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PAGE in Alphabet of Choice Military Books

984 Persian

1003 Books in all classes Music

984 Sanscrit

1006 934-71 Numismata

985 Turkish

1008 Periodicals and Trans- Oriental Literature


1009 actions 971-72

985-1009 African Languages 1010 Bibliography 973 Egypt 989 American

1010 Classics 973 India 990 Polynesian

1010 Sariosa


991 Science, Natural Hist. 1011
English Books
975 Turkey

991 Spanish Books 1014 Tench Books 976 Abyssinian 991 Theology

1018 Zuropean Philology 978 Arabic

991 Varta

1019 Fine Arts 979 Chinese

998 New Books at Reduced Geography and Travels 979 Egypt Hierogl. 999


1023 German Books

983 Indian Lang. 1001 Desiderata ; or, Books Italian Books 983 Japanese 1002

wanted to Purchase 1057


LONDON, 1868. - To insure prompt attention, all orders to be addressed direct to Mr. QUARTTCH, bookseller, 15 Piccadilly; or to the Bookseller from whom this Catalogue was received.

The Books are warranted perfect, and in fine Library condition.



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Only the Editions speciully stated are wanted.
American Chess Magazine (Stanley) complete Madden's Remarks on the Introduction of Chess
in one volume, N. York, 1847

into Europe, 1832
Anglo-African Magazine, Sept. 859, N. York Mantigny's Stratagems of Chess, 1817
British Chess Review (Harwitz) 2 vols. 1853 &54 Ditto, L. P. 1817
Buke of ye Chess, Frondes Caducæ, 1818 Match Games between McKerron & Martin, 1859
Bulletin of the Amer. Chess Association, New Mears, the Chess Handbook, by an Amateur,
York, 1848

Philadelphia, 1857
Check, an early guide to the Game of Chess, 1818 Monroe, Science & Arts of Chess, N. Y. 1859
Chess, Monthly (Morphy and Fiske) 5 vols. N. Morphy's (Stanley) Match Games, N. Y. 1859
York, 1857 to 1861

Morphy's Game of Chess, ib. 1859
Chess Palladium (Marachi), New York, 1846 Oliver, Account of Schism, and origin of the
Chess Player, (King & Harwitz), 4 vols. 1852-3 Royal Arch, 8vo. 1847
Chess Players' Chronicle, 1857-62

Brief History of Witham Lodge, 8vo. 1841
Cluby, Philosophy of Chess

Oliver, Existing Remains of the Ancient Britons,
Cozio Il giuoco degli Scacchi, 2 vols. Tor. 1766 12mo. 1847
Crawley's Chess, with Chap. on Draughts, 1858 Lectures on Freemasonry, 8vo. 1857
Drummond (T.) MS. Games between Anderson Pardon's Draughts and Backgammon, 1862

and Wylie, Martin and Wylie, Drummond Payne's Introduction to Game of Draughts, 1756
and Hudson, Martin and McKerron, Wylie idem, reprint, 1756
and McIntosh

Pierson's Chess Simplified, 1842
(Edge) Exploits and Triumphs of P. Morphy, Pohlman's Polish Game of Draughts, 1815
N. York, 1859

Pratt's Theory of Chess, 1799
Frère. Hoyle's Games, N. York, 1857

Studies, 1825
Frère. Chess Handbook, N. York, 1858 Rivista degli Scacchi, Roma, 1859
Gambit (The), a weekly Chess Journal, New Salvio (Aless'.) Trattato dell'invenzione et arte
York, 1859

liberale del giuocho di Scacchi, Napoli, 1604
Games of the Match between N. Y. and Phila- Scattergood, the Game of Draughts, Philad. 1859
delphia, pub. at Philadelphia

Idem, New York, 1859
Games of the Match between London and Sinclair, The Game of Draughts, Glasgow, 1832
Edinburgh, Edinb. 1829

