Imatges de pÓgina


Words alike in Sound, but different

in Spelling and Signification.

Ale, malt liquor.

Beer, a kind of liquor. Ail, a disease.

Bier, a carriage for the Air, wind.

Heir, one who inherits. Bell, a sounding dcsse.
E’er, contraction of ever. Belle, a gay lady. ! ..
Ere, before.

Berlry, a small fruit.
All, every one.

Bu'ry, to inter the dead. } Awl, an instrument.

Bin, a place for corn. All ter, to change.

Been, participle of to be. All tar, for sacrifice, I Bite, to worind. Here An! ker, a liquid measure. 'l Bight, the doubling of a An' chor, a heavy iron to hold Blue, a color. [rope.

a ship. 91.1,': Blew, past time of blow. Ark, a chest, a vessels

Bore, to make holes. Arc, an archou a

Boar, a male stoine.
Aul ger, a tool. Jousing Bur'row, a' rabbit hole.
Aul gur, one wha foretels. Borlough, a corporation. - ?

As cent', stcepness. 1,1. 1 Bough, a branch. ,,
As sent', agreement.

Bow, to bend. J * *
Bad, ill, vicimus.

911 Bou, to shoot with. Bade, past time of bid., Beau, a gay fellow. Bale, su package of goods.

Bred, brought up. Bail, surety. u!

Bread, food made of meal. Bate, to lessen.

By, a particle.
Bait, temptation. IJ ,jq! Don't Buy, to purchase.
Bawl, to cry

Butt, to strike like a ram.
Ball, any round thing.': f But, except.
Bare, naked.), viti

Cane, a staff.
Bear, to suffer; a beast. it', Cain, a man's name.
Base, vile.

Call en der, to smooth linen: Bass, in music.

Call en dar, an almanack. Be, to exist..!ı? 403530), 28"? Caul, a membrane. Bee, an insect. 2 il sons Call, to cry out. .*10'), Beech, a kind of tree.

Can' non, a large gun. Beach, a shore. ifikaty

Can! on, a rule. Beet, a plant. Difusas, il Can' vas, coarse cloth. Beat, to strike.

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Can' vass, to examine.


Cen' tu ry,

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Seal, to fasten with a seal ; the Deer, an animal. sea calf.

Dear, costly, beloved.
Ceil, to make a ceiling l De mean', to behave.

Seall ing, setting a scal. De mesnel, a freehold.
Ceil' ing, of a room.

Due, oring.
Cen ser, a pun of incense, u Dewi on the grass. 107
Cen' sor, a reformer. Doe, a female deer.
Cell, á hut.s.) in

Dough, unbaked breadal ! Sell, to dispose of.

Dun, a colour. Cent, a piece of money. Done, performed. Scent, a smell.

Ex' er cise, to practise

... Sent, did send. 1) ,nill Ex' or cise, to cast out evil

100 years.) spirits. Cen! tau ry, un herb. » I, myself. Ces' sion, resignation.

Eye, the organ of sight. Ses' sion, act of sitting.':,1 Fane, a temple. .347.30

Chol' er, wrath. $ Fain, gladly.

Col' lar, for the necks, 47 Feign, to dissemble. sion Chop, to cut.

Faint, feeble. is it :-11€. Chap, a beast's jau.

Feint, a false march. 1 '11 Chord, in music.

Fare, food, price of passage. Cord, a small rope. »,? Fair, comety. Ti Derd11A Cite, to summon. I

Feet, of the body. ;;; Sight, seeing.

Feat, a

an action.indd Site, situation.

