George Frideric Handel: His Personality and His Times

Houghton Mifflin, 1923 - 378 pÓgines
Includes color illustrations of the composer and paintings inspired by his works, this 1923 biography details Handel's life, works and legacy. Born in Germany in 1685, Handel was raised by parents who were indifferent to his musical aspirations. Strongly influenced by great Italian Baroque composers, Handel studied music in Hamburg and Italy before moving to London to begin his career. Within 15 years, he would start three commercial opera companies, create famous works like Alexander's Feast (1736) and Messiah (1742) and have his greatness recognized by English royalty.

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PÓgina 168 - The dress of the Queen on this occasion was as fine as the accumulated riches of the City and suburbs could make it ; for besides her own jewels (which were a great number and very valuable) she had on her head and on her shoulders all the pearls she could borrow of the ladies of quality at one end of the town, and on her petticoat all the diamonds she could hire* of the Jews and jewellers at the other...
PÓgina 289 - I went last Friday to Alexander's Feast, but it was such a melancholy pleasure as drew tears of sorrow to see the great though unhappy Handel, dejected wan and dark, sitting by, not playing on the harpsichord, and to think how his light had been spent by being overplied in music's cause.
PÓgina 332 - Hush ! Strife and Quarrel, over the solemn grave ! Sound, trumpets, a mournful march. Fall, dark curtain, upon his pageant, his pride, his grief, his awful tragedy.
PÓgina 198 - Israel, and Strada gave us a Hallelujah of half an Hour long; Senesino and Bertolli made rare work with the English Tongue you would have sworn it had been Welch; I would have wish'd it Italian, that they might have sang with more ease to themselves, since, but for the Name of English, it might as well have been Hebrew.
PÓgina 235 - If the puppy should, in one of his impertinent affected airs of duty and affection, dare to come to St. James's, I order you to go to the scoundrel and tell him I wonder at his impudence for daring to come here; that he has my orders already, and knows my pleasure, and bid him go about his business; for his poor mother is not in a condition to see him act his false, whining, cringing tricks now, nor am I in a humour to bear his impertinence; and bid him trouble me with no more messages, but get out...
PÓgina 198 - Oratorio you see nothing,' says t'other ; so away goes I to the Oratorio, where I saw indeed the finest assembly of People I ever beheld in my...
PÓgina 120 - Work more usefull, which if it meets with a favourable Reception ; I will Still proceed to publish more, reckoning it my duty, with my Small Talent, to serve a Nation from which I have receiv'd so Generous a Protection GF HANDEL.
PÓgina 158 - Allegiance, but hath constantly professed the Protestant Religion, and hath given Testimony of his Loyalty and Fidelity to His Majesty and the Good of this Kingdom. Therefore the Petitioner humbly prays That he may be added to the Bill now pending entitled 'An Act for Naturalisating Louis Sechehaye.
PÓgina 104 - Two fierce black eyes, large and rolling beneath two lofty arched eye-brows, two acres of cheeks spread with crimson, an ocean of neck that overflowed and was not distinguished from the lower part of her body, and no part restrained by stays — no wonder that a child dreaded such an ogress...
PÓgina 285 - Lost, to give Mr. Handel to compose to ; it has cost me a great deal of thought and contrivance...

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