Sonzogno (Lorenzo) Il maestro di giuochi della
Garcia (Juan) Canalejas, Libro del juego de las Dama e degli Scacchi, Milano, 1832
Damas, Zaragoca, 1650

Spayth (Henry) the Amer. Draught Player,
Grabam's Magazine, N. York, 1855

Buffalo, 1860 or 1861
Hay (Wm.) Game of Draughts, Stirling, 1838 Sturge's Guide to the Game of Draughts, 1800
Hazeltine, the Clipper Chess problem Tourna- idem, 1850
ment, N. Y. 1861

Sturges (Joshua) Guide to the Game of Draughts,
Hunneman, Selection of 50 Games played by New York, 1945
the Automaton, 1820

Smeet, Elements of Draughts, New York, 1859
Kniper (R.) 120 Problems, 1845

Twiss (R.) Miscellanies, 1805
Lewis, Chess Problems, 1820

Walker, Chess made Easy, Baltimore, 1837
Chess for Beginners, 1835

Chess made Easy, 1860
idem, 1st and 2nd, large paper, 1825

The Philidorian, 1838
Elements of the Game at Chess, New Williams's Souvenir of Bristol Chess Club, 1845
York, 1827

Wyllie's Examples of the Game of Draughts,
Remarks on the Reports of Edinburgh Edinb. 1852
Committee, 1829

Ditto, with Notes by Drummond
Lewis, Selections of Games at Chess, 1835 Zanci, Trattato teorico pratico del giucco di
Manchester Chess Association, Report of, 1857 Dama, 2 vols. Roma, 1837

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£10 REWARD. A Mystery. A valuable volume of ITALIAN DRAWINGS, consisting of Ornamental Letters, by Vichomercato, temp. 1450, 1 vol. folio, bound in vellum, which my packer says he put into a small box, along with other MSS. and books, sent by steamer, July 3, 1867, to Ireland, has not reached its destination.

I am at a loss to know what has become of this volume: whether the box has been opened during the transit, or whether the volume was mis-packed.

My packer is most positive that he placed it in the box.

£io reward will be given to the person who restores this volume to me:-and no questions asked. B. QUARITCH.


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From the Stock of Mr. HENRY G. Bonn, the well-known Bookseller, now retired from Business, after a residence from 1831 to 1867, at York St, Covent Garden.

CHOICE BOOKS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS OF LITERATURE. 12867 ACOSTA, Naturall and morall historie of 12871 AGINCOURT (Seroux d') Histoire

the East and West Indies; transiated from de l’Art par les Monumens, depuis sa the Spanish by E. G. small 4to, very fine Décadence au quatrième Siècle, jusqu'à copy, in morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford,

son Renouvellement au seizième, 6 £6. 158

London, 1604

vols. in 3, impl. folio, with 325 plates 868 ADAMS (H. and A.) GENERA of RECENT (pub. at £45.) hf. MOROCCO extra, gilt MOLLUSCA, 3 vols. royal 8vo. 138 plates, edges, £11.58

Paris, 1823 chiefly COLOURED (pub. £9. 98) cloth, £7. 872 AMADÍS DE Grecia. El noueno libro de


Amadis de Gaula : que es la Coronica del 869 AGASSIZ (L.) Recherches sur les POIS- muy valiente y esforçado principe y cauallero SONS FOSSILES, comprenant la descrip

de la Ardiente Espada Amadis de Grecia : tion d'environ 100 espèces qui n'existent hijo de Lisuarte de Grecia, Emperador de plus, une nouvelle classification des Pois- Constantinopla y de Trapisonda, sm. folio, sons, exprimant leurs rapports avec la série gothic letter, wants title-page, first leaf of des formations, leur développement, etc. prefatory matter, two leaves of table, and has 5 vols. roy. 4to. of Text, and 5 oblong folio

one leaf mended, remarkably fine tall copy, Atlases of 394 plates Neuchatel, 1833-41 original binding, VERY RARE, £4. 158

