Willoughby; or Reformation, by the author of 'The decision'.


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Pàgina 197 - O that men would therefore praise the Lord for His goodness : and declare the wonders that He doeth for the children of men...
Pàgina 322 - The Lives of Dr. Edward Pocock, the celebrated orientalist, by Dr. Twells; of Dr. Zachary Pearce, bishop of Rochester ; and of Dr. Thomas Newton, bishop of Bristol, by themselves ; and of the Rev. Philip Skelton, by Mr. Burdy, in 2 vols, 8vo.
Pàgina 122 - Should Fate command me to the farthest verge Of the green earth, to distant barbarous climes, Rivers unknown to song ; where first the sun Gilds Indian mountains, or his setting beam Flames on the Atlantic isles, 'tis nought to me; Since God is ever present, ever felt, In the void waste as in the city full ; And where He vital breathes, there must be joy.
Pàgina 95 - Come unto me, all ye that travel and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Pàgina 322 - Some Account of the Life and Writings of Mrs. Trimmer, with Original Letters, and Meditations and Prayers, selected from her Journal.

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