The Stapeltons of Yorkshire: Being the History of an English Family from Very Early Times

Longmans, Green and Company, 1897 - 333 pÓgines

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PÓgina 12 - THE HARE. Natural History, by the Rev. HA MACPHERSON ; Shooting, by the Hon. GERALD LASCELLES ; Coursing, by CHARLES RICHARDSON ; Hunting, by J. S. GIBBONS and GH LONGMAN; Cookery, by Col. KENNEY HERBERT. With 9 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 55.
PÓgina 5 - Baden-Powell. — THE INDIAN VILLAGE COMMUNITY. Examined with Reference to the Physical, Ethnographic, and Historical Conditions of the Provinces; chiefly on the Basis of the RevenueSettlement Records and District Manuals.
PÓgina 21 - BLANKLEY'S : a Story in Scenes, and other Sketches. With 24 Illustrations by J. BERNARD PARTRIDGE. Fcp. 410., 6s. Astor.— A JOURNEY IN OTHER WORLDS. a Romance of the Future. By JOHN JACOB ASTOR. With 10 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo., 6s. Baker.— BY THE WESTERN SEA. By JAMES BAKER, Author of
PÓgina 31 - Rossetti. - A SHADOW OF DANTE : being an Essay towards studying Himself, his World and his Pilgrimage.
PÓgina 5 - Chesney.— INDIAN POLITY: a View of the System of Administration in India. By General Sir GEORGE CHESNEY, KCB With Map showing all the Administrative Divisions of British India.
PÓgina 5 - History of Civilisation in England and France, Spain and Scotland. By HENRY THOMAS BUCKLE. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 24?.
PÓgina 5 - AH DYKE ACLAND, MP, and CYRIL RANSOME, MA Crown 8vo., 6s. ANNUAL REGISTER (THE). A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad, for the year 1893. 8vo., i8j. Volumes of the ANNUAL REGISTER for the years 1863-1892 can still be had.
PÓgina 18 - LIFE AND PHANTASY : with Frontispiece by Sir JE MILLAIS, Bart., and '. Design by ARTHUR HUGHES.
PÓgina 22 - THE ROOTS OF THE MOUNTAINS, wherein is told somewhat of the Lives of the Men of Burgdale. their Friends, their Neighbours, their Foemen, and their Fellows-in-Arms. Written in Prose and Verse. Square crown 8vo., 8s. A TALE OF THE HOUSE OF THE WOLFINGS, and all the Kindreds of the Mark.
PÓgina 9 - Smith. — CLIMBING IN THE BRITISH ISLES. By WP HASKETT SMITH. With Illustrations by ELLIS CARR, and Numerous Plans. Part I. ENGLAND.

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