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Prov. vü, 17. I love them that love me ; and

those that seek me early shall find me.

I THANK thee, O Lord, that thou hast again brought me in safety to the close of this day. Thy lovingkindnesses are new to me every morning, and thy faithfulness every night. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. There is not a thought in my heart, but, lo! O Lord, thou knowest it altogether.

I look back, O Lord, upon the events of this day with thankfulness for the many blessings thou hast been pleased to bestow on me,-grateful for the measure of health with which thou hast blessed my body,—and for the alacrity and vigour with which thou hast endowed my spirit,--thankful that

thou hast still continued to me the careful superintendence of my parents and instructors,—and that my heart has tasted largely of those kind affections which unite me to those who are my companions in life.

But, alas! O Lord, I must also look back upon the events of this day with sorrow and regret ; for my mind has never been in that state of perfect obedience and of good intention in which it ought always to be. I have sometimes done that which I knew to be wrong,—and have neglected to do those things which thou hast commanded,--and I feel, that, if thou wert to call me this night into judgment, I could offer no excuse for my many failures.

But, O Lord, look mercifully upon me, for the sake of Christ thy Son and my Redeemer. For his sake blot out my innumerable transgressions ; and grant me, as an earnest of thy forgiveness, deep sorrow for all my faults, and an earnest desire to do thy holy will in all future time.

Send thy good spirit into my heart, to inspire me with all pure, and charitable, and heavenly, and amiable feelings. May every evil propensity that belongs to my nature be subdued, -and, by the in

fluences of thy grace, may all things work together for my final good.

Prosper all my endeavours to improve in useful and ornamental knowledge; and grant that I may devote my time and labour only to such things as are honourable and well-pleasing in thy sight.

Keep me, O God, amidst all the dangers of this life. When sinners entice me, let me not consent; and when I am called—if it shall be thy will to call me—to contend with the labours and cares of the world, may I be supported in the same by thy grace, and leave behind me a good name when I am taken away.

Oh! bless, with thy choicest gifts, all those who are near and dear to me. Let no evil befall them, -or, if thou shouldst see meet to send them sorrow, sanctify, O God, all their afflictions, and make them the means of preparing them for the kingdom of heaven.

Enable me always to be dutiful and affectionate ; and this night, O Lord, may I lie down in peace with all men, thankful to thee for all thy mercies, --and full of gratitude that I am still permitted to look forward to life with the hope of many com

forts, and with the prospect of being useful in my station.

Keep me, O heavenly Father, through the hours of this night,—and when I awake in the morning, may it be with a renewed desire to do thy holy will in all things,—that hereafter I may be taken to thy presence. And to thy name, Father, Son, and blessed Spirit, be ascribed all glory and honour, dominion and praise, world without end. Amen.

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How well does it become me, O Lord, who am not worthy of the least of all thy mercies, to bless and to magnify thy holy name. For thou, O Lord, hast dealt bountifully with me, and hast made goodness and mercy to follow me all my days.

Early, O Lord, was I cast upon thy care, and thou hast never ceased to care for me,—thou hast been to me as a shepherd,—thou hast prepared a table before me,-thou hast made my cup to run

In sorrow thou hast restored my soul. Thy mercies have been new to me every morning, and thy faithfulness every night. If I should endeavour to reckon up thy loving-kindnesses, they are more than can be numbered. Bless the Lord, O


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