Impresso en Seuilla en las casas
The text of this work was never completed. The

de Jacome Crõberger, 1549 entire collation is as follows:

873 ANDERSONI Selectus Diplomatum Vol I. pp. xxxii and I to 40; Feuilleton et Numismatum SCOTIÆ Thesaurus

additionel, pp. 130 Vol II. Part 1

cum Indice Nominum et expositione pp. xli and 310

praecipuarum Familiarum cura Rud. VOL III.

pp. vili and 390, Table and dimanni, royal folio, containing 183

Errata, pp. 34
Pp. xvi and 296, Table, pp. 22

plates of Coins, ANCIENT Seals, VOL V. Part I.

PP. xii 1-122

CHARTERS, &c. fine impressions, hf. bd.
pp. 1-160

Edinb. 1739
Vol I complete


HEATHs, taken from living Plants, with the III, complete

appropriate specific Character, full DescripIV.complete

tion, Nature, Place of Growth, and time of V. complete


Flowering of each ; in Latin and English, To which is added : Monographie des Pois

4 vols. large folio, containing 288 beautiful sons fossiles du vieux Grès rouge (old red

coloured plates, with magified dissections of Sandstone), with oblong folio Atlas of 43

the severul parts, hf. bd. russia, uncut, £10. pilates, ib. 1844-45 – Together 6 vols. roy.


Published at £36. The present is an original 410. and 6 vols. oblong fol. hf. green russia,

subscriber's copy, coloured by, or under the imme1833-45

diatc inspection of the author himself. 870 AGASSIZ, Desor et VALENTYN, Mono

Priced, 1834. Pickering. £36. ; 1847, H. Bohn, £22.

and £21.; 1847, Willis, £12. 12. Taphie d'Echinodermes vivants et fossiles. 875 ANNALES de la SOCIÉTÉ ENTOMO(Salenies, Scutelles, Galerites, Dysastres, LOGIQUE DE FRANCE, 1857 to 1865 Echinus , impl. 4to. 58 plates, many (0

and 1866, ler and 2me Trimestres, 8 vols. loure and in folio, hf. calf, uncut, £4. 10.s 8vo. half calf, and 6 parts, sewed, £6. 58 Neuchatel, 1838-42

Paris, 1857-66 of 22 parts and 66 plates is erroneous. spirited plates by Eisen, engraved by Bar- 890 BAINES: History of the County Palatine tolozzi, fine copy in red morocco, gilt edges, and Duchy of LANCASTER, the Biogra£4. 108 Birmingham, Baskerville, 1773

PP. 336


10 149 83 61 91




12876 ANNUAL Register (The) a Review of 12885 L'ART DE VERIFIER LES Dates des faits

History, Politics and Literature, from the historiques, des Chartes, des Chroniques, etc. commencement, Vols. 1-94, 1758-1852, depuis la Naissance de Notre-Seigneur, Index from 1758 to 1819, 1 vol. 1826– troisième édition, 3 vols. stout folio, old call, 95 vols 8vo. calf gilt, Buron Dimsdale's £6.

Paris, 1783-87 copy, £27.

1758-1853 ASIATIC Society of Bengal : 877 ANTICHITA DI ERCOLANO, esposte con

886 JOURNAL THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF qualche Spiegazione (da Ottavio Antonio BENGAL, complete from the beginning in Bayardi) cioè : Pitture, 5 vols. — Bronzi, 1832 to 1864, Nos. 1-296, being Vols. I2 vols. — Lucerne e Candelabri, 1 vol. —

XXXIII, 8vo. with all the numerous plates Catalogo, 1 vol.— Together 9 vols. royal folio,

and Table of Contents, quite perfect, exfine impressions of the Engravings of Paint- cessively rure both in India and Europe, inge, Bronzer, Candelabras, &c. (including

the Rev. G. C. Renouard's copy, hf. calf, the suppressed ones), a fine copy in old calf, UNCUT, £48.