Fell loé, the circumference of Cliff, a steep sul a wheel. ..o 1,117 LA Clef, a term in music

... Fell low, an associate. In 'uf Coarse, not fine.,

Fir, a tree. 431, Inh Course, a race. Fur, a skinstin'!89 Corse, a dead body... 1.550 Flee, to run away."; JS,

Clime, a.climate.) 0,1!! Flea, an insect.ini, :

Climb, to mount up..bril Flue, pipe of an open. 14 Com' ple ment, full number. Flew, did fly. www.indd Com' pli ment, act of civility. Flour, meal. Co quet' (co ket'), to deccioe Flower, a blossom)*31.1.1 sin love. Il Fore, anteriour. Co quette', an airy girl. I Four, in number

... Co e, ihe inner pü Forth, forward, onroard. 114 Corps, a body of soldiers. '. 11.) Fourth, in number 4, 01.31 Cous? ing ă relutions', ') Foul, filthy. Coz' en, to cheat.l. ii'; 'K) Fowl, a birdies te si zenu Crul el, inhuman. 13:

13 D.) Freeze, to congeal..*19 05,sl Crew el, worsted throad.. : Frieze, coarse clothassi 9.481 Sig' net, a seal n')

Gate, a large door. 1!",I Cvg' net, a young swan) Gait, manner of walkingi

3,130 vzhy 'si)Gilt, overlaid with goldo .341 bra ode'', 'as | Guilt, crime.

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Grate, to rub small.

Led, did -lead. Great, large.

Lead, a heavy metal. Gral ter, a tool to grate with. Leuve, permission. Great' er, larger.

Lieve, willingly Grown, increased.

Les' sen, to diminish.
Groan, to sigh.

Les son, a reading
Hale, sound, healthy. Lil ar, one who tells lies.
Hail, to salute; frozen drops Lyre, a harp.
of rain.

Limb, part of the body.
Haul, to draro by force. Limn, to paint.

Hall, a large room. Lo, lehold. Hart, a beast.

Low, not high. Heart, the seat of life.

Lone, solitary Hare, an animal.

Loan, a thing lent. Hair, of the head.

Made, finished. Heel, part of the foot. Maid, an unmarried woman. Heal, to cure.

Male, the he kind. Herd, a drove.

Mail, armour, packet of létHeard, did hear.

ters. Here, in this place.

Mane, long hair on the neck Hear, to hearken.

of a horse. Hirn, thut mun.

Main, principal.
Hymn, a sacred song: Mare, a female horse.
Hire, wages.

Maylor, a mugistrate. "High' er, further up.

Man' ner, mode, custom. Hole, a cuvity.

Man' or, a lordship Whole, the total.

Man' tle, a kind of cloak. Hue, a colour.

Man tel, work raised before Hugh, a man's name.

a chimney. Hew, to cut.

Marl shal, to arrange. In, within.

Martial, marlike. Inn, a tavern.

Maze, a labyrinth.

Maize, corn.

Mean, base, to intend. Isle, an island.

Mien, air, look.
In dite', to compose.

Mete, to measure.
In dict', to prosecute. Meet, to come together.
Key, a tool to open a lock. Meat, flesh.
Quay, (kee), a wharf. Met' tle, briskness.
Kill, to slay.

Met al, gold, silver or iron. Kiln, of bricks.

who digs Lade, to load, to dip.

mines. Laid, placed, did lay.

Mil nor, one under age.
Lane, a narrow passage. Mite, a smal insect.
Lain, participle of to lie.

Might, power.
Leek, a plant.

Moan, to lament. Leak, to let water in or out. Mown, cut down.

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Aisle, }an alley in a church.



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Mote, a particle of dust. Pan' el, a square in a wain Moat, a ditch.

scot. More, greater.

Pan' nel, a kind of saddle.
Mowl er, one who mous. Peel, the outside.
Nag, a gay horse.

Peal, a succession of sudden Knag, a knot in wood.

sounds. Nave, part of a roheel. Peer, a nobleman. Knave, a rogue:

Pier, a column. Naught, bad, wicked.

Peace, quiet. Nought, nothing.

Piece, a part.
Nay, no.

Peak, top of a hill.
Neigh, voice of a horse. Pique, a grudge.

Plane, flat surface; a tool. Knead, to make dough.

