Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]

fu mi gate fu ri ous

u su al

vo ta ry

di a gram di o cess droll e ry du bi ous du el ling du pli cate du te ous


gen cy al ien ate* a que ous a the ism bay o net beau te ous beau ti ful

di ness

ea ger lyt ea si ly east er ly eat a ble

glo ri fyť glo ri ous glu tin ous grate fully gree gro ce ry hea then ism hope ful ly hu mor ist hu mor ous hy a cinth i dle ness i dol ize ju bi lee ju gu lar jui ci ness ju ve nile

brà ve ry bri be ry ca pa

e go tism e qua ble

co gen cy

eu lo

ble care less ly e qui nox change a ble eu char ist

gy co pi ous e ven ing cu bic al

fa tal ist cu cum ber fa vour ite cu ra ble cu ri ous cu ti cle dan

for ci ble

kna ve ry

fla gran cy flu en cy fi nal ly fo li age

ger ous

de vi ate de vi ous di a gram di a logue

la bour er la zi ness le gal ly lei sure ly li a ble lu cra tive lu cu brate lu di crous lu mi nous

for ge ry free hold er fre quen cy

di a mond

fu gi tive

* į like y.

tg hard.

# y like i long.

port a ble

pre am ble

pu er ile

lu na tic
pla gia rism

sleep i ness ma ni ac pleu ri sy so journ er ma son ry

spu ri ous mi cro scope po ten cy

state li ness mu ci lage po ten tate

stu di ous mu sic al

suit a ble mu tin ous pre mi um

teach a ble mu tu al pre vi ous

te di ous no ble man

the a tre nu mer ous pu tre fy*

the o rem nu tri ment ra di ance

thiev ish ness nu tri tive re al ize

trai tor ous o di ous re gen cy

u ni form o dor ous rheu ma tismt u ni verse o ver plus rose ma ry

va gran cy Over ture ru mi natet va ri ous

sale a ble ve he mence pa tri arch sa pi ence ve he ment pa sce ne ry

ve hj cle pa tron ess scru pu loust vi o late

scru tin yt wea ri some

se ri ous yeo man ry pha e ton

zo di ac The first syllable like i short. Cyl in der

sym me try hyp o crite syc a more

sym pa thy syc o phant

syn a gogue mys te ry

syl la ble phys ic al syl lo gism tyr an ny * y like i long.

tu like o middle.

pa gan ism

tri ot

pay a ble peace a ble

sla ve ry

pýr a mid

myr i ad

typ ic al

har mo ny

lar ce ny

ar den cy

ar gu ment

The accented syllable middle. Ar bi ter bar ba rism ar bi trate bar ba rous

harp si chord ar che type bar na cle ar chi tect car di nal

laugh a ble ar chi trave car pen ter

mar chion ess car ti lage

mar gin al ar du ous charge a ble

mar tyr dom fari er'less mar vel lous ar ma ment gar

par don ing ar mis tice gar ni ture

par lia ment ar mo ry guar di an

par son age ar se nal hard i hood

par ar ti choke hard i ness

part ner ship ar ti cle

phar ma cy ar ti fice

harm less ly psal mo dy ar ti san har mo nize tar di ness

den er

har bin ger

par ti cle

ar te ry

ti san

har le quin

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boun da ry

A proper diphthong in the accented syllable. Bois ter ous coun ter pane lous i ness

coun ter part loi ter er boun te ous coun ter sign moi e ty boun ti ful cow ard ice

moun tain ous doubt ful ness moun te bank

poig nan cy cloud i ness, drow si ness poi son ous coun sel lor flow e ry coun te nance house hold er roy al ist coun ter feit joy ful ly

roy al ty

bow er y broid e ry

dow a ger

pow er ful



The sun rises in the east, and when he rises it is day. He shines upon the trees, and the houses, and upon the water; and every thing looks sparkling and beautiful when he shines upon it. He gives us light and heat; it is he that makes it warm. He makes the fruit and the corn ripen.

Sometimes he takes off his crown of bright rays, and wraps up his head in thin silver clouds, and then we may look at him; but when there are no clouds, and he shines with all his brightness at noon day, we cannot look at him, for he would dazzle our eyes, and make us blind. Only the eagle can look at him then: the eagle, with his strong, piercing eye, can look at him always.

When the sun is about to rise in the morning, and make it day, the lark flies up in the sky to meet him, and sings. sweetly in the air; and the cock crows loud to tell every body that he is coming. But the owl and the bat fly away when they see him, and hide themselves in old walls and hollow trees; and the lion and the tiger go into their dens and caves, where they sleep all day.

He shines in all countries, all over the earth. He is the most beautiful and glorious object that can be seen in the world.

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âl read y

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Accent on the second syllable.

The accented syllable short.
A bun dance au then tic con fes sion
ac com plish au tum nal

con junc tion ac knowl edge a ver sion con sid er ad di tion bat tal ion

con sump tion ad mis sion be gin ning con tem plate ad van tage be long ing con ten tion ad vance ment bis sex tile con trib ute ad ven ture bom bas tic con ven tion af fec tion

ca pri cious con ver sion ce les tial

cor rec tion al tér nate cha ot ic

cor rec tive am bi tion

ci vil ian cre den tial
co er cion

de cep tion col lec tion de clen sion ap pren tice col lis ion

de fec tive arch bish op com mis sion de fend ant as cen sion com mit tee de li cious as per sion

com pan ion de lin quent as sas sin

com pas sion de liv er as ser tion

com pen sate de mol ish as sist ance com plex ion de pos ite asth mat ic com pos ite de scrip tive as ton ish

con cen tric de ser tion as trin gent con cil iate

de tec tion at trac tion con di tion

de trac tion at trac tive con duc tor

a pos tate a pos tle

de vel ope

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