Imatges de pàgina


Flute huge


Bluff blunt blur blush brunt brush bulb bulge buff bunch bunt burn burnt burst chub chuck churl churn cluck clump clung crumb crump crush

Vowel u.

u long
june puke
plume pure

u short,

hunch curse hung curve hunt drub hurl drug hurt drum husk drunk

judge duct jump dumb

junk dunce just durst luff dusk

lull flung lump flush lungs flux

lurch fund

lurk glut much grub muff grunt

mull gulf

mulct gull

mumps huff musk hulk null hull


pluck plug plumb plump plush puff pulse pulp punch pump purge purse runt rush scud scull Scum scurf scrub shrub shrug shun shut skulk

[ocr errors]

wrung Church crutch drudge grudge

slung slur slut smut snuff snug spun spunk spur spurn spurt stub


stuff thumb
stump thump

stung truck
strut trump
such trunk

truss sunk trust sung

tuft surf turf surge

turn Swum tusk

u middle. full

push pull puss

shrunk sprung struck strung thrush thrust

Bull bush


LESSON 10. Ann, play with the babe. Take him in your lap. Do not hurt him. Catch the cat for him. Dress your

doll. What is its name? Here is a sharp axe. Do not cut you. See the lambs play. See that frog hop.

LESSON 11. Tell no lies. Use no bad words. Pick some plums. Shake the tree. Crack this nut. Turn the crank. Ring the bell. Bake me a cake. Buy me a top. All the boys are here. Let us play ball. Choose sides. See the ball hop. I am not well. Let us go home. Put

up your book.



CHAPTER X. Irregular Sounds of the Vowels.

a like o short. Swamp wad was

wast swan wan

wash watch swap want wasp

what i like e short. Birth


skirt firm

mirth whirl

e, i, and o, like u short. Clerk sir


ton her spirt monk

tongue hers stir

month won Bird Bomb none

wont birch come


word dirge done once

work dirk dost rhomb world dirt doth shove

worm first dove some

worse flirt front son

wort o like a broad. Born fork lord

short chord for

morn snort cord form


sort cork horn scorch storm corn horse scorn

torch u like o middle. Brute prude rule

truce crude rude



g hard.

Ann, will you sing me a song ?
Will you make me a pen of this quill ?
Here is a fine ripe plum.
Do not blot your new book.
Lay up the book; it is time to dine.

LESSON 13. The Lord will love them that fear him. He minds all we say and do. We must love all men, if they do not love us. And we must pray for them that hate us. We must make the best use of our time. Do not read too fast, nor with a tone.

ask if

you are to die?
You and I and all men must die.
If I see a boy do ill, I will try not to do so.
I will make the best use of my time.
Did you see the boys ride in the cart?
We must do as we like to be done to.

LESSON 15. Be sure to tell no lies. Tell no tales. Be kind to all men. Do all the good you can. You must not hurt a boy if he hurts you.

Do not dirt your hands or your book. Wipe your feet, and do not dirt the floor. I thank you for this book. I will try to read it well. You have read quite well.

Proper Diphthongs.

oi and oy.

Boil broil choice coil coin foil groin

voice void Boy cloy joy toy troy

Bough bound cloud couch count crouch doubt flour flout foul found fount gout ground hound hour house loud lounge

hoist oil join oint joint point joist poise loin

soil moist spoil noise

toil on and ow. lout

scout mound shout mount shroud mouse snout mouth sound noun

sour ounce south our

spouse oust

spout out

sprout plough stout pouch THOU pounce trounce pound trout pout vouch proud wound round Bow rouse

brow rout


COW cowl crowd crown down drown fowl frown gown growl how howl


now owl frow prowl scowl town

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