Gentleman's Magazine Library: Leicestershire. Monmouthshire

E. Stock, 1896

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Pàgina 227 - I now hold the pen for my Lord Bolingbroke, who is reading your letter between two haycocks; but his attention is somewhat diverted, by casting his eyes on the clouds, not in admiration of what you say, but for fear of a shower.
Pàgina 250 - Highgate, where they putt him into a good bed warmed with a panne, but it was a damp bed that had not been layn in about a yeare before, which gave him such a cold that in 2 or 3 dayes, as I remember he [Mr. Hobbes] told me, he .dyed of suffocation.
Pàgina 227 - Now his lordship is run after his cart, I have a moment left to myself to tell you, that I overheard him yesterday agree with a painter for £200, to paint his country hall with trophies of rakes, spades, prongs, &c., and other ornaments, merely to countenance his calling this place a farm — now turn over a new leaf.
Pàgina 104 - High German' alone, that is, the dialects of south and central Germany, and the principal specimens of the oldest High German literature date only from the end of the eighth or the beginning of the ninth century.
Pàgina 282 - The stone bears this inscription: — To the memory of MARY BEACH, who died November 5, 1725, aged 78. ALEXANDER POPE, whom she nursed in his infancy, and constantly attended for thirty-eight years, Erected this stone In gratitude to a faithful Servant.
Pàgina 250 - High-gate, snow lay on the ground ', and it came into my Lord's thoughts, why flesh might not be preserved in snow, as in salt. They were resolved they would try the experiment presently : they alighted out of the coach, and went into a poore...
Pàgina 279 - ... it. Any person, sending a day or two before, may have a ticket for four persons for a day certain. No ticket will serve but on the day for which it is given. If more than four persons come with a ticket, the housekeeper has positive orders to admit none of them. Every ticket will admit the...
Pàgina 299 - Frenchmen there were enow to be killed, enow to be taken prisoners, and enow to run away.
Pàgina 243 - Argent, a lion rampant Gules, on a chief Sable three escallops of the field, for Russell; 2.

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