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Note also language of S. Ignatius and S. Irenæus. Hooker, Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. Law, Letters to Bishop of Bangor. Gore, Roman Catholic Claims. Holland, Sermons in 'Creed and Character.' Latham, Pastor Pastorum.

Sacraments and Liturgies.-Duchesne, Origines du Culte Chrétien.

Baptism.-S. Cyril of Jerusalem, Catech. xix. xx. Tertullian, On the validity of Lay and Schismatical Baptism; De Baptismo. S. Cyprian, Ep. ad Jubaianum. Firmilian, Ad Cypr. S. Aug., De Baptismo. History of the Savoy Conference, by Dean Barlow. Bingham, Defence of Lay-Baptism. Laurence, Lay-Baptism. Elwin, The Ministry of Baptism. Confirmation.-Mason, The relation of Confirmation to


Holy Eucharist.-S. Ignatius, Ep. to Philadelphians. Justin Martyr, Apol. I. 66-68. S. Cyril of Jerus., Catech. xxii.-xxiii. S. Aug. in Ev. Joh., cap. vi. Paschasius Radbert, De Corpore et Sanguine Christi. Ratramnus, De Corpore et Sanguine Christi. Berengarius, De Cana Domini. Lanfranc, adv. Bereng. S. Thom. Aq., Summa, Pars iii., Quæst. lxxv. Hooker, Eccl. Pol., Bk. V. lxvii. Wilberforce, On the Holy Eucharist. Pusey, Doctrine of the Real Presence, Univ. Sermons, vol. i. iv.; vol. iii. iv. Wordsworth (Bp. of Sarum), The Holy Communion.

Absolution.-Cf. authorities under the head of Baptism. Tertullian, De Pœnitentia. S. Thom. Aq., Summa, Pars iii., Quæst. lxxxiv.-xc., Suppl. i.-xi. Pusey, Entire Absolution of the Penitent. Woodford, The Great Commission.

Holy Orders.-S. Ignatius, Epistles. S. Chrysostom, De Sacerdotio. S. Gregory, Regula Pastoralis. S. Bernard, De Consideratione (the last three practical). Gore, Church and Ministry. Wilberforce, Ordination Addresses.

Christian Ethics.-S. Aug., De Moribus Ecclesiæ. Ambr., De Off. S. Thom. Aq., Summa Theol. iia. 2o. Mundi, Essay xii.

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