Imatges de pÓgina

my affairs with prudence, and keep me always humble,--and temperate, and in dutiful reliance on thy protection and blessing.

But, if it be the purpose of thy wisdom to try me with suffering, O grant that I may never repine at the dispensations of thy providence. May I rather keep a watch over all my thoughts, and words, and actions, that I may never offend thee; and may all that happens to me be so ordered, that my spiritual and eternal welfare may be promoted.

Keep me from all deceit and malice, and guile and hypocrisy. Make me faithful and trust-worthy in all things; and in all my conduct towards men may I exhibit the principles of one who has imbibed the true spirit of the religion of Christ.

And grant, O Lord, that whatever may be my portion in this world, I may at last obtain an inheritance in heaven. May I die in the Lord,-in firm belief of the doctrine and promises of thy blessed word,-and finally meet those who have been separated from me in time, in that happy land, where there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor sin, but where the pure in heart shall for ever see and love God.

In this blessed hope I now, O Father, resign myself to thy gracious care. Go with me through all the scenes of this mortal life,—and take me at last to thy kingdom in glory, for Christ's sake,—to whom with thee, and the blessed Spirit, be ascribed all glory and honour, dominion and praise, world without end. Amen.

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John xvii. 11. Holy Father, keep through thine

own name those whom thou hast given me.

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FATHER OF THE SPIRITS OF ALL FLESH, How wonderful are thy dispensations towards the children of men ! Thou givest us all the blessings by which life is gladdened, and thou also, for pur


and of wisdom which are unknown to us, takest


the comforts which we once enjoyed. Behold me, O Lord, whom thy hand has afflicted, and, for thy great mercy's sake, bind up the wounds thou hast seen fit to make.

Forbid, O Lord, that I should ever murmur at thy dispensations,—but rather, by a constant review of all the wonders and of all the mercy which

thou hast manifested towards me, may I learn to value nothing more highly than it ought to be valued, but ever to believe, that thou who givest canst also take away,—and that when thou takest away, thou canst also make thy most severe dispensations a source of good to those who seek to do thy will.

Grant, О heavenly Father, that I may never fall into that state of hardened feeling which can review thy dispensations without concern,—but while I cherish, as becomes me, the memory of the good who are departed, may my heart submit itself, even in the agony of its feelings, with perfect resignation to thy holy chastisements.

And help me, O Lord, to estimate as I ought the great duty which still is left me to perform. Thou hast intrusted to my care the rearing of minds which are destined to live for ever; thou hast bound me to their interest by all holy and sacred ties. O grant that I may see my duty in its proper light, and that I may prepare myself for fulfilling it with a becoming dependence on thy blessing.

Alas! O Lord, I am not able in myself for so

great a charge ; but, blessed be thy name, that thou hæst promised to assist and to prosper the labours of those who are earnestly intent on doing good, to thy merciful aid therefore I look for direction. Be thou the strength of my heart, and my continued support in this great task.

Enable me, O Lord, to be in all things an example to my children. May my temper and conduct,--my words and my actions,—be in all things adapted to impress them with a love of the things that are honourable, and lovely, and of good report ; and may

I never have reason to think, that by any part of my behaviour I have encouraged them in that which is wrong, or lessened their reverence for the things that are holy and well-pleasing in thy sight.

Grant me, O Lord, a deep impression of the value of a pious and holy life ; and may it be my especial study to train up my children in thy fear, and to imbue them early with sentiments of duty to thee, who has been the God of their fathers in all generations.

And O let me never refuse to undergo any labour by which their interests may be promoted. May I,

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