How Could a Loving God?: Powerful Answers on Suffering

New Leaf Publishing Group, 2007 - 198 pàgines
People assume Christians have all the answers; yet, in the face of tragedy, death, or suffering, everyone struggles to find just the right words to bring comfort or closure to those in need. Sometimes just hearing "It is God's will" isn't enough. Sometimes just saying "God will turn this to good" seems so meaningless when despair is so profound.Often the pain goes too deep, the questions won't go away, and even the assurance of faith doesn't help. How could God let this happen? How can God love us, yet allow us to suffer in this way? What is the point of this? What is the purpose?In this provocative book, Ken Ham makes clear answers found in the pages of Scripture - powerful, definitive, and in a way that helps our hearts to go beyond mere acceptance. When you grasp the reality of original sin (and all that it means), it creates a vital foundation for your heart to finally understand what follows.

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This book is quite different from others on this topic. This book actually answers the question of why we suffer. Most today cannot answer that since they believe in the heresy of billions of years of ... Llegeix la ressenya completa

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A timely read for tragic times. Well thought out and backed up with Biblical truths about why such terrible things happen and how to heal from them. Llegeix la ressenya completa

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