, such as shall be good, such as shall keep the commandinents of the Great Spirit, and walk in the way that leads to heaven.

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified, even as it is among you." My brethren in the woods of Canada and myself desire to enjoy the same blessings which you enjoy-we wish to walk in the same path in which you walk. I am now addressing myself to those who love the Lord Jesus Christ; and it is the desire of the hearts of my brethren, as well as my own desire, that we should have your God for our God, that we should have your Saviour for our Saviour; and that we should go on together, heart and hand, the Great Spirit conducting us in the right road, to the kingdom of God, there to dwell with him forever and ever.

I hope, my Christian friends, that you will pray for me and for my brethren: never get tired of praying for us, for the Lord will hear your prayers; and by your good wishes, and your prayers, and your efforts, hundreds and thousands of the Indians will be brought home to God. I shall now take my leave of you. I shall, I hope, retum to my native land in a few months, and I shall be very happy in my heart to tell all my brethren the good words which I have heard—to tell them that you will pray for us, and to speak to them more perfectly of that Saviour who died for us, and gave himself a ransom for all. I shake hands with you all in my heart; I shall pray for you, and I hope that the Lord will bring us all at last to meet where we shall never part—where we shall see the Lord as he is, and where we shall praise him forever and forever. This is all I have to say.


Delivered at the New King-Street Chapel, Bath, on Friday Evening,

September 21, 1832.


“ He shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that

believe." 2 THESSALONIANS, i. 10.

The coming of Christ is the grand object of God's revelation, from the beginning to the end of it. The very first revelation made to fallen man, respected the coming of Christ in the flesh : “ I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel.”

The expectation of this promise was kept alive by a succession of prophecies and typical institutions and typical persons; and then, when Christ came in the flesh, to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself, the church's faith and hope were directed 10 his spiritual coming ; after that he should leave the world—to the spiritual manifestation of the Son of God; to which all religious life, every conversion to God, every degree of Divine comfort, and every measure of Divine power-all spiritual blessings are to be traced. The good which is done is only done by the operation of the Spirit of Christ, which he told his disciples, when he left the world, was to convince of sin and righteousness and judgment to come, to teach you all things, and to bring all things to your remembrance, and to take of the things which are his, which he purchased with his own blood, and then gave them unto

And then, when the spiritual dispensation was opened in all its fulness—when the apostles and disciples of Christ had experienced the fulfilment of that promise—then the other coming of Christ became the hope of the church; and that is the coming referred to in the text.


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