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From the beginning of 1835, to the conclusion of 1842 ;









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Wakefield, 5th of 1st month, 1835. An inquiry of a traveller of a merchant-house, from Leeds, on the 29th of the 12th Month, 1834:

He says, God created a certain number to be eternally damned, and a certain number to be eternally saved; and he brings forward the following passages

; of scripture to prove it:

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm ix. 17.

“Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” Matt. xxv. 41, 46.

This morning, the words of the Lord came unto me in vision, and shewed me the interpretation, and answered me the traveller's inquiry, and this is the answer of the Spirit:“If I created a certain number to be damned, and a certain number to be saved, what availeth worship, or prayer, or people giving me their hearts? or why do the ministering angels bring me the

prayers of the righteous ? “I created man to be a free agent; a little lower than the angels, that the angels might minister between them and me. I set the works of heaven and the works of hell before them; the one I called life, and the other death. But they chose the death of the body, rather than the life thereof.

“I then shewed them that their souls were in danger of the second death; that there was still heaven and



hell for them :-if they sought for their souls to be preserved, though their bodies died, they should have incorruptible bodies at the first resurrection, instead of those which had gone to earth, and be as the angels.

“For I am a man of war; and I have said, not one soul that hath transgressed, and not repented, should go unpunished.

“Satan hath drawn forth his sword, and he says he is a man of war: he tells lies for others to tell; he steals, and mixes it with his own, and then causes men to receive it—that they may fight against me and my commands: he trains up his soldiers in wickedness. But they that hearken to my word, it traineth them up in righteousness, and armeth them against all evil.

“Hast thou beheld the two earthly kings, each training up his soldiers for battle ? and they draw them to battle; he that gains the victory takes those prisoners which cannot escape, and puts them into prison where he can hold them. But, son of man, ask the traveller if that king holds them prisoners in eternity, where there is no hope for them?

“Tell the traveller to discern righteous judgmentfor he holds them no longer than till he be conquered by the king from whom he has taken them: then he has to deliver them up, and each returns to his own country. So is the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of hell Satan holds them till I make him submit: the kingdom of hell was made for him; but every soul that is there is mine; though they have hearkened to him, and not obeyed my commands, yet at the final resurrection, I will ransom them out of his hand, by subduing him under the soles of my feet; and they shall return every man to his former estate, as the earthly soldiers return to their wives and families, and their estates; agreeable to my words in Ezekiel, “When thy sisters, Sodom and her daughters, shall return to their former estate, and Samaria and her daughters shall return to their for

mer estate, then thou and thy daughters shall return to your former estate." Ezek. xvi. 55.

“Though I permitted Satan to draw them to battle, yet they were commanded to prepare to meet death, even when the sentence of death was pronounced on Adam, lest hell, which is the second death, should reign over their souls, by holding them in prison till the utmost farthing should be paid, which I shewed on the cross, by the blood of the woman's seed, which was shed for the sins of the whole world.

“ Has he not slain the bodies of those who have sought me to preserve their souls, which are under my altar, as well as those who have sought me not? And they shall return to their estate, equal with the angels.

“Six days are the days of battle: on the seventh day the trumpet shall be blown, and the righteous, whose bodies are dead, shall hear and rise; their souls shall put on incorruptible bodies, and be as the angels; and the wicked, whose bodies are dead, shall also come forth at the same time, to give an account of their deeds, while their bodies lived; but they shall come forth without incorruptible bodies; agreeing with the words recorded by Daniel, “ And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” Daniel xii. 2.

“ And they shall be turned into everlasting punishment, which is prepared for Satan and his angels, and they shall have their part in the lake. But on the eighth day, they shall hear the voice, and death and hell shall deliver them up, and they shall put on incorruptible bodies, lower than the angels.

“Everlasting is but for a time. Let the traveller look into Genesis, “This is my covenant, which ye

, shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; every man child among you shall be circumcised. And my covenant shall be in your flesh, for an everlasting covenant." Gen. xvii. 10, 13.

“This is a proof that everlasting is but for a time,

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