Plain, level. New, not old.

Plate, a flat piece of metal,
Knew, did know.

Plait, a fold.
Night, time of darkness. Place, locality.
Knight, a title of honour. Plaice, a kind of fish.

Nit, the egg of a louse. Plum, a kind of fruit.
Knit, to unite, to close. Plumb, a weight.
No, word of denial.

Pole, a long stick.
Knoro, to be informed.

Poll, the head. Not, denying:

Pore, passage of perspiration. Knot, hard place in wood. Pour, to empty out. Nun, u religious woman. Pen! cil, an instrument for None, not any.

Ore, metal not separated. Pen! sile, hanging.
Oar, an instrument to rovo Pray, to supplicate.

Prey, plunder.
O'er, contraction of over. Profy it, adoantage.
Oh, alás.

Proph' et, a foreteller.
Owe, to be indebted. [win. Rab' bit, an animal.

Won (wun), past time of Rab' bet, a joint.
One, in number.

Rain, falling water.
Our, belonging to us.

Rein, part of a bridle. Hour, sixty minutes.

Reign, to rule.
Aught, any thing.

Rap, to strike.
Ought, obliged by duty. Wrap, to fold together.
Pale, wanting colour.

Raze, to demolish.
Pail, a 200oden vesscl.

Raise, to set up Pane, a square of glass. Rays, light. Pain, torinent.

Reed, a plant. Pare, to cut off.

Read, to peruse. Pair, a couple,

Red, a colour,
Pear, a kind of fruit.

Read, did read.
Pal' let, a little bed, Rest, quiet.
Pal' ette, a painter's board. I Wrest, to force.

Slay, to kill.


Rice, a plant.

Sine, a geometrical line, Rise, origin.

Sign, a loken. Rig! ger, one who rigs. Sink, to go doron, a drain. Rig' our, severity.

Cinque, number five on dico. Ring, to sound.

Sit, to be seated. Wring, to tu-ist.

Cit, a citizen. Rite, a ceremony.

Size, bulk
Right, just.

Sice, number six on dice.
Wright, an artificer in wood.
Write, to form letters with a Slaie, a weaver's reed.

Sleigh, carriage used on Rode, die ride.

17 Road, a highway.

Slight, to despise. Rote, memory:

Sleight, dexterity. Wrote, did write. [fish.

Slow, not swift. Roe, a deer; the eggs of a Sloe, a fruit. Row, a rank.

So, thus. Room, space.

Sow, to scatter seed. Rheum, thin watery humour. Sew, to use a needle. Ruff, a ruffle.

Sore, an ulcer. Rough, not smooth.

Soar, to nnount aloft. Rye, gruin

Sole, bottom of the foot. Wry, crooked.

Soul, the spirit. Sale, act of selling.

Stare, to gáze. Sail, of a ship.

Stair, a step.
Seen, beheld.

Stake, a post.
Scene, part of a play, Steak, a piece of flesh.
Seine, a net for fish.

Steel, hardened iron.
See, to behold.

Steal, to take by theft. Sea, the ocean.

Stile, steps into a field, Seed, first principle.

Style, manner of writing. Cede, to resign.

Strait, narrow, Sere, ioithered.

Straight, not crooked, Cere, to war.

Suck' er, a young shoot. Sear, to burn.

Suc' cour, aid, help. Seer, a prophet.

Sum, the whole. Seem, to appear.

Some, a part. Sear, edges sewed, a scar. Sun, cause of day. Sēn' ior, elder.

Son, a male child. Seign' or, a lord.

Suti tle, neat weight. 7 Sell ler, one who sells.

Subt' le, artful.
Cel' lar, a place under a house. Tale, a story.

Shore, side of a river. Tail, the end.
Shoar, a prop

Tare, weight allowed.
Sheer, clear.

Tear, to rend. Shear, to cut.

Tax, a rate. Shire, a county.

Tacks, small nails.

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