Calcutta, 1832-64 Arms on sides, £10. Napoli, 1757-92

All the early volumes are out of print in Calcutta,

and sell there at exorbitant prices. The Bengal This copy cost its former owner about £42.

Journal is a continuation of the “ Asiatic RePriced, 1829, J. Bohn, £21; 1836, Weale, £28.; 1840, Jas. Bohn, £21., 1847, H. Bohn, £10. 108 to

searches;" it is a most valuable periodical, devoted £26. 58 ; 1856, Techener, 700 fr.; 1860, Weigel, 110

to Oriental Literature, Science, Antiquities, Geothalers. Copies fetched: the Merly L 59. 178; North's

graphy, &c. No public library can do without this £29. 18s 6d ; Drury's £35. 148.

important work; it forms, with the Asiatic Re

searches, one of the noblest monuments of British "Ouvrage très curieux et magnifiquement exe

dominion in the East. cuté; vendu 820 francs, Trudaine; 760 fr., Clos."


RUPEDS of North AMERICA, complete, Vetus et Nova, cura Baverii, 4 vols. folio, 3 vols. atlas folio, and descriptive Text in

portruit, nalf calf neat, £4.48 Matriti, 1788 3 vols, roy. 8vo. 150 magnificent plates, the 879 another copy, 4 vols. in 3, folio, green

Animals richly coloured from nature, with morocco extra, gilt edges, £6. 68 1788

appropriately coloured back-grounds of Trees 880 ARCHÆOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of

or Forest Scenery, hf. bound morocco, gilt GREAT BRITAIN, Journal, of the, a complete

edges, scarce, £68. New York, published set from the commencement in 1844 to March

by J. J. Audubon, 1845-54

The worthy companion of Audubon's great work 1867, parts 1 to 93, being Vols. I-XXIV

on Birds. There is no equally grand work on part I, 8vo. extensively illustrated with

Mammals published in Europe. A public Instituplates and woodcuts, (pub, at £23. 2s) sene,

tion should secure the above copy. £14

London, 1844-67 888 AUGUSTINI (S. Aurelii) Opera, studio 881 Architectural Drawings. GALLERIA DI Monachorum ordinis S. Benedicti, 11 vols.

FIRENZE. A series of 77 very large ORI- in 8, folio, (wants the title to Vol. 31, calf,
GINAL DRAWINGS of the Architecture of the red edges, £10. 108 Parisiis, 1689-1700
FLORENCE GALLERY, giving the Ele- | 889 Austria (House of): PRIMISSER (Al.)
vations, Ornaments and Details, also the

Der Stammbaum des A. D). Hauses Habs-
Statues and Busts which adorn it in their

BURG-Esterreich in einer Reihe von Bildactual positions, FINELY EXECUTED IN IN- nissen Habsburgischer Fürsten und FirstDIAN INK, atlas folio, half bound red morocco innen von Rudolf I bis Philipp dem Schønen, extra, gilt edges, UNPUBLISHED AND UNIQUE, nach dem in der K. K. Ambraser-Sammlung £8.

ca. 1810

befindlichen, auf Befehl Maximilians I ver882 ARIOSTO, Orlando Furioso, 4to. beautiful fertigtep Originalgemahlde, 2 vols. elephant

engravings by Porro, fine copy, old red mo- folio, 57 superblithographic plates surrounded rocco, £6. 68

Venet, 1584

by neatly ruled lines, mounted tinted boards, This copy has the plate to the 33rd Canto in dupli- fine impressions of the portraits, a most cate, with a copy of the rare plate to the 34th Canto

elegant work, half red morocco, super estru, inserted from an English edition, but in a long note Charles Nodier says, “l'histoire de la planche insérée

gilt edges, £15. 158

Wien, 1822 en double par erreur est depuis longtemps reduite a

This extremely rare book was published in 14 sa juste valeur. Celle qui devait orner la trente

