Imatges de pÓgina

per sûade

dis grace en throne in clude dis guise en treat in crease per spire

ex claim in duce dis place ex clude in flame

in flame per vade dis please ex cite in flate

dis may

per tain

dis pose

ex hale

in qùire
in sane

pur sue pur suit

ga zette

sus tain

en dure

un fold

dis sûade ex pire

sub lime dis train ex port

in scribe sub scribe do main ex treme in spire support ef face

in vade em brace

teel in vite

trans port en close im bibe in voke trus tee en croach im brue

mis name up

braid im pair

mis take up hold en force im peach mis use

un chaste en gage

im pede ob lique un close en grave im plore ob scene en gross im port

ob scure

un known en rage


un safe op pose

un twine en tire

in cline per ceive un yoke

The first long, the second short. Be head de duct

e ject be gin de fect be qûest de fence de scend be twixt de feud

de scent

e quip be witch de fer

e rect be yond de ject

de test

e vent de camp de mur

de tract

e vince

im pose im pute im pure

un tie

en rol en tice

[ocr errors]

pa trol

de pict de press

e lect e mit

de tect

re past

pro lix

re pent re press

pre dict pre fer pre fix

gro tesque pro fess re dress
mo lest
pro ject

re fer mo rass

re pel
re flect
pro long re fract
pro pel re fresh

re print
pro tect
re fund

re pulse pre judge pro test

re gret re qüest pre sent. pro tract re hearse re sist pre serve re bel

re ject re solve pre tence re buff

re lapse re turn
re cant
re lax

ro bust pre text re cess

re lent pre vent re cur

re mit

pre tend

tre pan u surp

im prove

a far

a part

bab oon

rack oon

im part

The first short, the second middle.
A larm

em bark a loof
en large ap prove mon soon

guit ar ca tarrh

bal loon shal loon com mand mam ma

un couth pa pa

buf foon dis card un arm dis prove un hook dis charge un bar drag oon ca no em balm a do

gal loon

a mour

bas soon

dis arm

un do


The first short; in the second a broad, and o like a broad.
Ap pal in thral a broad

dis tort ap plaud mis cal ab hor

in form as sault

un taught a dorn
with al

ex hort
ex haust. with draw ex tort trans form

per form

ex alt

sub orn

The first long, the second broad. Be cause de bauch de fault be fal de fraud fore warn re ward

re cal

The first long, the second middle. Be calm re gard

re move de mand're mark be hoovere proof re mand be fool

re prove

re tard

de part

LESSON 23. Come to me,

Charles. Come and read. Here is a new book. Take care not to tear it. Good boys do not spoil their books. Speak plain. Take pains and try to read well. Stand still. Do not read so fast. Mind the stops. Charles has read a page now. This is a page.

This is a leaf. A page is one side of

Shut the book. Put it up. by you may read more.

a leaf.

By and

Lesson 24. Shall we walk ? No; not now.

I think it will rain .soon. See 'how black the sky is. Now it rains. How fast it rains! Rain comes from the clouds. The ducks love rain. Ducks swim, and geese swim. Can Charles swim? No, Charles is not a duck, nor a goose; so he must take care not to go too near the pond, lest he should fall in. I do not know that we could get him out; if we could not, he would die. When Charles is as big as James, he shall learn to swim.

• LESSON 25. It does not rain now. · The sky is blue. Let us take a walk in the fields, and see the sheep, and the lambs, the cows, and trees, and birds. Call Tray. He shall go with us. He wags his tail. He is glad to see us, and to go with us. Tray likes those who feed him and are kind to him.

Do not walk on the grass now. It is too high, and quite wet. Walk in this dry path. There is a worm. Do not tread on it.

LESSON 26. Can Charles climb that wall ? O what a large field! This is not grass. No; it is corn. It will be ripe soon.

Bread is made of corn. I dare say Charles does not know how bread is made. Well, some time I will tell him. Shall we look at the bees in their glass hive? Will the bees sting us? No, they will not, if we do not hurt them.

LESSON 27. The clock strikes. It is time to dine. Is the cloth laid ? Where are the knives, and forks, and plates ? Call Ann. Are your hands clean? Sit down. The soup is hot; wait till it is cool. Will you have some lamb, and some pease? Do not make a noise with your lips when you eat. Take some bread. Now let us go and play with George.

ray el

grap ple

net tle

oft en

pad dle

can dle cas tle

ped dle per son

pes tle

sim ple sin gle

kit ten

pick le

Accent on the first syllable.

The first short, the vowel in the second silent.
An kle


tle mut ton ap ple glut ton muz 'zle

reck on baf fle

rid dle bot tle hap pen

nim ble sad dle bram ble han dle

scrib ble buc kle heav en

scuf fle bun dle hum ble peb ble

scut tle hus tle

sev en ket tle

sick le cot ton kin dle coup

le crum ble les son pim ple dam son

stran gle daz zle lit tle pris on

man gle pur ple stub ble double man tle

subt le doz en med dle

thim ble mid dle rab ble troub le fid dle

ram ble wcap on The first long, the vowel in the second silent. A ble ea gle mea sles

sed son e ven ba sin

stee ple bi ble fa ble bro ken

ra ven

ta ken hea Then rai sin trea son

smug gle

list en

prat tle

strug gle

dim ple

puz zle
qûib ble

fast en

min gle

ba con

[blocks in formation]

cho sen

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