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on the contrary, ever consider myself as most happy when I am promoting their welfare ; and next to the duty which I owe to thee, may I value that which I owe to those whom thou hast given me.

And grant, O Lord, that my exertions may all be blessed for their temporal and eternal good. May their minds be early imbued with all kind, gentle, and amiable feelings ; may they ever be disposed to be obedient and dutiful,—and in their conduct to each other, and to all who are connected with them, may they be early examples of that spirit which thou approvest.

Especially, O Lord, grant them an early disposition to venerate and to love the God of their fathers; in all things may they commit their ways unto thee, —and do thou, from thy throne in heaven, send them thy blessing.

Keep them, O Lord, through all the changes and temptations of life; prosper them in all that they do, if thou seest prosperity to be for their good; but if thou shall see fit rather to try them with suffering, O be ever with them to comfort and sustain them, and from all their sorrows may they come like gold that is refined.

And when I am taken away, be thou still the God and guide of those who have been dear to me in life. For to whom else, O Lord, but to thy fatherly and ever-enduring protection, can I commit them ? O never leave them nor forsake them.

To thy fatherly wisdom, O Lord, I now desire in all things to submit myself. Prepare me for doing religiously, assiduously, and successfully, the duty that has been committed to me, ever looking for thy blessing, and disposed at all times to believe, that thou canst only do that which is right.

And grant, 0 most merciful Father, that we, who have been so tenderly and closely united in this life, may all meet at last in thy heavenly kingdom.

May none of us be wanting when thou makest up thy jewels ; but may all the events and troubles of this life be so blessed to us, that by their discipline we may be freed from all evil, and finally be made meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints.

In this blessed hope, I now resign myself to whatever thou mayest see fit to ordain for myself

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and for those whom thou hast intrusted to me ;and to thy blessed name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be ascribed all glory and honour, now and for evermore. Amen.



Psalm lxxi. 17, 18. O God, thou hast taught me

from my youth. Now also, when I am old and gray-headed, O

God, forsake me not.

FATHER OF THE SPIRITS OF ALL FLESH, I bow myself before thee, at this time, with a heart deeply penetrated by the recollection of all the goodness thou hast permitted me to experience in the land of the living. Thou didst at first give me my place among thy rational creatures; and thou hast followed me all my life long with lovingkindness and with tender mercy. In sorrow thou hast often relieved my soul; when I have wandered from the way of thy commandments, thou hast brought me back; and when I have been brought to the gates of death, thou hast again made me to

rejoice in the renewed experience of thy preserving and redeeming love. Thy dispensations towards me, O Lord, have been full of goodness; and it becomes me, while I have life, to show forth, with songs of gratitude, thy faithfulness and truth.

But, alas! O Lord, I have never done that which I ought to have done. My life presents to my review many sins of which I have been guilty ; and, instead of devoting all my days to thy service, there is no day of my life on which I can look back with the thought, that I have kept it holy to the Lord.

But blessed be thy name, that there is mercy with thee, that thou mayest be feared, and that with thee, our God, there is plenteous redemption. For thou hast declared thyself to be a God that blotteth out iniquity, and passeth by the transgressions of thy people,—though thou wilt by no means clear the guilty

And blessed be thy name, that thou hast sent thy beloved Son into the world, to give us the assurance, that as thou hast not withheld thine own Son, thou wilt with him also freely give us all things. Enable me, O God, daily to look to his cross; and

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