Imatges de pÓgina
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Under the foregoing General ARTICLES, the following Particulars
will be occafionally difcuffed and proved, viz.

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The Time when, and the Manner how America was firft peopled. The Mofaic
Account of the Deluge written by Infpiration.-The Certainty of an Abyss of
Water within the Earth. The Reality of an inner Globe or central Nucleus.-
The Caufe of the Jubterranean Vapour, and of Earthquakes. —The Origin of
Springs, Lakes, &c.-The Formation of Mountains, Hills, Dales, Vallies, &c.-
The Means by which the Bed of the Ocean was formed.-The Caufe of Caverns
or natural Grottos; with a Defcription of the most remarkable, especially those
in England. Alfo an Explication of feveral leffer Phænomena in Nature.

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Illuftrated with two COPPER PLATES; one, reprefenting the State of the Earth
during the Height of the Flood; the other, the State of the Earth as it is
at prefent.

Vicar of Temple in Bristol.

Antiquam exquirite matrem. VIRGIL.

The SECOND EDITION, confiderably enlarged..


Printed for the AUTHOR, by E. ALLEN, in Bolt-Court; and
Sold by B. WHITE, at Horace's-Head, in Fleet-Street.



Earl of BUCHAN,

Baron Auchterhoufe, Glendovachy, Cardross, &c.

Doctor of Laws of Glasgow, St. Andrew's, King's, and Marifchal Universities of Aberdeen; Doctor of Medicine of Edinburgh; Fellow of the Royal and Antiquary Societies of London, of the Philofophical Society at Edinburgh, and the Literary at Glasgow

A Nobleman, who is not afhamed, in a depraved and degenerated Period of Society, to own the Holy Scriptures as the only Sources of irrefragable Truths, and not only confiftent, but demonftrative, with respect to the Philofophical Syftem of the Univerfe in general, and of this Earth in particular-This VOLUME is dedicated

By his Lordship's

much obliged

and obedient humble Servant and Chaplain,

Bristol, August 1, 1768.


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