The Passion of the Lord: African American Reflections

James A. Noel, Matthew V. Johnson
Fortress Press, 2005 - 190 pàgines
The unique history and experience of African Americans have left them with strong views on the role of suffering - both Jesus' and their own - in the story of redemption. This volume explores the biblical, historical, and theological roots of African American views. Each contributor has approached the topic also from his or her own scholarly discipline and location within the larger black church. Issues include black embodiment and the reality of suffering, the forsakenness of Christ and African American experience, the passion as reflected in black hymnody and biblical reading, and Jesus' suffering as seen in slave religion and since then.Features: Highlights the distinctive way in which many African American Christians have understood the passion of Jesus Offers historical, theological, and pastoral assessments of this legacy Brief, nonscholarly format lends accessibility for a broad, church-based readership

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Passionate Living
and African American Pilgrimage

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