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A A. The Lords day, the Sabbath ABC A right godly and day. Or, a briefe Answer to some christian A. B. C, shewing the materiall Passages, in a late Trea- duty of every degree. [A Ballad.] tise of the Sabbath-day. [By W. B. L. Printed for H. Gosson, Prynne.] Digested dialogue-wise London, [1635?] Broadside fol. betweene two Divines A. & B.

Rox. I. 492. ... The 2. edition

much enlarged, with a second part and

A., C. See RICHEOME (L.) Holy Postscript. (London,] 1636. 4to. Pictures ... Translated by C. A.

4355. b.
1619. 8vo.

4327. c. The first part only.

A., E. See ALEXANDER (FARAnother copy of the first NESE] Prince of Parma, Governor part only.

873. e. 46. of the Netherlands. A Journall,

wherein is ... sette downe. A BC. The A, B, C. Or, the what was doone ... in both the Institution of a Christian. CA Armies from the last comming of catechism by Bishop Bedell.] the D. of Parma into Fraunce, Engl. and Irish. Printed by the untill the eighteenth of May, 1592, Company of Stationers, Dublin, according to the French computa1631. 8vo.

12978. a. 4. tion ... Translated ... by È. A. 1592. 4to.

9210. ccc. The A, B, C set forthe by

A., E. See FRANCE.- Louis XIII., the Kynges majestie and his King. The kings Declarations Clergye, and commaunded to be


his Edicts for Combats ... taught through out all his Realme. Translated ... by E. A. 1613. 4to. All other utterly set apart as the

114. k. 14. teachers thereof tender his

graces favour. [The Alphabet followed A., E. See HENRY IV., King of by various prayers and cate- France. The Order of Ceremonies chetical instructions.] B. L. observed in the ... Coronation W. Powell, London, (1545?] 8vo. of... Henry the IIII....

G. 11686. Translated out of the French Eight leaves, without register, coppy, ... by E. A. [1594.] 4to. pagination, or catchwords.

1195. c. 3. (1.)


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A., E. See LA NOUE (F. DE) The A., H. An Arrow against Idolapoliticke and militarie discourses trie. Taken out of the quiver of of the Lord de La Nouue ... the Lord of hosts. By H. A[insTranslated ... by E. Aggas). worth]. [Amsterdam,] 1611. 8vo. 1587. 4to. 8006. c.

4409. bbb. (2.) A., E. See MARY [DE' MEDICI] - Another edition. [London ?] Queen Consort of Henry IV., King 1640.


873. c. 8. of France. A true Discourse of the whole occurrences in the

A., H.

The History of S. Queenes voyage from her de Elizabeth Daughter of the King parture from Florence, until her of Hungary. According to sunarrivall at the Citie of Mar- dry Authours who have authenticseilles . . . Hereunto is annexed, ally written her Life; distributed

into three bookes. the first Savoyan . . . All faith

By H. A. fully translated out of French, by [i.e. Henry Hawkins]. [Rome ?] E. A.

9930. c.

1632. 12mo. 1601. 4to.

862. e. 25.

Imperfect; wanting the frontispiece. A., E. See MOLINA (A. DE) Spiritual Exercises .. Trans- A., H. Partheneia Sacra. Or lated into ... (E. A.). the mysterious and delicious gar1622. 12mo.

4410. e.

den of the Sacred Parthenes; sym

bolically set forth and enriched • A., E. See Mornay (P. DE) with pious devises and emblemes. Seigneur du Plessis-Marly. The

Contrived all to the honour Defence of Death ... Doone of the incomparable Virgin Marie into English by E. A[ggas ?). for the ... devotion espe1577. 8vo.

