Imatges de pÓgina


wander from the good way; and my own experience, and the example of others, convince me, that I am only secure, by putting myself, at all moments, under the protection of thine everlasting

Be thou ever unto me as a shield and a defence, and so guide my path through life, that in all things I may honour my high vocation, and enjoy that peace which thou hast granted only to those who do that which is right.

It is also the purpose of thy wise Providence, that the heart of man shall be tried by manifold sorrows; and this day I also must expect to feel my own share of the heaviness of that burden by which the steps of all that tread this earth are borne down. Thou only, O God, thou only who formedst the heart of man, and who art acquainted with all its secrets, thou only knowest by what pangs my heart is to be wounded, or by what strength I may be able to support my griefs.

Grant, I beseech thee, O God, that, amidst all my sufferings, I may look with perfect faith to thy fatherly hand; and, receiving every thing that befalls me as from the counsel of a wise, and good, and

gracious God, may I possess my spirit in perfect patience, and bow with becoming devotion to thy righteous dispensations.

And grant, О most merciful Father, that, even in the agony of my sorrows, I may subdue my spirit by resignation and good hope. Let not a fretful, or hasty, or impatient temper, ever induce me to violate the duty which I owe to thee as my Creator and Redeemer ; but may I bear all things, and hope all things, in a firm belief, that thou who sendest sorrow canst also remove it; and that thou never afflictest willingly, nor grievest the children of


Grant, in particular, O Lord, that if I am this day, or in any day of my life, to suffer injustice or malice from any of my brethren, I may always bear in mind, that this also is part of the lot ordained for man under the sun. Forbid, therefore, that I should ever curse my neighbour in my heart; but, remembering always that I also have deeply offended against God, may I extend to others that forgiveness, which, for Christ's sake, I expect from thee.

O send down thy good spirit into my heart, to

strengthen me in these good resolutions, and to enable me to carry them into effect. Let me not forget, when I mingle with the world, the solemn lessons and thoughts which this hour of prayer has inspired; but may I encounter all my duties, and temptations, and sorrows, with mine eye set upon thy law; and do thou, O God, from thy throne in heaven, incline me always to do that only which is well-pleasing in thy sight.

I go forward in thy strength and in thy promised aid. Deny me not thy grace; but grant that this day may be distinguished above all those which have preceded it, by a more faithful discharge of my duty, and by a more perfect preparation for thy heavenly kingdom.

Hear these my humble prayers, and grant me an answer in mercy, for my Redeemer's sake. Amen.


Psalm xix. 1, 2. The heavens declare the glory

of God, and the firmament showeth his handy

work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto

night showeth knowledge.

It is a good thing, O Lord, to give thanks unto thee, to sing praises unto thy name, O thou Most High ; to show forth thy loving-kindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night; for every day presents renewed instances of thy fatherly care; and there is no hour or season of the day, in which I have not reason to adore thy loving-kind


When the day-spring from on high revisits the earth, thou appearest as in that primeval hour when order arose out of confusion, and when at thy sovereign word light disclosed this goodly dwelling-place, which thy love had assigned for man.

It is then

that man ariseth from sleep, and with renewed vigour, and with a thankful heart, goeth forth to his work and to his labour until the evening. And in that hour thou revealest thyself as a God whose sleepless eye is ever watchful for the preservation of the works which thou hast made.

The splendour of noon also speaks of thee; and when all nature is moving onward in its ceaseless course, when the heart of man is busied with his many cares, and all his multitudes seem left to their own counsel and their own devices, thou still appearest to the devout and contemplative mind, as a Being whose wisdom, and power, and glory, are far exalted above all the turmoil of this earth; from thy throne in heaven thou markest the innumerable steps of this our journey of life ; and while we think not so, neither doth our heart intend it, thou art ever making all things work together for promoting the counsels of thy perfect wisdom.

The still hours of evening likewise manifest thy glory, and speak to all thine intelligent offspring of thy fatherly care.

For it is then that thou callest man to repose from his toil; and while the splendours of innumerable worlds are beaming over his

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