The Corpus in the Library: Stories and Novellas

Dalkey Archive Press, 1996 - 151 pàgines
In this collection of two novellas and seven short stories, Alf MacLochlainn comically reduces life's problems to the minute details of everyday existence. Socks, shoes, and trousers suggest perplexing difficulties: how best to put them on, the intricacies involved in keeping them on, the physical (as well as psychological) laws related to the interaction of body and clothing. All such speculations come to an absurd, crashing halt as the contemporary mind, filled with an overload of information, attempts but fails to make sense of some of the simplest, though of course complex, mundane facts of daily life. From Dublin to Central Illinois to Outer Space, MacLochlainn's stories embody the imaginative spirit of Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien.

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“It would be nice and dramatic if I could say that I woke up on the morning after learning of my father’s mysterious death and faced with terror the thought of dressing myself. Unfortunately it wasn’t ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


The Corpus in the Library
Present Tense
Dead Lines
Meruleus Lacrimans
Swopping Names
A Narrative of the Proceedings of

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