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Words which agree in Orthography, but differ in Accent, Pronunciation, or Meaning.

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Con' test, a dispute.
Con test', to contend.
Con' tract, an agreement.
Con tract', to bargain.
Con' trast, opposition.
Con trast, to place in oppo-

Con' vert, a person con-
Con vert', to change.
Con' vict, a person convicted.
Con vict', to prove guilty.
Cour' te sy, civility, respect.
Courte sy, act of respect
made by a woman.
Cruise, a small cup,
Cruise, to sail.

Des' ert, a wilderness.
De sert', to forsake.

Des' sert, the last course of

an entertainment.

Dis' count, an allowance.
Dis count', to deduct.

En' trance, admission.
En trance', to put into ec-

Es' cort, a convoy.
Es cort', to guard.

Ex cuse, an apology. [ogy.
Ex cuse', to accept an apol-
Ex' port, a thing exported.
Ex port, to send abroad.

Ex' tract, a quotation. Ex tract', to draw out of Fer' ment, inward motion. Fer ment', to have inward

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In' crease, augmentation.
In crease', to make more.
In' sult, an affront..
In sult', to affront.
In vǎl' id, of no force.
In va lid', (in vu leed,) a dis
abled person.

Let, to lease, to permit.
Let, to hinder.
Min' ute, sixty seconds.
Mi nute', small.

Mouth, aperture in the head
MOUTH, to chew.

Ob' ject, that on which we are employed.

Ob ject', to oppose.

Over throw, destruction.
O ver throw, to destroy.

Pres ent, a gift.

Pre sent', to give.


cause, to

Prod' uce, product, amount. Pro duce, to effect. Project, a scheme. Pro ject', to contrive. Reb' el, one who rebels. Re bel', to oppose. Record, a register. Re cord', to register,

Ref use, the worthless part.
Re fuse, to reject.
Rise, the act of rising.
Rise, to move upwards.
Subject, matter treated of,
one under the dominion
of another.
Sub ject', to enslave.
Tor ment, pain, anguish.
Tor ment', to put in pain.
Trans' port, rapture.
Trans port, to put in an
Use, the act of employing.
Use, to employ."

Wreath, a garland.
Wreath, to interweave.



A letter is the first principle or least part of a word.

The letters of the English Language, called the Alphabet, are twenty-six in number.

Letters are divided into vowels and consonants. -A vowel is an articulate sound, that can be perfectly uttered by itself; as a, e, o; which are formed without the help of any other sound.

A consonant is an articulate sound which cannot be perfectly uttered without the help of a vowel as b, d, f, l, which require vowels to express them fully.

The vowels are, a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes

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W and y are consonants when they begin a word, or syllable; but in every other situation they are vowels.

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MC sounds hard like k before a, o, u, 1, and ry and soft likes before ei,and y. It sounds like z in sacrifice, and like sh in ocean.


G sounds hard before a, o, u, l, and r. It is sometimes hard and sometimes soft before e, i, 't ni brow shę

and y.

Diphthongs and Triphthongs.

"A diphthong is the union of two vowels, pronounced by a single impulse of the voice; as ea in beat, ou in sound.

A proper diphthong is that in which both the vowels are sounded; as oi in voice, ou in ounce. An improper diphthong has but one of the vowels sounded; as ea in eagle, oa in boat.

A triphthong is the union of three vowels, pronounced by a single impulse of the voice; as eau in beau, iew in view.


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ney wat ons dangi, sti [SYLLABLES,obi zobe in gollo.l

A syllable is a sound, either simple or compound, pronounced by a single impulse of the voice, and constituting a word, or a part of a word;' as a, an, antis 116 tergopion f

Spelling is the art of rightly dividing words into their syllables, or of expressing a word by its proper letters.

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• Lass Words are articulate sounds, used by common consent, ent, as signs of our i our ideas,ile to bor A word of one syllable is termed a Monosyl lable; a word of two syllables, a Dissyllable; a word of three syllables, a Trisyllable; a word of four or more syllables, a Polysyllable."

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All words are either primitive, derivative, or compound.) 3.05 clod Fral shume i "A primitive word is one which cannot be reduced to any simpler word in the language; as man, good, content.

A derivative word is one which may be reduced to another word in English of greater simplicity; as manful, goodness, contentment?

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A compound word is formed of two or more words; as penknife, teacup, Yorkshire, i no an

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