Lieferungen, each with one leaf of text and 4 superb quatrieme chant fut supprimée par tout, et il n'y'a

plates; the last part, which is Supplementary, has point d'exemplaires qui la contiennent essentielle

an extra plate, and carries the series beyond "Philip ment."

the Handsome." I can trace the sale of no copy in

England or on the Continent. Brunet's statement 883 ARIOSTO Orlando Furioso, 4 vols. large 8vo.

phical Department by Whatton, 70 parts 881 ART de VERIFIER les DATES des Faits forming 4 vols, stout impl 4to. LARGE

Historiques, des Inscriptions, des Chro. PAPER, with PROOF IMPRESSIONS on INDIA niques, et autres Anciens Monumens, avant PAPER of the numerous fine plutes of Porl'Ere Chrétienne, 5 vols.--Depuis la Nais- truits, l'iews, Antiquities, Machinery, etc. sance de Notre Seigneur jusqu'à 1770, 18 and the EXTRA SET of 46 PLATES, with vols.- Depuis 1770 jusqu'à nos jours, 18 maps and numerous woodcuts of Arms, etc. vols.--Tables Générales, 3 vols. in 1-to- as well as an immense number of Pedigrees, gether 42 vols. 8vo. ,fine copy in new hf. 8d. £18. ; or, hf. bd. russia, gilt tope, umut, morocco, uncut, £10. 108 Paris, 1819-44



12891 BAILY (F.) Account of the Rev. John

near the original publishing price; which in course FLAMSTEED, the first Astronomer Royal, | 12900 BENGAL JOURNAL : Journal of the

of time will no doubt be exceeded.
compiled from his own Manuscripts, &c.
with his British Catalogue of Stars, with

Asiatic Society Of BENGAL, complete the RARE SUPPLEMENT, pp. 675-751, stout

from the beginning to the present, Nos. 14to. bus. £4.

265, being Vols. I.-XXVI, in 38 vols. large Printed by Order of the Admiralty, 1835

8vo. numerous plates, hf. calf, QUITE UN892 BARBOSA MACHADO (Diogo) Biblio

CUT, excessively rare both in India and
Europe, £48.

Calc. 1832-57
THECA LUSITANA Historica, Critica, e Cro-
pologica, na qual se comprehende a noticia 901 BENTHAM'S (Jeremy) Works, now first
dos Authores Portuguezes e das obras que

collected ; under the superintendence of his compuseraon, 4 vols. folio, as usual a few

executor, John Bowring, 22 parts, forming leaves water-stained, fine copy, in reni mo

Il vol3. large 8vo. port. (pub. £9. 18s) hf. rocco, gilt edges, £18. 18$ Lisboa, 1741-59


calf nea!, £5. 188 A very rare and intrinsically valuable publica- 902 BERGANZA (Fr. de) Antiguedades de Estion.--See Brunet. Lord Strangford's copy fetched £19. ; since then

paña propugnadas en las Noticias de sus copiss have become much scarcer. Of the third

Reyes, y Condes de Castilla la Vieja, en la volume nearly the whole edition was burnt.

Historia del Cid Campeador, y en la Coro893 BARONIAL Halls and Ancient Picturesque nica del Monasterio de S. Pedro de Cardeña,

Edifices of England, with Descriptions by con Apendice de Instrumentos hasta aora no
S. C. Hall, 2 vols. folio, ORIGINAL ISSUE, publicados, 2 vols. sm. folio, calf, £3. 108
72 large lithographic plates, PROOFS from

Mad id, 1719-21
Drawings by Harding, Cattermole, Prout,

One of the most important Works on the History Müllir, Holland, and other eminent Artists,

of Spain, based upon valuable doca nents. alxo many woodcuts in the tert, hulf maroon 903 BERNALDEZ (Andrés) Historia de los moriuco, gilt edges, £6. 68


Reyes Catolicos D. FERNANDO y Da. 894 BATAVIAASCH GENOOTSCHAP van ISABEL, Cronica inédita del siglo XV (con

