Imatges de pÓgina
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lar ger

ar dour

The first middle, the second like u short Ar bour car per fath er

lar der arch er car ter

far ther car ver ful ler

laugh ter ar mour charg er

mar tyr bar ber charm er gar ter

mas ter bar ter

char ter har bour par lour bo som cool er har lot

part ner bul wark coop er

haunt er sharp er butch er far mer jar gon

wom an

gar ner

war bler

The first broad, the second like u short. Al der draw er psal ter thral dom al ter fal ter

qûar ter hal ter

sau cer ward er hawk er saw yer

warm er awk ward law yer slaugh ter warr iour daugh ter pau per sqûad ron wa ter.

au ger

au thor

au dit

The first broad, the second short.
Au burn bal sam plau dit wal nut

call ing qûad rant warm ing au gust dawn ing salt ish warm ness au tumn fault less talk ing warn ing awn ing halt ed

walk ing yawn ing

The first like o short, the second short. Qûar rel wan ness war rant wasp ish wad ding want ing war ren watch ing wal let wan ton wash ing watch man

LESSON 20. There is a bird's nest on that bush. It is made of sticks and straws. Let us look into it-but stop! the bird is on the nest. Now

She saw us and flew. We will go and see the eggs. O, what small eggs ! They are as white as snow. The nest is made sost and warm with down and fine wool.

she is gone.

LESSON 21. There the bird sits now on that stump.She looks sad. She wants us to go from the nest. We must leave it. Let her sit on the eggs, and hatch young birds. She will feed them. They will grow fast; and when they

. have wings, they will fly and sing like the old

Birds do no harm. We must not drive them from their nests. Bad boys will break their eggs and kill the young birds.


LESSON 22. How cold it is! How the wind blows !The sun does not shine. There is ice in the pond. It hails. It snows. .

Here is snow. How white it is, and how soft! See, I have made a snow ball. Shall I throw it at you ? Bring some

snow to the fire. See how it melts. Ah! it is all gone, drop by drop. Look at it. What do you call it now?

CHAPTER XIV. Dissyllables accented on the second

syllable. Both syllables short.

Ab rupt

ca bal

dis gust

in spect

dis pel

neg lect

ad ept

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ad just

per mit

ab scond ca nal dis miss in still ab solve ca ress

in struct a byss ce ment dis pense in sult ac cost com mend dis sect

in trust ac qûit com pact dis sent

in vent a dapt

com pel dis tend ad dress con cern dis tract

ob serve con cur

dis tress ob struct ad journ con demn dis turb of fence ad judge con dense en act op press

con duct en camp a dopt

en chant pos sess

sub mit ad vert con nect ex cess

sub sist af fect

ex empt 'sub tract af fix con struct ex pand SUC cess af flict con sult

ex pend sug gest a ghast con temn ex press sup plant con tempt ex tinct

sur pass
ás cend
con tract ex tract

sus pect as sent con verse har angue sus pend as sess con vert him self

trans act at tack

con victim mense trans mit at tempt cor rupt 'im pel trans plant bur lesque des cant in dulge in til

ad vance

con fer
con fess

ex cept

con sist

al lege

re cline

de fray

pe ruse

po lite

pre cede

pre mise

l'e lief

be tray

re main

Both syllables long. Be guile de feat

hu mane

re cite be hind de file jo cose

re claim be hold de fine mo rose be lief

o blige re cluse be long de grade o paque

re course be neath de gree

re deem be nign de lay ро

re duce be queath de light post pone re frain be reave de lude

re fuse be seech de mise pre cludere lease be siege de mure be stow de note

pre pare re lieve de plore pre sage be tween de

pose pre scribe re pair be wail

re peal be ware

de prive pre sume re peat cre ate

re pine de base

de range pro ceed re plete de bate de ride pro claim re port de scribe pro cure

re prieve de cease

de spair pro duce, le proach, de ceit de spise pro fane re qûire de ceive

re quite de claim de vise de clare

e scape pro rogue re source de crease e squire pro scribe re strain e vade

re trieve de duce

pro vokere veal de face fore know re ceipt se cure

de prave

pre side

de pute

pre vail

de cay

de sign

pro fuse pro mote

re sigu

de eree


fore go

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ab jure


con fine

The first short, the second long. A tase al lure

a wake

con ceit a bate a lone

a ware

con ceive a bide a maze bap tize

con cise a muse blas pheme con clude a bode an neal block ade

con duce ab stain ap peal brig ade

con fide ab struse ap pear

ca jole a buse

ap pease cam paign conofuse

' ac cede ap prize cal cine

con fute ac crue ap proach cas cade con dign ac cuse a rise

cham paign con geal ac qûaint a rose ca reer

con nive ac qûire ar raign cash jer con sign a cute ar range chas tise

con sole ad dace

col late con spire ar rear com bine

con strain ad here

com mune con sume ad mire as cribe com mute

con tain a dore a side

con trive ad vice a sleep com plain con trol ad vise as sail com plaint con vene af ford as sign com pile

cor rode af fright, as size com plete cur tail a fraid

as sûage com ply dif fuse ag grieve as sume

com por:

dis claim a gree as sure

com pose

dis close a tone com prise dis course at tain com pute

dis creet al lies at tire con ceal

dis dain

ar ray

ad' jure

ar rive

com pare

a like a live

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