8403. aa. cially of the Parthenian Sodalitie A., F. A letter sent by F. A. of her Immaculate Conception. touchyng the proceedings in a By H. A. [i.e. Henry Hawkins). private quarell and unkindnesse, J. Cousturier, [Paris,] 1633. 8vo. betweene A. Hall, and M. Mallerie

698. c. 17. Gentlemen, to his very friende With an engraved frontispiece. L. B. being in Italie. With an

698. c. 21. admonition to (or rather by] the Father of F. A. to him being a

G. 20074. Burgesse of the Parliament, for his better behaviour therein.

A., H. The Scourge of Venus: [Subscribed: F. A., but really or The Wanton Lady. With the written by A. Hall.]

rare birth of Adonis. [A transB. L. (H. Bynneman, London,

lation in verse of Ovid's Story of 1579.] 4to.

G. 5524. Myrrha and Cinyras, MetamorWithout pagination.

phoses, lib. x. 'I'he second Im

pression corrected, and enlarged by See SCHINDLERUS (V.) H. A. Printed by N. 0. and sold Schindleri Lexicon Pentaglotton by R. Wilson, London, 1614. 8vo. ... in epitomen redactum a G. A.,

C. 39. a. 37. (3.) etc. 1635. fol. 12904. g. 1.

Without pagination. The third See Luzvic (S.) The

edition appeared with the initials

A. H. Devout Hart, or Royal Throne of the Pacifical Salomon ... Trans- A., I. See PliniuS SECUNDUS lated out of Latin [by H. A.], etc. (C.) A Summarie of the Antiqui1634. 12mo.

666. a. 15. ties ... of the Worlde, abstracted

Another copy.
Another copy.

2 pts.

A., G.

A., H.

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8403. g.

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Another copy.

out of the sixtene first bookes An Oration of I. Fabritius ... of Plinie ... Translated oute of wherby he teacheth that Christian French by I. A. (1565?] 8vo. men cannot resorte to the Councel

433. a. 4. of Trent ... Englyshed by L. A. 1562. 8vo.

3932. b. A., J. The Younger Brother his Apologie, or, a father's free A., N. The Dignitie of Man, power disputed for the disposition both' in the perfections of his of bis lands, or other his fortunes soule and bodie ... By N. A. to his sonne, sonnes, or any one of [i.e. A. Nixon). J. Barnes, Oxthem, etc. [By J. A., i.e. John ford, 1616. 4to. Allen.] J. Lichfield for E. Forrest, Oxford, 1624 (or rather 1634). 4to.

A., 0. The Uncasing of Heresie, 6355. aa. 2. or, the Anatomie of Protestancie.

Written and composed by 0. A. The date on the titlepage is misprinted 1624: the colophon bears [Louvain ?] 623 (1623). 8vo. the date 1634.

3932. aaa. (1.) 1380. d. 1. A., P. Eubulus, or a dialogue, The titlepage and sig. A, are

Where-in a rugged Romish Ryme, mutilated.

(inscry bed, Catholicke Questions,

to the Protestant) is confuted, and A., I., Minister and Preacher of the Questions there-of answered. Gods Word. A Soveraigne Salve By P. A. [i.e. Patrick Forbes, to cure a sicke Soule, infected Bishop of Aberdeen). E. Raban, with the poyson of sinne.

Aberdene, 1627. 4to. G. 5014. Newly published by I. A., minister and preacher of Gods

A., R. Englands Parnassus : word. B. L. N. Okes ... sold or the choysest Flowers of our by F. Grove, London, 1624. 12mo. Moderne Poets, with their Poeti

4404. b. call comparisons; Descriptions of A., J., of Ailward. An Histori- Pallaces, Mountaines, Groves, Bewties, Personages, Castles,

, call Narration of the Judgement Seas, Springs, Rivers, etc. Whereof some most Learned and Godly unto are annexed other various English Bishops, Holy Martyrs, discourses, both pleasaunt and and others, (whereof III.; viz. profitable. (Compiled and edited Archbishop Cranmer, B. Latimer, by R. A., i.e. Robert Allott? or and Bishop Hooper, suffred Robert Armin?] Imprinted ... martyrdome, in the dayes of Q. for N. L. C. B. and T. H., London, Mary, for the Truth and Gospel of

1600. 8vo.