Kunsten en Wetenschappen, derde Druk, introduccion de Lafuente y Alcántara) 2 vols.
Vols. I-XXI. (without Vol. 17) 8vo. Vols. 8vo, ed. 148 ; or the 2 vols. in one, hf. mo-
XXII-XXVIII, (without Vol. 27) 4to. maps rocco, uncut, 178 6d Granada, 1856
ond plates, containing quite a Cyclopædia of

A very valuable and interesting chronicle, information on the Eust, rspecially on the

published here for the first time, after having for

three centuries and a half shared the neglect and Languages, Ethnology, Antiquities, History,

obscurity which Antonio deplored as the fate of Geography, and Statistics of the Indian

all good early writers. Bernaldez was an eyeArchipelajo, £16. Bitavia, 1825-60

witness of the events that he describes, and on in

timate terms with Ponce de Leon and the other 835 the same, Vols. I-XIV, XX, XXI, 8vo.

great men of the time. Not the least interesting original editions, 16 vols. in 17, seven nols.

part of his work is the description of the Discovery h.calf gilt, the rest not uniform, Dr. Hors

of Ainerica, and his account of COLOMBUS, WHOM fil's copy, £5. Bataria, 1779-1847

HE ALSO KNEW AND ADMIRED. He calls him a "Mer

cader de libros de estampa," which is more likely Various volumes can be supplied separately. 896 BATEMAN'S

to be a correct designation than that usually given ORCHIDACEÆ OF Mexico

to the great navigator.
AND GUATEMALA, complete in 8 parts, ele-
phant folio, 40 magnificent plates, BEAUTI-

904 BEWICK (T.) General History of Quadru

peds, Newcastle-upon-Tyme, 1807 – History FILY COLOURED, the letter press embel

of British Birds, vols, ib. 1805-together lished by splendid roodcuts, in parts, £21.

3 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, fine im

1837-43 "This is without question the greatest botanical pressions of the numerous beautiful woodwork of the present age, Mr. Bateman has got it up

cuts, with T. Ben ich's receipt, red MOROCCO perfectly regardless of expense, and would be a con

extra, gilt edges, a very nice set, £14. 108 siderable loser evi'n had the edition been published

1805-7 at double the price. Only one hundred and twentyfive cupies were printed, which were all subscribed 905 BIBLIA SACRA Latina, cum Prologis B. for."

Hieronimi, stout 12mo. MANUSCRIPT ON 897 BEACYOXT and FLETCHER'S Works, with In

VELLUM, with richly ILLUMINATED capital trolaction and explanatory Notes by Henry letters, morocco super extra, covered with Weber, 14 vols. 8vo. portruits, calf gilt, blind tooling in the old style, £12. 128 £2. 10$ Elinb. 1812

Sec. XIV. 898 with Notes and a Biographical Memoir

Written in double columns, each containing fortyby Dyce, II vols. 8vo. portraits, cloth,

five lines in a space of 4! inches This elegant £5. 58


little MS. recommends itself by the beauty and

regularity of the hand-writing, and its perfect state 899 BECKER (R. Z) et H. A. von DERSCHAU, of preservation.

Gravures en Bois des anciens Maitres Alle 906 BIBLE, whych is all the holy Scrip. mands, tirées des Planches originales, avec

ture by Thomas MATTHEW ; with the un Discours de la Gravure en Bois, Allemand

NEWE TESTAMENTE, newly and «t Français, 3 vols. atlas folio, containing on 123 shorts near 300 fine LARGE WOODCUTS,

diligently translated, wyth Annota. erine upwards of four feet long, printed from

tions to helpe the reader to the under. the ORIGINAL BLOCKS, (pab. at £11 118) standinge of the Texte, fol. black letter, uds. £7, 158

Gotha, 1808-16 calf, with clasps, rare, from the late This curious and splendid series of woodcuts by

Archbishop of Canterbury's library, the Old German Masters has become very scarce; and after a severe fall copies are now selling again

£10. Raynalde and Hyll, 1519

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