Imatges de pÓgina

roll rope


mile mind mine mire mite nice nine pike pile

rove sold sole sore told tole

hone hope hose host hove joke jole jolt lobe lone lore mode mole mope more most mote node



tore yote


pint pipe ride rice rind ripe rise rite rive side size tide time tile tire vice


vine Bold boll bolt bone bore code cold colt


cope core

cove dolt dome dote dose doze fold ford fore fort gold gore hold hole.

note pole pope pore pork port post

wove yoke yore zone Cube cure duke dupe fume fuse lute lure mute

Is he up? He is up

. Do as I do. Do so to us.


It is on me.
It is to be so.
Am I to go in?

It is my ox.

LESSON 2. As I go by.

Do we go to bed?
So am I.

Ann is to go.
I am to do it. My hat is by me.
Is he to do it?

Put it on.
It is my top:

Let me try.

A fat hog. A fat pig. A bad man.


. A red hat. A hot bit for me. Cut it up. Cut it for me.

I try to do it.-Did Ann go? Get his hat. A big man. The sun is up.. An old man. to him. Pen and ink.

I can go

LESSON 4. A mad dog. He can dig. I can hop. We can run.

A red bud. A dry fig. Get my hat.

hat. Let us go in. Get a cup of tea. Let me see you hop.

Go to Ann. Is she up? She is not.


Easy Words of Two Syllables.

Accent on the first syllable.

[blocks in formation]

Al um an vil bil let bod kin buffet cab in cam el can cel can did can not civ il col ic com ic con sul dam ask dam sel den tal

pan el pan ic par ish

pen man

rad ish

lan cet lap pet lav ish lev el lim pid Jin en lin net lin tel liv id med al

ras cal rev el

fol ly gip sy han dy hap py jel ly jet ty jol ly

rob in

Tev y

sat in sig nal sol id son net

lil y

[blocks in formation]

men tal mer it mil let


tal ent val id Al ley an gry ber ry

lob by mer ry pan try par ry pet ty pig my pit y

ex it

mit ten mod el mod est

fil let fin ish fis cal fun nel

. can dy

mor al mus ket

car ry cur ry

sil ly six ty

[blocks in formation]

gan der gen der

gro cer

tab by tal ly tar ry

jo ker

[merged small][ocr errors]

li on

[merged small][ocr errors]

tip sy

ma jor

gru el

ug ly

mi nor old er

le gal

Bo ny

li bel

cro ny du ly

o ver
own er
pa per

gin ger
hin der
hop per
lad der
lat ter
lep er
let ter
liv er
nev er
of fer
ot ter
pep per

na sal o ral

du ty fu ry

pa gan

pi per

glo ry

po lar

pi lot po et re al

ho ly


por ter so ber

ri ot

ju ry

ta per to per

pot ter

la dy

la zy

wa fer

na vy

Ad der

riv er sil ver sis ter Be ing bi as

ro ses ru in ru ral to tal tri al ve nal vi al vi tal

no bly po ny po sy

am ber

ban ner bat ter bet ter bit ter

[blocks in formation]

ro sy sto ry

u nit

Ab surd ac cept ac cess ad mit

de cent
Accent on the second syllable.
af fix

as sess
al lot
ar rest at tend
as sent at test

as sist

at tack at tent a wake be fit

[blocks in formation]

con cur in dent con fess

in sert con sent in sist con tend in tend con tent it self cor rect

in vent dis band OC cur dis miss sub mit dis til

suç çeşs ex act

un fit
ex cess
ex pect
ex pel Be have

be hold
be hind

pro vide pro voke re cite re deem re duce re fine

de sire

un bid

de pute

re gale

ex cel

de ride de vise de vote e late

re late re mind

un less un til

re mote re pose

for get* in cur

mo rose

re vile sa lute

pre side

LESSON 5. My boy, do ill to no one. Act not as bad men do. I see a man who has a dog by him. I saw a rat, and the sly old cat saw him too; and pop, she had him. You may go to-day and buy you a peg top. I can hop as far as you can.

Lesson 6. It is a dry day, and we may now go out. Do not run in the wet mud. See the dog. Let me pat him. Now he is by me.

See how he can run. I see a red cow,

and hog, and a pig. I see a bee fly in the air.


[ocr errors]

g harda

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