C. 39. b. 6. Christ Jesus) concerning God's The dedication and the address to Election, and the Merit of Christ

the reader, both in verse, are signed his death, etc. [By J. A., of Ail- R. A. Imperfect; wanting the leaf ward.] Printed by B. A. and T. F. containing the epilogue, commen. for S. Nealand, London, 1631. 4to.

cing, “Fames windy trump," etc. E. 21. (10.)

Another copy. MS. Notes This copy has also a second title- [by R. Farmer). 238. b. 24. page, dated 1645, which reads (in addition to the preceding): "For

Also wanting the leaf mentioned

merly suppressed by the Bishop of
Canterbury, but now published for

In Obitum Thomao the comfort of all Gods people.”

Rhaedi, viri undequaque meritisA., L. See FABRICIUS (J.) simi, et Serenissimo Regi ab

A., R.



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Another copy

12403. g.

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opstolis [sic] Latinis, epicedium. (A satire in verse, by T. A., i.e. (Faciebat R. A. [ie. Sir Robert T. Acheley?] T. Creede, for

i.e. Ayton].) [Oxford, ) 1624. 4to. T. Bushell, London, 1602. 4to. 1070. 1. 13. (11.)

1077. h. 3.

Without pagination.
A., R., Gent. The valiant
Welshman, or the true Chronicle


Lectures History of the Life and Valiant MENT.Thessalonians. Deedes of Caradoc the Great, King upon the ... Epistles of Paul to of Cambria, now called Wales. the Thessalonians .. By ...R. [A play, in five acts and in verse. Rollock, etc. Edited by H. C. Written by R. A[rmin), Gent. and W. A.] 1606. 8vo. 3266. ee. Printed for W. Gilbertson, London,

A., W. See ROLLOCK (R.). Cer1615. 4to.

C. 34. b. 51. taine sermons, upon severall texts
With frontispiece.

of Scripture, etc. [Edited by
1346. e.
H. C. and W. A.] 1634. 8vo.

4453. de. 1.
Wanting frontispiece.

A., Sir W. See SIDNEY (Sir P.) A., R., a Minister of God's Word. The Countesse of Pembrokes ArSee BIBLE. - OLD TESTAMENT. Proverbs, Appendix. An Alphabet of a defect in the third part of this

cadia ... With the supplement of the holy Proverbs, etc. [By History, by Sir W. Alexander), R. A., a Minister of God's Word, etc. 1629. fol. i.e. R. Allen.) 1596. 8vo. 3166 aa.

1633. fol. 635.1. 20. A., S. W. See SIDNEY (Sir P.) The Countesse of Pembrokes

1638. fol. 12403. g. Arcadia, etc. [With additions to

AALBORG (NIELS) See complete the third book by S. W.A.,

NICOLAI (P.) i.e. Sir W. Alexander, afterwards

A prophesie of


Doomes-day ... Collected Earl of Stirling.] 1623. fol.

12403. g. Translated ... by D. Forbes, etc.

augmented by N. Michelsone ... A., T. See PLOWDEN (E.) 1631. 16mo.

C. 37. a. 14. Abridgment des touts les cases


reportez alarge per
composee & digest p

(John) Governor of Virginia. A T. A[she]. [1600?] 8vo.

map of Virginia, with a descrip6120. a. 1.

tion of the Countrey;... where

unto is annexed the proceedings A., T. A Letter of a Catholike of those Colonies since their man (subscribing himself, T. A.] departure from England, etc.

including another of P. Coton [Edited by T. Abbay.) 1612. 4to. Priest, of the Society of Jesus, to

C. 33. c. 18. the Queene Regent of France. Translated out of French ...

ABBOT (GEORGE) Touching the imputation of the sively Bishop of Lichfield and death of Henry the IIII., late K. Coventry, of London, and Archof France, to Priests, Jesuites, or bishop of Canterbury. See Bible. Catholicke doctrine. [Douay,]

The Holy Bible ... Newly trans1610. 8vo.

3935. aa.

lated...and revised. [By L. An

drewes, ... G. A., etc.] 1611. fol. A., T. The Massacre of Money.

466. i. 6. (1.)

Plowden ...


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