Imatges de pÓgina

which have been offered, by the piety of all thy servants, from the beginning of the world. May I regard it as the great and sealing event of that humiliation to which Jesus submitted for our salvation, and as the earnest of that glory and eternal honour which began by his being raised from the dead and set at thy right hand, that all things might be committed to him in heaven and in earth, for the redemption of this world.

Make me truly thankful, that he, who thus died for sinners, has appointed this memorial of his dying love; and when I seat myself at his table, and receive the bread and wine which have been consecrated in his name, may I be joyful in thy sanctuary, and feel how blessed a thing it is to be permitted, on this earth, to receive such pledges of eternal life.

But, oh! my Father, make me also humble in spirit, because it was for the sins of that race, of which I also am a member, that Christ died; and may the recollection of my individual offences bow down my heart, and induce me to flee to that refuge which has been offered to me in the gospel.

And grant, O Lord, that, in partaking of this

feast, I may feel fervent charity to all men ; may every revengeful thought die in my bosom ; and, remembering that thou art in this service offering forgiveness to all who have offended, and who repent of their offences, may I also extend my forgiveness to those who have done me wrong.

Above all, grant, O Lord, that I may be prepared for taking the oath which the service of this day imposes; an oath of earnest and ceaseless endeavours to do thy will ; to imitate the perfect example of thy beloved Son; and to free myself from every sin which may have gained dominion over me during the days that are past. Oh ! let me not lightly take so great a vow; and when I have sworn, with the symbols of the body and blood of my Redeemer in my hands, thus to live, may thy grace enable me to perform my vow, and never to forget how great must be the condemnation of those, who, by again falling into sin, set at nought so fearful an obligation.

Thou only, O God, canst give the preparation of the heart. Keep me in thy fear till the hour of communion has arrived; and may my conduct this day, and all the days of my life, be so ordered by

thy grace, that it may prepare me for finally joining in the perfect services of the temple that is above.

I go forward in thy strength: Oh! let not thy grace desert me; and to thy holy name, Father, Son, and blessed Spirit, be ascribed all glory, dominion, and praise, world without end. Amen.



Psalm lvi. 12. Thy vows are upon me, O God :

I will render praises unto thee.

HEAVENLY FATHER, To thine all-seeing eye all the thoughts and purposes

of my heart, during this day and all the days of my life, have been open ; and even the secret inclinations which I myself knew not have been well known to thee. I am conscious of much imperfection even in my best services, and how then, O Lord, must I appear in thy sight, O thou who art greater than my heart, and knowest all things ?

Yet, blessed be thy name, that thou invitest me, amidst all my ignorance, to trust all my concerns to thy fatherly care ; for thou hast promised to perfect that which concerneth those who do thy will;

and as thou sometimes savest even the disobedient from the snares that beset them, how much more, O Lord, wilt thou befriend those who call upon thy


I have this day, O Lord, in obedience to the dying injunction of my Redeemer, sat down with thy people at thy holy table, and have eaten bread and drank wine, as the symbols of that body which was broken, and that blood which was shed, for the sins of the world.

O enable me, in all time coming, to bear about with me the dying of the Lord Jesus,—to look to his offering up of himself as my only ground of acceptance with thee,-and, in this great instance of Divine condescension, to see displayed at once the eternal love of the Father of spirits, and the merciful disposition of that Mediator to whom he has intrusted the welfare of this world.

Grant me also, O Lord, a constant sense of the evil and demerit of sin, seeing it was to take it away that thine eternal Son was made man, and suffered at last for us the painful and shameful death of the cross. May I study, therefore, by thy grace, to free my heart and life from all evil, and so to order

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