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May 5 he writes of his pleas lodgings with Mr. Plaskett, a m cbant living near the Washing monument, and the attendance the English delegates. “On Sund

g I beard Mr. Newton
treet. I was delighted bey,

He is a fine-looking m
xty, above the middle s
ine voice, with the deep
jops I ever heard ; simple :

to a high degree. In in I tried to preach in Eut g over the ashes of Asb pory, but their mantles

on me, At five I heard Newton preach to about ten tł sand in one of the public squares. the crowd were Clay, Preston many other distinguished men. Monday the Bisbops delivered t quadrennial address. It was god very good. On the same day ti was a Whig convention-the gr est of the kind ever holden in United States. There were speel from the most distinguisbed mei the nation-Clay, Webster and ers. I saw the procession and hi a little of the speaking. There greater amount of hospitality ) than I have seen in my travelz.

May 12.- I took tea with Newton at Mr. Tiffany's. He i the social circle all that you Chur wish; and, what is best of all, be mixes true religion with everytbing

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Res. W. E. Caldwell

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