Anecdotes of Lord Byron: From Authentic Sources with Remarks Illustrative of His Connection with the Principal Literary Characters of the Present Day

Knight and Lacey, 1825 - 207 pàgines

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Pàgina 61 - And think'st thou, Scott! by vain conceit perchance, On public taste to foist thy stale romance, Though Murray with his Miller may combine To yield thy muse just half-a-crown per line? No ! when the sons of song descend to trade, Their bays are sear, their former laurels fade. 170 Let such forego the poet's sacred name, Who rack their brains for lucre, not for fame: Low may they sink to merited contempt, And scorn remunerate the mean attempt!
Pàgina 23 - But soon he knew himself the most unfit Of men to herd with Man; with whom he held Little in common...
Pàgina 115 - Tarragona, remembered neither of these circumstances, and tried to dissuade us from the attempt. A number of the Salsette's crew were known to have accomplished a greater distance; and the only thing that surprised me was, that, as doubts had been entertained of the truth of Leander's story, no traveller had ever endeavoured to ascertain its practicability.
Pàgina 58 - Tread those reviving passions down, Unworthy manhood! — unto thee Indifferent should the smile or frown Of beauty be. If thou regret'st thy youth, why live? The land of honourable death Is here: — up to the field, and give Away thy breath! Seek out — less often sought than found — A soldier's grave, for thee the best; Then look around and choose thy ground, And take thy rest.
Pàgina 160 - twas, besides, his bread, Of which he buttered both sides; 'twould delay Too long the assembly (he was pleased to dread), And take up rather more time than a day, To name his works — he would but cite a few — 'Wat Tyler'— 'Rhymes on Blenheim'— 'Waterloo'.
Pàgina 73 - Tis pity learned virgins ever wed With persons of no sort of education, Or gentlemen, who, though well born and bred, Grow tired of scientific conversation : I don't choose to say much upon this head, I'ma plain man, and in a single station, But — Oh ! ye lords of ladies intellectual, Inform us truly, have they not hen-peck'd you all?
Pàgina 9 - START not — nor deem my spirit fled : In me behold the only skull, From which, unlike a living head, Whatever flows is never dull. I lived, I loved, I quaff'd, like thee ; I died : let earth my bones resign : Fill up — thou canst not injure me ; The worm hath fouler lips than thine. Better to hold the sparkling grape, Than nurse the earth-worm's slimy brood ; And circle in the goblet's shape The drink of gods, than reptile's food.
Pàgina 189 - With a strong feeling of awful sorrow, we take leave of the subject. Death creeps upon our most serious as well as upon our most idle employments ; and it is a reflection solemn and gratifying, that he found our Byron in no moment of levity, but contributing his fortune and hazarding his life, in behalf of a people only endeared to him by their past glories, and as fellow creatures suffering under the yoke of a heathen oppressor.
Pàgina 161 - He had written praises of all kings whatever; He had written for republics far and wide, And then against them bitterer than ever; For pantisocracy he once had cried Aloud, a scheme less moral than 'twas clever; Then grew a hearty anti-jacobin — Had turn'd his coat — and would have turn'd his skin. He had sung against all battles, and again In their high praise and glory; he had call'd Reviewing
Pàgina 109 - Cowards die many times before their death ; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, It seems to me most strange that men should fear ; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.

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