A course of lectures on modern history [tr. from Ueber die neuere Geschichte] to which are added historical essays on the beginning of our history, and on Cæsar and Alexander. Tr. by L. Purcell and R.H. Whitelock


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Pàgina 10 - FENN'S PASTON LETTERS. Original Letters of the Paston Family, Written during the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various Persons of Rank and Consequence, chiefly on Historical Subjects. New Edition, with Notes and Corrections, complete in 2 vols. bound in 1, square 12mo, (pub. at 10*
Pàgina 3 - 1826 STRUTT'S DRESSES AND HABITS OF THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND, from the Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time; with an Historical and Critical Inquiry into every branch of Costume. New and greatly improved Edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by JR
Pàgina 8 - Books that you may carry to the fire, and hold readily in your hand, are the most useful after all. Such books form the mass of general and easy reading." BOURRIENNE'S MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, One stout, closely, but elegantly pr.nted vol., foolscap 12mo., with
Pàgina 16 - WADE'S BRITISH HISTORY, CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED. Comprehending a classified Analysis of Events and Occurrences in Church and State, and of the Constitutional, Political, Commercial, Intellectual, and Social Progress of the United Kingdom, from the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of Queen Victoria, with very copious Index and Supplement. New Edition. 1 large and remarkably thick vol. royal Svo (1200
Pàgina 15 - I have not terms sufficient to express my admiration of Mr. Roscoe's genius and erudition, or my gratitude for the amusement and information I have received. I recommend his labours to our country as works of unquestionable genius and uncommon merit. They add the name of Boscoe to the very first rank of English Classical
Pàgina 9 - BURKE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERALDRY; OR, GENERAL ARMOURY OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. Comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, Crests, and Mottoes, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, including the late Grants by the College of Arms. With an Introduction to Heraldry, and a Dictionary of Terms. Third Edition, with a Supplement. One very large vol. imperial Svo, beautifully
Pàgina 13 - Bernal Diaz's account bears all the marks of authenticity, and is accompanied with such pleasant naivete, with such interesting details, and such amusing vanity, and yet so pardonable in an old soldier, who has been, as he boasts, in a hundred and nineteen battles, as renders
Pàgina 19 - This may be called the official edition of Hannah More's Life. It brings so much new and Interesting matter into the field respecting her, that it will receive a hearty welcome from the public. Among the rest, the particulars of most of her publications will reward the curiosity of literary readers."—Literary
Pàgina 11 - Professor Heeren's Historical Researches stand In the very highest rank among those with which modern Germany has enriched the Literature of Europe."— Quarterly Review. HEEREN'S HISTORICAL RESEARCHES INTO THE POLITICS. INTERCOURSE. AND TRADES OF THE ANCIENT NATIONS OF AFRICA: including the
Pàgina 6 - This Is an exquisitely beautiful work. Every plate Is like a highly finished drawing, similar to those in the Horticultural Transactions." LOUDON'S (MRS.) ENTERTAINING NATURALIST, Being Popular Descriptions, Tales, and Anecdotes of more than Five Hundred Animals, comprehending all the Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects

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