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Adanson's Voyage to Senegal, Isle of Go

ree, and the River Gambia, from 1749 to

105 Addison's Account of West Barbary

103 2 Ali Bey's Travels in Morocco, Tripoli, Cy

prus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and Turkey,
between the years 1803 and 1807, 2 vols.

61. 68.
Allison's Voyage from Archangel, in 1697 75
BARON'S Description of the Kingdom of

91 3 Barrow's (John) Travels in China, con

taining Descriptions, Obser-
vations, &c. in a Journey from

Pekin to Canton, 31. 3s. 4

Voyage to Cochin - China, in

1792-3, 41. 4s. 5

Travels in Southern Africa, 2 vols.

41. 4s. 6

Life of Lord Macartney, 2 vols. 31. 38. Beckman's Voyage and Account of the Island of Borneo, in 1715

94 Bell's Travels in Asia, in 1715

86 7 Belzoni's Narrative of the Operations and

recent Discoveries within the Pyramids,
Temples, Tombs, and Excavations in
Egypt and Nubia, and of a Journey to the
Coast of the Red Sea, in search of the An-
cient Berenice; and another Journey to the
Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, 21. 128. 6d.



Bernier's Voyage to the East Indies, in 1655 88
Betagh's Account of Peru

100 Blount's Voyage to the Levant, 1634

92 Bosman's Account of the Coast of Guinea, in 1700

104 Bourgoigne's Travels in Spain

82 Bovis's History of Cochin-China

91 8 Bowdich's Mission from Cape-Coast Castle

to Ashantee, with a Statistical Account of
that Kingdom, and Geographical Notices
of other parts of the Interior of Africa,

31. 35.
Brand's Orkneys and Shetland Islands 79
Bray's Tour into Derbyshire

76 9 Bright's Travels from Vienna through Lower

Hungary; with some Remarks on the
State of Vienna during the Congress in

1814, 41. 4s.
10 Broughton's (T. D. Esq.) Letters, written in

a Mahratta Camp, during the year 1809,
descriptive of the Character, Manners,
Domestie Habits, and Religious Ceremo-
nies of the Mahrattas, with ten Coloured

Engravings, 21. 8s.
Brown's Journies in the Interior of Africa

105 Travels in Africa

102 11 Burckhardt's Travels in Nubia, with Maps

and Plates, 21. 12s. 6d. Burnaby's Travels in North America




Buchanan's Journey from Madras through
the Countries of Mysore, Canara, and


12 CARR'S (Sir John) Stranger in Ireland, or

a Tour in the Southern and West-
ern Parts of that Country, in 1805,

21. 12s. 6d. 13

Tour through Holland, along the
Right and Left Banks of the Rhine,
to the South of Germany, in 1806,

21. 5s. 14

Caledonian Sketches, or a Tour

through Scotland, in 1807, 21. 28. 16

Stranger in France, or a Tour from

Devonshire to Paris, 11. 58.
16 mm Descriptive Travels in the Southern

and Eastern Parts of Spain, and
the Balearic Isles, in the year 1809,

21. 2s. 17

Northern Summer, or Travels round
the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden,
Russia, Prussia, and part of Germany,

in 1804, 21. 12s. 6d.
Caron's Account of Japan
Carthier's Voyage to Canada, in 1534

Chardin's (Sir John) Travels into Persia
18 Chalmer's (George) Life of Mary Queen of

Scots, drawn from the State Papers, with

Six Subsidiary Memoirs, 2 vols. 31. 13s. 6d. 19 Charlemagne, ou L'Eglise Delivrée, Poeme

Epique, par Lucien Bonaparte, 2 tom.
41. 4s.

87 97 90



20 Charlemagne, or the Church Delivered, trans

lated from the original French of Lucien
Bonaparte, by the Rev. S. Butler and

F. Hodgson, 2 vols. 41. 4s.
Chaste's Voyage to Tercera

Condamine's Travels in South America, in

· 100 21 Collins' Account of the English Colony in

New South Wales, 2 vols. 3l. 38. 22 Colquhoun on the Wealth, Power, and Re

sources of the British Empire in every

Quarter of the World, 21. 2s.
Cook's Voyages round the World

95 23 Cosmo's (the third Grand-Duke of Tuscany)

Travels through England during the Reign
of King Charles the Second, (1669), trans-
lated from the Italian Manuscript; to which
is prefixed, a Memoir of his Life. Illus-
trated with a Portrait, and numerous En-

gravings, 51. 58.
Coxe's Travels in Switzerland

83 Travels in Russia

85 Travels in Denmark and Norway 84 24 Craven's (Honourable Keppel) Tour through

the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom of
Naples, in 1818 & 19, 31. 3s.

DAMPIER'S Account of New Holland






Dampier's Account of the Philippines
25 Davy's (John M. D. F.R.S.) Account of the

Interior of Ceylon, and of its Inhabitants ;
with Travels in that Island, 4to. 1821,

31. 3s.
Description of Tibet

Description of Persia 26 Dodwell's (Edward) Classical and Topogra

phical Tour through Greece, during the

years 1804, 5, &6, 2 vols. 101. 10s. Dolomieu's Account of the Earthquakes in

Calabria, in 1783 27 Don Juan, Cantos I. and II. by Lord Byron,

11. lls. 6d.
28 Drinkwater's History of the Siege of Gib-

raltar, with a Description and Account
of that Garrison from the earliest Periods,
31. 3s.

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29 EDWARDS' (Bryan) History of the West

dies, 2 vols. 31. 38. Ehrenmalm's Travels in Western Nordland,

in 1741
30 Evelyn's (John, Esq. Author of the “Sylva,”

&c.) Memoirs of his Life and Writings,
comprising his Diary from 1641 to 1706,
with the Private Correspondence between
King Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas,
by William Bray, Esq. F.A.S. 2 vols.
51. 15s. 6d.

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