Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]

sleep i ness

so journ er

[blocks in formation]

mi cro scope

[blocks in formation]

mu ci lage
mu sic al

mu tin ous
mu tu al
no ble man

nu mer ous

nu tri ment
nu tri tive
o di ous
o dor ous
o ver plus

o ver ture
pa gan ism

pa tri arch
pa tri ot

pa tron ess
pay a ble

peace a ble

pu tre fy* ra di ance re al ize

re gen cy rheu ma tismt

rose ma ry ru mi natef sale a ble

sa pi ence

sce ne ry

The first syllable like i short.

spu ri ous state li ness stu di ous suit a ble teach a ble. te di ous

the a tre
the o rem
thiev ish ness

trai tor ous
u ni form
u ni verse
va gran cy
va ri ous

ve he mence

ve he ment

ve hi cle

scru pu loust scru tin y†

vi o late

wea ri some

[blocks in formation]

pha e ton

[blocks in formation]

Cyl in der

[blocks in formation]

hyp o crite

syc a more

sym pa thy

myr i ad

syc o phant

mys te ry phys ic al

syl la ble

* y like i long.

syl lo gism

syn a gogue typ ic al

tyr an ny

tu like o middle.

[blocks in formation]



The sun rises in the east, and when he rises it is day. He shines upon the trees, and the houses, and upon the water; and every thing looks sparkling and beautiful when he shines upon it. He gives us light and heat; it is he that makes it warm. He makes the fruit and

the corn ripen.

Sometimes he takes off his crown of bright rays, and wraps up his head in thin silver clouds, and then we may look at him; but when there are no clouds, and he shines with all his brightness at noon day, we cannot look at him, for he would dazzle our eyes, and make us blind. Only the eagle can look at him then: the eagle, with his strong, piercing eye, can look at him always.

When the sun is about to rise in the morning, and make it day, the lark flies up in the sky to meet him, and sings, sweetly in the air; and the cock crows loud to tell every body that he is coming. But the owl and the bat fly away when they see him, and hide themselves in old walls and hollow trees; and the lion and the tiger go into their dens and caves, where they sleep all day.

He shines in all countries, all over the earth. He is the most beautiful and glorious object that can be seen in the world.


Accent on the second syllable.

The accented syllable short.

A bun dance au then tic

ac com plish au tum nal ac knowledge a ver sion

ad di tion

con fes sion

con junc tion con sid er

bat tal ion

con sump tion

[blocks in formation]

con tem plate

ad van tage

be long ing

con ten tion

[blocks in formation]

ca pri cious

con ver sion

ce les tial

cor rec tion

[blocks in formation]

âl read y
al ter nate
am bi tion
a pos tate
a pos tle
ap pren tice

arch bish op
as cen sion
as per sion
as sas sin
as ser tion
as sist ance
asth mat ic
as ton ish

co er cion

col lec tion
col lis ion

de clen sion de fec tive

de fend ant

com mis sion
com mit tee

de li cious

[blocks in formation]
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