Imatges de pÓgina

tality, and this corruptible shall be clothed with incorruption.

Guide us, O God, amidst the many temptations of this life. Let not our hearts consent to do that which we know to be wrong ; but may we ever keep in mind, that aļl sin leads to misery and dishonour, and that thy wrath has been pronounced against it, both in this life and in that which is to


Direct all our steps during the eventful pilgrimage of this mortal life. Let thy good providence so lead and guide us, that, as we advance in our course, our preparation for heaven may be gradually becoming more perfect; and when our days of trial and of endurance are completed, may we all meet together in thy heavenly kingdom.

Bless and prosper, if it be thy will, all our endeavours for obtaining a portion of the good things of this life. But, O! let not our hearts be too much set on any earthly good; may we seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, that, according to thy promise, all other things may be added unto us.

Bless all our friends, and forgive all our ene

mics ; take the young under thine especial care ; and do unto us all far above what we can ask or think, for our Redeemer's sake. Amen.



Eccles. vii. 14. In the day of prosperity be joy

ful, but in the day of adversity consider.

Our Father which art in heaven, we, thy dependent children, humbly, but thankfully bow down together in thy presence, to bless thee for all the goodness thou hast made to pass before us in the land of the living. Surely, O God, thou hast ever been to us as a father; thou hast given us the place we occupy in this world, and hast enriched our lot with many signal benefits; the outgoings of the morning and evening have ever rejoiced over us, and thou hast knit our hearts and fortunes to each other with a loving-kindness which has not been equally experienced by many that are around us.

It becomes us, therefore, O Lord, this day, with united voices and hearts, to acknowledge all these

our lot.

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thy gracious benefits; but more especially it becomes us to acknowledge thy hand in the instance of thy bounty which has more recently distinguished

How many, O Lord, who have not been less deserving than we have been, are pining in want, or broken down by affliction ; are lamenting the ruin of hopes that have been fondly cherished ; or mourning for the loss of friends that were dear to them as their own souls, while we are permitted, in this hour of prayer, to pour out our thanksgivings with hearts overflowing with joy, because thou hast prospered that which concerneth us. Thou hast blessed us in our basket and in our store, in our going out and in our coming in.

O forbid, heavenly Father, that we should be insensible to the operation of thy hand in these our mercies. It is thou, O Lord, that hast beautified and cheered for us this pilgrimage of life,—thou hast covered a table before us,—and hast made our cup to run over. It is from thy blessing that goodness and mercy have followed us all our days. For thou art the most high over all the earth,—thine eye runneth to and fro throughout the dwellings of men,—and nothing happens to the humblest of thy

creatures, that is not ordained by thy wisdom, and intended for the good of those who do thy will.

Grant us, we beseech thee, a deep and abiding sense of thy providential care: wherever we are, or in whatever occupations we may be engaged, may we constantly remember that thine eye is upon us; and as thou hast so richly blessed us, may we at all times retain a becoming sense of thy mercies, and in all our ways acknowledge thee.

But, alas! O Lord, thou knowest how apt the heart of man is to be led aside from duty by the very blessings which thy bounty confers ; thou knowest, that even when thou prosperest us, our own frail and wayward hearts may tum that which is good into evil; and it is often better for man to have received the chastening of the Lord, than to þe loaded with benefits which he knows not how to improve. Grant us all, therefore, a humble, watchful, and sober frame of mind ; thankful for all thy mercies, but ever remembering, that even these may lead us astray; and that the very joy of our hearts may induce us to forget God, and to presume on the permanence of benefits which are entirely at thy disposal.

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