Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]

ou, and wa, like short o. Cough trough Squash sqûat

00, ou, oe, eu, ew, ue, and ui, like middle o. Bloom

groove roof Croup book hoof rook

group boom hook roost

soup boon hoop root

tour boor hoot school through boot loof


you booth look shook

your brood loom shoot youth brook loon sloop Shoe broom loop

smooTH Rheum choose loose

Brew cook mood

soot chew cool moon

SOOTH crew coop

moor spool screw coot moose spoon

shrew crook nook

stoop shrewd doom noon stool

Rue droop noose Swoon true food ooze too

Bruise fool pool took cruise gloom poor

tool fruit


eu ew, ue, ui, ewe, ieu, and iew, like long u. Deuce grew stew

hue feud knew lewd

sue Blew hew Blue Juice clew new cue

sluice dew pew

due Ewe flew

slew flue Lieu few

spew glue view

[blocks in formation]
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LESSON 16. John, now you have read your book well, you may go and play with Charles. . Will you have a top, or a ball, or a kite? If you will be a good boy, you may have one of them. I like a kite the best of all, said Charles.

The wind blew, and the two boys were glad to see the kite fly so high in the air; but it soon fell down, and a hole was torn in it. This they knew how to mend. The next day it flew once more, but with more ill luck, for snap went the cord, and the kite flew a long way off. Yet they did not sit down and cry, but went to play with such toys as they had.

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we will

LESSON 17. The sun shines.

It is time to get up. Jane, come and dress Charles. Now, Charles,


down stairs. Fetch that chair. Sit down. Here is some bread and milk. . Do not spill the milk. Hold the spoon in your right

. hand. The crust is hard; but the milk will soak it. Do not throw the bread on the floor. We should eat bread, and not waste it.


LESSON 18. There is a poor fly in the milk. Take it out. Put it on this dry cloth. Poor thing! it is not quite dead. It moves; it shakes its wings; it wants to dry them; see how it wipes them with its feet. Put it on the floor where the sun shines. Then it will be dry, and warm. Poor fly! I am glad it was not dead. I hope it will soon be well.

Lesson 19. Where is puss? There she is. Do not pull her by the tail; that will hurt her. Charles does not like to be hurt; and puss does not like to be hurt. I saw a boy hurt a poor cat; he took hold of her tail, so she put out her sharp claws, and made his hand bleed. Give puss some milk.

She likes milk. Now that Charles is so kind to her, she will not scratch him, nor bite him. She purrs anú looks glad.

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cap stan

ac tive

cav il
cen tral

an nals

for eign

an vil

CHAPTER XIII. Dissyllables accented on the first


Both syllables short. Ab ject brick bat con tract fam ine ab scess

buck ram, con vent fam ish ab sence can vass con vert

fer ret ac cent

con vex

fer vent car at

cred it fer vid ad vent cask ct

cres cent flan nel ad verb

crick et flip pant

crit ic an them chan nel cun ning for est

cur rant fos sil as pect

cur rent frag ment cher ish

fran tic cher ub

des ert friend ship chis el

diph thong fun nel bal last clar et

dis tance fur nish ban ish clas sic

dis tant ban qûet clem ent dis trict gaunt let bar rack clos et

dock et bar rel cob web doc trine cof fin

dul cet bas ket

col umn dul ness grand eur bed stead com bat ear nest blem ish com ment em blem gul let bon net

com plex er rand bran dish con duct ex tant break fast con gress ex tract hap less

chap el chap let

at las

cut lass

ax is

bal ance

gam ut

gib bet gim lei* gran dam

bar ren

grav el

gus set

har ass

* g hard.

pres ent

prof it
prog ress sud den
pub lic

mag net

hick up

max im

pun ish

tac it tac tic

tar iff

hedges learn ing pol lock shep herd hel met lev el

sher itt help less log ic prob lem shil ling hem lock liq ûid

skit tish herds man mag ic

sig net her mit her ring mal ice

sul tan mas tiff pub lish sul len hon est

sul phur hor rid mer chant qûin tal hun dred mim ic rab bit hunts man min strel rack et tan gent hus band mis chief rad ish im pulse mis tress rap ine

tem pest in cense nos trum ran cid

ten ant in cest ob ject

rem nant ten dril

ten et in qûest of fice

tim brel in stant

tim id pack et rub bish tran quil in stinct pal lid

tran script in sult pam phlet run net triph thong jack et judg ment per fect sab bath jus tice

satch el vel lum ker nel pil grim sal ad viv id kin dred plac id san gũine vom it kitch en plan et

wed lock knowl edge plas ter scan dal wel kin lan gûid plum met sen tence wick ed

in gress

ob long

rep tile rig id

op tics

ring let

in step

rug ged

pen cil

rus tic

van ish vas sal

per ish

san dal

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