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self will be the portion of the righteous for ever.

21. The Gospel tells us, that “ the Peace of God passeth all understanding;" and it is, indeed, to be estimated rightly, only by those who enjoy it:Seek, therefore, to attain this peace; for, if you possess it, you will pass through the present life without solicitude, and you will regard the life to come without fear. Your state hereafter is, indeed, in the hands of God; he has instructed you how you are to prepare yourself for it:-If, therefore, you follow his commands, you may with confidence leave the rest to him. Each day brings with it a certain proportion of good and evil; it is in your power so to receive it, as to reap good to your soul, even from the evil; nor can you ever want occasions of renouncing yourself, and overcoming your passions.Alas! you will never make use of half of those which you have; you may, however, believe, that no sincere desire of doing this, is lost in the sight of God: when, therefore, your weak nature fails, call with the more earnestness for his aid; and be assured that he will vouchsafe it

to you.


1. Since Providence has appointed our place in society, and given us active duties to fulfil, we shall not do right if we desert our station. A soul devoted to God, and zealous for his service, will not feel the necessity of flying from the world, and seeking salvation in solitude and retirement, Undoubtedly, there have been good and pious men, who have devoted themselves to God, through a seclusion from the world, and to whom he has shewn peculiar marks of his favour; but we should consider how few these are, and how much more useful they might have been, had they devoted themselves to God in society, and sought for

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bis favour in assisting and benefiting their fellow creatures.

2. The frequency of our retirement from the world, of prayer to God, and attendance on the holy Sacrament, must partly be regulated by the demands on our time, which may arise from our necessary worldly employment; and where there is leisure and opportunity, we should do well to make much use of these great helps to our final destination. Religious retirement, however, should depend on our place and station in life, and upon the necessity of it to the welfare of our souls; for, if we have large families to provide for, or our own subsistence to gain, we please God more by fulfilling our active duties, than by retiring to our closets, to meditate upon our Creator. The sure way to please God is to do his will, and to serve Him in any station to which he has called us, without murmuring or repining

3. When you would lift up your mind to God, it is not always necessary to wait until you can enter into your chamber, and close your door, and fall upon your knees before him: This (on account of your daily occupations) may not be often in your power; you are not, however, to suppress the desire to do so, far less to imagine that your want of time is a sufficient excuse for not feeling that desire. The most secret offerings of the heart are known to, and will be accepted by, that God who seeth in secret; and the most hurried moments, and busiest scenes of your life, may be blessed and sanctified by Him, if your heart is sincerely, confidently, and humbly lifted up to Him. This is the Apostle's meaning, when he says, “Whether ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

4. A day seldom passes, which does not afford us some opportunity of being use

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