Imatges de pÓgina

some occasion, that hensforward, this honest lentleman shal be fuily restored to the integrity of his duly deserued honest* name and fame; and also receyuve great public thanks, comfort, and ayde of the whole Brytish state, to the bopor, welfare, and preseruation wherof (next unto bis duty doing vnto God) he hath directed all the course of his manifold studies, great trauailes, and incredible costes. As both by these his Herameron Lessons (first here for security of the same) speedily dictated, and also by very many other his wordes, workes, and writings els, both in England and other where spoken, done, communicated, and published, will or may abundantly be testified. And so fare you well in Christ, my courteous and vnpartiall cuntryman; and for a remembrance at this our most freendly farewel, take this heauenly counsail with thee: Omnia quecunque rolueritis vt faciant vobis homines, sic & ros facitę illis; hæc enim est Ler & Prophetæ.

Which kinde of skantlin and measure diuine, being before hand, and in due tyme layd ynto all our thoughts, wordes and dedes, may be as a

Da operam vt Fama tua integra sit. Hæc enini dura, bilior quàm mille thesauri. Vita quam vis bona, ad breue exigliung. lêpus durat; bonum verò nomen, ad perpetui: tatın stabile est. Jesus Siracida, cap.41.


good and familiar angell vnto vs; to help vs to shonne and flie from all sklandrous-speeches vsing, all malitious or seditious libels skattring, and all other vniust and vncharitable dealings, yea, and froin consenting to or sufiering the same, where we can or ought to redres the cause.

And then the glory and peace of God will florish in this BRYTAN MONARCHIE. Ouer which (so reformed) that our most Gracious and Souerain QUEENE ELIZABETH may, very many yeres, most prosperously and triumphantly raigne, it is (undowtedly) our bounden duty, feruently and full oft, by prayer, to request at his lands, who is the King of kings, Almighty. To whose protection and furderance also, most hartily and dutifully, I commende the very waighty case of this Common Wealth ; not vtterly vnduly, or (yet) out of season (I hope) in this first booke ensuing, somewhat considered of; as in a * Pre face very nedefull to the BRYTISH COMPIE: BIENT, OF THE PERFECTE ARTE OF NAVIGA


* The first book here following is but (as it were) a preface to the second, conteyning in it the Art to this Kingdume most beneficiall, if it might be duely vsed,

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And herewith (once more) I say Adieu ;
and well motest thou fare, my

tian brother, and syncerely be-

loued cuntryman.
Anno Stellæ (Cælo Demissa,
sectàque reversæ) Quinto;
Julij verò Die 4,

Anno Mundi

5540.” At the end of the volume is a copy of verses, if they may be so called, addressed

“ To the Right Worshipful M. Christopher Hatton, Esquyer, Capitayn of her Majesties Garde, an Jentleman of her Privy Chamber.”

Dee's manuscript at the end of the Museum copy, is dedicated “To my very honorable frende

Syr Edward Dyer,

The title of it is


IN MARI." This is dated “ Manchester, September 8, 1597," and concludes, “ Your worshipe in fidelitie,

And sinceritie
during life.

A short

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A short Postscript is added, in which he informs Sir Edward Dyer, that perhaps he may not happen to have by him a copy of the “BryTish MONARCHIE," so often referred to in the tract, and promises to send him one.

The Museum copy of this book was a presentation copy to

Whichcotte, as ape pears in the leaf at the beginning. It is altogether a singular curiosity.

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THE works of this early English Poet now sell for a most enormous price. Collectors in general are not aware, that there exists, in the British Museum an unpublished. Poem by Gascoigne.

Great as the research is, and extravagant as the price which is given, for the printed publications of Gascoigne, 1 question whether it would not be a very hazardous experiment to print this Poem, I shall, however, venture to describe it.


Certeyne Elegies, wherein the doubtfull De. lightes of Hanes Lyfe are displaieil.

Written to the Qucenes moste excellent Matie.

Tam Marti quam Mercurio,


To the bighe and migħtie Pryncesse Elizabeth, by ye Grace of God, Queene of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faithe, &c. George Gascoigne, Esquier, one of her Maties most humble and faithfull servants, wisheth longe lyfe, wth trew felicitie nowe and ever.


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