Imatges de pÓgina

dis cour age

dis par age

in dul gence

di dac tic en am our im ag ine di men sion en deav our im mod est di min ish en ven om im pli cit dis as ter e pis tle

im pris on e spe cial

in con stant dis cred it e stab lish

in cul cate dis cre tion es sen tial

in cum bent dis hon est e ter nal

in debt ed dis hon our ex am ple

in dent ure dis mis sion ex ces sive

in dig nant ex hib it dis rel ish ex pan sion

in hab it dis sem ble ex pan sive

in her it dis sent er ex pert ly in i tial dis tinct ly

ex pli cit in jus tice dis tin guish ex ter nal in ten tion dis trib ute

ex tinc tion in ser tion di ur nal*

ex trac tion in sip id di ver sion fa mil iar in spec tion do min ion fa nat ic in spec tor dra mat ic fan tas tic in ter nal ec cen tric

fla gi tious e clip tic

fra ter nal in tes tate e di tion

gi gan tic in tes tine ef fi cient

gym nas tic ju di cial e lec tive here af ter

la con ic e lev enth ho san na

li cen tious* em bar rass hys ter ic

lieu ten ant em pan nel il lus trate

lo gi cian * i in first syllable long.

in ter pret

pro hib it

spe cif ic

sub sist ence

ma gi cian. phy si cian re luc tance me chan ic po si tion

re mit tance me tal lic pos ses sion

re plen ish me theg lin

pos ses sour re pub lic mis car riage po ten tial re sent ment mo las ses pre dic tion

re sist ance mu si cian

pre serv er 're trac tion nu tri tion pre ten sion

rheu mat ic ob nox ious pro duction

re venge ful OC cur rence pro gres sion se di tion of fen sive

so lic it of fi cious

pro jec tion o pin ion pro jec tor

sub mis sion op pres sor

pro phet ic op ti cian

pro mul gate sub traction pro vin cial

sus pi cion pa ter nal pro vis ion

tra di tion pa thet ic pru den tial

trans ac tion pa vil ion re duc tion

tran scend ent pe dan tic

re flec tion tu i tion per fection

re frac tion um brel la ре

re li gion un pleas ant

The accented syllable long. A bate ment al le giance as su rance ab lu tion

a tro cious a chieve ment a muse ment

au da cious a mu sive

a wa ken ad ja cent arch an gel be hay iour a gree ment

ar range ment be liev er ag griev ance, as sail ant

be tray er

pa cif ic

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pe ti tion

al li ance

ad he rence

ca pa cious

de po nent car na tion de vo tion ca the dral

dip lo ma ces sa tion dis a ble

a chi me ra

dis ci ple ci ta tion*

dis creet ly co e qual dis


ful co he sion dis


sal co he sive do na tion col la tion

e mo tion com mun ion com pla cence en dur ance com plete ly

en fee ble com po nent

en no ble con ceal ment en rol ment con ceit ed

en tred ty con cre tion

e qua tor con du cive ex clu sive con sign ment ex pos ure con tri vance fa ce tious cor ro sive

fal la cious cre a tion

fe ro cious

foun da tion de ceit ful de ceiv er

gen teel ly de co rous he ro ic de light ful

hu mane ly de lu sive

ig no ble de mean our il lu mine

im pure ly

in cite ment
in he rent
in qui ry
le ga tion
lo qua cious
more o ver
nar ra tion
ob la tion
o blig ing
oc ca sion
oc ta yo
op po nent,
out ra geous

en dan ger

pe ru sal

plan ta tion ple be iant pol lu tion po lite ly po ma tum pri me val pro ced ure quo ta tion ra pa çious re ceịy er re ci tal

de ci pher

gra da tion

re deem er

re fu sal

* i in first syllable long.

ti like y.

un wa ry

temp ta tion

vol ca no

ap pre hend

rep re hend


li ance se vere ly te na cious re main der sin cere ly

tes ta trix re qui tal so lu tion

trans pa rent re new al

so no rous un seem ly re vi sal

spec ta tor sa ga cious stag na tion

va ca tion sal va tion sub scri ber

vex a tious sen sa tion tax a tion

vo ca tion se rene ly Accent on the last syllable.

The accented syllable short. Ac qui esce con tra dict

pic tu resque cor res pond rec ol lect cir cum spect dis con tent rec om mend co a lesce

in di rect com plai sance in cor rect

rep re sent çom pre hend in ter mix un der stand con de scend in ter sect

vi o lin* The accented syllable long. Ad ver tise dis be lief mis be have ap per tain dis o blige

o ver flow as cer tain dis u nite

o ver hear as sign ee dom i neer

o ver take auc tion eer en gin eer

pri va teer* brig a dier en ter tain

ser e nade chan de lier gaz et teer

su per fine co in cide gren a dier

scribe con tra vene in ter cede deb au chee mas quer ade vol un teer

* i in first syllable long.

su per
un der go

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LESSON 31. We inust love to read the Bible. It is the most excellent of all books. God himself commanded good men to write it. There we read of all the great and good things he has done for us, and for all people; how good, and wise, and powerful he is, and what we must do to please him. There we read that we are sinners, and have all broken God's holy law. There, too, we read of Christ, who came into the world to save us from our sins. He loved us, and gave his life for us. When we have read or heard about Christ, and who he was, and what great things he has done for us, we must love him, and be thankful to him, and try to imitate him. There is much in the Bible which you cannot now understand; but as you grow older, you will understand it better; and, as you grow wiser, you will love it more.

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