Memoirs of King George the Third: His Life and Reign, Volum 3


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PÓgina 149 - against whom ? against your Protestant brethren ; to lay waste their country, to desolate their dwellings, and extirpate their race and name, with these horrible hell-hounds of savage war ! — hell-hounds, I say, of savage war...
PÓgina 367 - Why, well; Never so truly happy, my good Cromwell. I know myself now ; and I feel within me A peace above all earthly dignities, A still and quiet conscience. The king has...
PÓgina 147 - My lords, we are called upon as members of this house, as men, as Christian men, to protest against such notions standing near the throne, polluting the ear of majesty. ' That God and nature put into our hands.
PÓgina 148 - These abominable principles, and this more abominable avowal of them, demand the most decisive indignation.
PÓgina 108 - I know your great motive in coming hither was the hope of being instrumental in a reconciliation ; and I believe, when you find that impossible on any terms given you to propose, you will relinquish so odious a command, and return to a more honorable private station.
PÓgina 146 - To overrun them with the mercenary sons of rapine and plunder ; devoting them and their possessions to the rapacity of hireling cruelty! If I were an American as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms — never — never — never!
PÓgina 146 - You may swell every expense and every effort still more extravagantly; pile and accumulate every assistance you can buy or borrow ; traffic and barter with every little pitiful German prince that sells and sends his subjects to the shambles...
PÓgina 172 - I will only add, to put before your eyes my most inmost thoughts, that no advantage to my country nor personal danger to myself can make me address myself to Lord Chatham, or to any other branch of opposition. Honestly, I would rather lose the crown I now wear, than bear the ignominy of possessing it under their shackles.
PÓgina 185 - Richmond : he fell back upon his seat, and was to all appearance in the agonies of death, This threw the whole House into confusion ; every person was upon his legs in a moment, hurrying from one place to Another, some sending for assistance, others producing salts, and others reviving spirits. Many crowding about the Earl to observe his countenance ; all affected ; most part really concerned; and even those who might have felt a secret pleasure at the accident, yet put on the appearance of distress,...
PÓgina 182 - I rejoice that the grave has not closed upon me ; that I am still alive to lift up my voice against the dismemberment of this ancient and most noble monarchy.

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