Imatges de pÓgina

boil er

drow sy

pow der

boun ty bow er

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oil y

out let

hour ly

A proper diphthong in the accented syllable. Boil ed down ward loy al

pound ed

loun ger power bound ed floun der moist en bound less flow er moist ure prow ess foi ble

moun tain row el foun der noise less roy al clois ter

foun dry noi some shout ed clou dy foun tain noi sy

show er clown ish fow ler

у sour ly coin age gou ty

oint ment sour ness coin ing ground less out cast thous and count ed


toi let count er

out rage toil ing coun ty

house hold out ward tow el cow ard join er

tow er cow slip join ter poig nant town ship doubt ful joint ure point ed

trow el doubt ing joy ful point er trou sers joy ous

point ing vow el down cast loi ter poi son

voy age Compound words—both syllables long. Bee hive hail stone

rain bow blind fold

scare crow bride maid day break

life time side board day light like wise

side long nose gay

night mare sky light grind stone

oys ter

dow er

key hole

leap year

sen coal

eye sight

side ways

field piece

paste board

way lay

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por tion

pa tient

po tion

o sier

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op tion

unc 'tion

The first syllable long.
An cient lo tion

re gion

gra cious bra sier qûo tient na tion spa cious gla zier pa tience no tion spe cious ho sier so cial

le gion

The first syllable short.
Ac tion

con science cap tion pas sion dun geon fractions dic tion

pen sion gud geon lus cious fac tion

rup tion stur geon pre cious fic tion sanc tion sur geon ver sion frac tion sec tion

cap tious vi cious man sion ses sion con scious nup tial men tion suc tion fac tious spe cial Words in which i in the final syllable sounds like y consonant.

Bill iards fex ion on ion trill ion
bill ion flux ion pillion triv ial
bil ious fil jal

trunn ion
clar ion mill ion

pon iard val iant coll ier min ion scull ion vis ion

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pin ion

col our

gov ern

cyn ic

hon ey

la rynx

jour ney

Words in which o and ou sound like u short;ey like e long;-a in the termination age, ai, ia, and y, like i short;—and ew like u long Broth er won der wharf age crys tal wont ed

car riage cyg net con jure wor ry mar riage cym bal

wor ship ibrew er
wor Thy fewer

tur key jew el lyric
mon day bag gage pew ter
cab bage skew er

physic mon key car nage bar gain syl van moTH er cour age cap tain noth ing dam age

cer tain

symp tom OTH er herb age chap lain syn

od shov el lug gage curtain

en trails syr inge smoth er til lage plan tain sys tem stom ach ton nage ber yl

mys tic

mon ey

sym bol

syn tax

slov en

man age

tym bal

de coy

Accent on the second syllable.

A proper diphthong in tlie accented syllable. A bound a loud

a void a bout a mount a vouch ac count a noint

a voW an nounce ca rouse de void a droit

com pound de vour a ground ap point con found de vout al low a round con join dis count al loy a rouse

dis mount

de nounce de stroy

ad join

an noy

con voy

em broil

en dow

dis join

ex ploit re coil re nown dis joint ex pound re count

re sound me moir

re doubt sub join em ploy mis count're dound sur mount pro found re joice

sur round en join pro nounce re join un bound en joy

pro pound re mount un coil e spouse pur loin re nounce with out o like u short, i in the second syllable like e long, and ei and ey like

a long.. Af front a bove

fas cine a mong an tique fa tigue

fa tigue pur vey a mongst ca price in trigue sur vey

cha grin 'ma chine in veigh

ma rine

be come


LESSON 28. There is a poor blind man at the door. He is quite blind. He does not see the sky, nor the ground, nor the trees, nor

He does not see us, though we are so near to him. A boy leads him from door to door. O, it is a sad thing to be blind. We will give the blind man some bread and cheese. Now he is gone. He is a great way off. Poor blind man ! Come in, Charles. Shut the door. I wish the poor blind man had a warm, house to live in, and kind friends to take care of him, and teach him to work. Then he would not beg from door to door.

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Listen to the tender counsels of your parents. Love them, for they love you, and have taken care of you ever since you were born. They loved you and took care of


you were little helpless infants, that could not talk, nor walk about, nor do any thing but cry, and give a great deal of trouble.

Obey your parents. They know better what is proper for you than you do; and they wish you to be good, and wise, and happy.

Love your brothers and sisters. Do not tease nor vex them, nor call them names; and never let your little hands be raised to strike them. If they have any thing which you would like to have, do not be angry with them, nor try to get it from them. If you have any thing they like, share it with them.

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