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Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts, 1858 - 408 pàgines

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Pàgina 110 - And, father cardinal, I have heard you say, That we shall see and know our friends in heaven: If that be true, I shall see my boy again; For, since the birth of Cain, the first male child, To him that did but yesterday suspire, There was not such a gracious creature born.
Pàgina 56 - In these two princely boys! They are as gentle As zephyrs, blowing below the violet, Not wagging his sweet head: and yet as rough, Their royal blood enchafd, as the rud'st wind, That by the top doth take the mountain pine, And make him stoop to the vale.
Pàgina 150 - That first he wrought, and afterward he taught. Out of the gospel he the wordes caught, And this figure he added yet thereto, That if gold ruste...
Pàgina 160 - In the life of every man, there are sudden transitions of feeling, which seem almost miraculous. At once, as if some magician had touched the heavens and the earth, the dark clouds melt into the air, the wind falls, and serenity succeeds the storm. The causes which produce these sudden changes may have been long at work within us, but the changes themselves are instantaneous, and apparently without sufficient cause.
Pàgina 150 - A good man was there of religion, And was a poore Parson of a town; But rich he was of holy thought and work; He was also a learned man, a clerk, That Christes Gospel trewely would preach: His parishens devoutly would he teach. Benign he was, and wonder diligent, And in adversity full patient; And such he was y-proved ofte sithes.
Pàgina 150 - Full loth were him to cursen for his tithes ; But rather would he given out of doubt Unto his poore parishens about Of his offering, and eke of his substance ; He could in little thing have suffisance : Wide was his parish, and houses far asunder...
Pàgina 34 - Wi' their fans into their hand, Before they see Sir Patrick Spens Come sailing to the strand ! And lang, lang, may the maidens sit, Wi' their goud kaims in their hair, A' waiting for their ain dear loves ! For them they'll see nae mair.
Pàgina 150 - That if gold ruste what should iron do ? For if a priest be foul on whom we trust, No wonder is a lewed man to rust : And shame it is, if that a priest take keep To see a fouled...
Pàgina 150 - To seeken him a chanterie for souls, Or with a brotherhood to be withold : But dwelt at home, and kept well his fold, So that the wolf ne made it not miscarry. He was a shepherd and no...
Pàgina 58 - Most pretty things to say : ere I could tell him How I would think on him, at certain hours, Such thoughts, and such ; or I could make him swear The shes of Italy should not betray Mine...

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