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blies of thy people, -disposed every day to put myself, by prayer and supplication, under the guidance of thy good providence, and walking, amidst the vanities of life, as one who seeks a better country, that is, a heavenly.

Make me more dutiful and kind than I have been to all who are connected with me in the relations of life. Grant me a forgiving temper to all who may have injured me; and, in all things, may I be a living pattern of the efficacy of that undefiled religion, which is pure, gentle, and peaceable, full of mercy and of good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.

May I take the example of thy beloved Son as the pattern of my conduct. Like him, may I be full of piety to God, and of good will to men, like him may I bear all suffering and reproach with patience,-and, like him, may I be firm in temptation, that at last I may obtain a crown of life. And grant, О heavenly Father, that I may

always keep in mind that, though I have been delivered from death, a time is coming when I must resign my spirit into thy hands. May I now, therefore, be diligent in my preparation for my latter end,

and when the last trial has arrived, and I am about to be called to give an account of all the deeds done in the body, may I be supported in the hour of my extremity, may I die the death of the righteous,in peace with God, with my own heart,--and with all men,-in a firm belief of all the doctrines of thy holy word, and in an humble but placid assurance of being with thee for ever.

In this blessed hope, I now resign myself to thy holy will; and to thy name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be ascribed all glory, dominion and praise, world without end. Amen.



Hos. xiv. 3. In thee the fatherless findeth mercy.

HEAVENLY FATHER, I BLESS and praise thy holy name, that thou hast been pleased to call thyself the Father of the fatherless, and the helper of those who have none to guide them.

Behold, O Lord, I am destitute, and sore afflicted; for thou hast removed from me the guides of my youth, and thou hast taken away them that sought for my good. I am cast upon the world as one who is forsaken ; and it is in thee alone that my help can be found.

But blessed be thy name, that in thy good providence I may put my trust; for nothing happens without thy permission ; and there is no individual of all thy creatures so forlorn as to be beneath thy parental regard. Thou hast also condescended to

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reveal thyself as a Being who taketh care of those who are neglected,—and thou overrulest all things to promote the good of those who put their trust in thee. It is also, O Lord, my consolation to know, that thou hast often blessed with peculiar blessings those who seemed to have none other stay ; thou hast led them all their life long as a shepherd; thou conductest them by still waters, and makest them to lie down in green pastures; and goodness and mercy have followed them all their days.

How precious, O Lord, are thy thoughts towards us-how great is thy tender mercy! O grant me perfect trust in thy providential guidance; and, even when all things seem to go against me, let me never cease to look up to thee as my Father who is in heaven.

Grant me, O Lord, a sincere desire to do thy will. May thy blessed word be as a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ;-may its promises and consolations be my delight in this the house of my pilgrimage ; and by daily meditation on the dispensations of thy providence, as they are therein revealed, and by a diligent study of what thou hast done for thy chosen in all generations, may my soul

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be disposed to perfect resignation in all thy appoint-
ments, and to a patient waiting for thy grace.


heart to revere and love all thine ordinances; and may

I never forget, by daily prayer, to commit my ways and thoughts to thy gracious guidance.

And, O Lord, early imbue my mind with all kind, amiable, and charitable feelings. May I endeavour, at all times, to imitate the character of my blessed Redeemer ; and, having been early tried in the furnace of affliction, may I all my life long exhibit the practical efficacy of that religion which is pure, gentle, and peaceable, full of mercy, and of good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

Help me to be candid and obliging to all men,disposed to forgive all who may do me wrong,--and always ready to give relief to those who are in need, -never forgetting, that I also have been in sorrow, and that thou hast comforted me in mine affliction.

If it be consistent with thy wisdom, which never errs, O Lord, prosper my worldly concerns.Raise up friends to supply the place of those who have been taken from me. Enable me to conduct

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