Imatges de pÓgina

A gue

so lo

pseu do

ty ro

lei șure

sa go

rain y

Both syllables long. fea ture

mo hair seiz ure a zure fi nite na ture cli mate fore sight ne gro te nure clo sure

four score por trait tri une có co four teen pri mate twi light crea ture fu ture cu rate

ra sure

va cate fe male li brate

vi brate
The first syllable long, y in the second like e long.
Beau ty gree dy low ly
clear ly grea sy


safe ly dear ly high ly

high ly migh ty slow ly dai ly home ly most ly smo ky

kind ly neat ly spi cy
late ly
need y

sweet ly

new ly tro phy fee bly

pas try

tues day

wed ry The first short, y in the second like e long. Bel fry emp ty jour ney rud dy

mer cy

scur vy fil thy

pen ny chim ney fu ry plen ty

gal ley pop ру

gen try prox y сор у glos sy рир ру

thurs day coun try guil ty qūick ly twen ty drop sy

qûin sy

val ley wednesday

lain ty dai ry dai sy

leak y like ly live ly

fri day

pure ly

fan cy

ber ry cher ry

six ty stud y sul ky tan sy


cler gy

heav y hur ry

ed dy

read y

smo ker so ber

oa kum

stran ger

ce dar

ta per

ci pher

lu cre

o dour pa tron pray er qûa ker

tra der

cri er dan ger dra per

may or

ti ger

sa bre

mi nor

The first long, the second like u short. Blithe some fla vour neu ter bea ver grind er

ni tre bol ster

hol ster
hu mour
O CHre

tai lor
cham ber i dol
ci der la bour

teach er

tire some clo ver ma jor

thriv er coul ter

man ger qûa ver
ma tron
read er

tra tot reap er tre mour med gre

ru mour ea ger* me tre

tu mour ei Ther

sa vour tu tor mi ser fa mous mi tre scra per

vi nous fa vour nei ther

se rous The first short, the second like u short. Af ter blis ter cen ser

con quei blos som

cen tre cus tom an Chor

blunder chap ter dag ger

bu an ger* blus ter chat ter an swer

bot tom chest nut dif fer at om

buck ler cin der bab bler buck ram clap per doc tor bal lot bux om

clam our dol lar ban ner cam phor clan guor drag on beg gar

can non cob bler earl dom

*g hard.

e ther

sci on

vi per

wa fer

am ber


debt or

din ner

em bers

pan ther

hun ger

pas tor

hunt er in ner

fin ger

spec tre

pon der

sun der

prim er prop er

hon our

pam per sel dom er rour hor rour

ser mon fac tor huck ster par rot

sex ton fath om

shiv er fel on

plas ter

skim mer fer vour

phan tom slan der fet ter jeal ous phil ter

slip per king dom pil grim snuf fers flag on

lad der pitch er flat ter lan tern plat ter

splen dour flut ter

lem on fod der lim ber


sup per
fos ter
lim ner

tem per ful some lit ter

ten don fur Ther lob ster

puck er ten on lum ber qûiv er ten our gal lop lus tre

ran cour ter rour man ner ran dom trench er gam mon mat ter ran som thun der

mat tock ren der van qûish glim mer mel on

ven om glit ter mem ber rob ber glut ton meth od rud der

vic tor mir rour

scat ter vig our ham mer

mon ster scep tre ham mock mor tar schol ar

wis dom hand some mur der scol lop

wrest ler hav ock mus ter

scis sors hec tor nec tar

zeal ot

gal lon

gam bol

[ocr errors]

rec tor

ver dant

gut ter

yul gar

yon der

sec ond

A gent

lu pine

mu sic

sci ence

heal ing hear ing hire ling host ess

na tal na tive na val no tice

The first long, the second short.
flu id

qûi et an gel

fi nal mean ing rai ment bail jff fra grant meek ness ra zor ba sis fre qüent mo dish re cent blind ness fru gal mo mentre gent blue ness fu tile

sa cred bright ness glean ing na ked bri dal gi ant name less se quel ca dence gra tis

se cret cam bric ha tred

shape less ca: ret

si lence ceil , ing

si lent сна OS

o ral

stu dent child ish

paint ing stu pid hoarse ness pa pist thiev ish creep ing huge ness pa rent cri sis

trea tise cu bic hu mid

peel ing tri dent i tem

peev ish tri umph de cent keen ness phi al

tu mult kind ness piercing tu nic kna vish plain ness va cant la bel plain tive va grant la tent pli ant

ve nal e dict

li cence e qual li lach

writ ing fla grant light ning pre cept year ling flo ral

lo cal pre cinct yeo man

lo cust

cli max

ti dings

hu man

pa thos

[ocr errors]

cu bit

de mon di et dur ance dur ing

wail ing

plu ral po tent

Au ent

pu pil

se nith

Bar row

bor row

bur row

har row

pos ture

The first short, the second long.

ef fort mix ture tal low bel low el bow

mor row tell tale bil low em pire

mun dane thresh old birth right fal low nar row

tinc ture birth place frus trate non suit tis sue

fur lough per jure treas ure brim stone gan grene pic ture turn pike bug bear ges ture pil low

um pire guin ea press ure up roar cof fee

pleas ure ut most chil blain hol low

ven ture con clave im port

pur blind ver dure con strue im post pur chase'vest ure con trite junc ture, scrip ture vol ume cup board man date spar row wel fare cut throat man go

stat ue

wind lass meas ure stat ure

win dow dic tate mem brane stat ute есно mid wife stric ture yel low

The first micldle, the second short. Arch ing charm ing har ness pars nip

cushion jaun dice par tridge art less dark ness har vest psal mist bar gain dar ling look ing pud ding bloom ing far Thing mar gin sar casm bul let fool ish bush el

mar qûis spark ling card ing gar lic mar shal tar get car nal


tar nish

del uge

will now

ar dent

mar ket

Scar let

gar land

mar vel

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