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The Roman Wall. MS. at Welbeck Abbey. Reported in Hist. MSS.
Comm., 13th Rep., App. part ii, p. 54.

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a young gentleman residing in its neighbourhood, 1786. MS. 4o, no. 84,
Lib. Perth Lit. and Ant. Soc.

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head. Lib. Soc. Ant. Scot., Edinburgh.

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Kineddar churchyard. Lib. Soc. Ant. Scot., Edinburgh.

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Jedburgh, [N.D.].

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Hawick, [v.v.].

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topography of Great Britain, pub. by the Society of Antiquaries of
London. Illus. 5 vols. fol., Lond. 1747-1835.

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A description of the curious monuments and antiquities in the Island of Icolumkill, or the Island of St. Colman-Kill, also of Staffa, the rural throne of King Fingal, etc., by a Gentleman who made the tower of Europe, etc., and given to John M'Cormack to support a small family. 8°, Lond. 1791; Dublin, 1792; Glasg. 1798; Belfast, 1820. Description of the encampment on the Hill of Burnswork, [Dumfriesshire]. Letter written 1785 to Soc. Ant. Scot. Arch. Scot., i, 124. 4°, Edin.


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Lib. Perth Lit. and Ant. Soc.

Some remarks on the Pillar or Obelisk at Forres called Sueno's Stone.
From Vetusta Monumenta, pub. by Society of Antiquaries. Illus. Fol.,
Lond. 1828.


Account of the ecclesiastical antiquities of Dundee.
Report addressed by the Roy. Soc. of Northern Antiquaries to its British
and American Members. (Chiefly on the Ruthwell Obelisk, and the
Anglo-Saxon Runes.) Illus. Copenhagen, 1836.

Antiquarian and traditionary description of Scotland. Aberd. [c. 1840].



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Plans and photographs of Stonehenge and Turusachan in the Island of Lewis, [Ross-Cromarty]; with notes relating to the Druids, and sketches of Cromlechs in Ireland. 4°, Southampton, 1867.

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8°, Lond. 1887.

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13th century. Rhind Lectures for 1885.
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of Inverness. Paper read 1824. Arch. Scot., iii, 211. 4°, Edin.
ANDERSON, JAMES, of Monkshill, Aberdeenshire. An account of ancient
monuments and fortifications in the Highlands of Scotland. Communi-
cated in a letter to George Wilson of Lincoln's Inn, read before Soc.

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